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Hope your week is going well!
I’m just here, working as usual!
I am going on a local trip for work until the weekend….I’m sure there’ll be internet access in the hotel tho.
Ohhhh that reminds me….I had a really really fab time this past weekend….pls remind me to gist u guys about it on friday..
Anyways, lets get to it!

Not much has been heard from Omawumi since she clinched the runner-up spot on Idols WA some months ago. I know the Idols WA Top 10 has been on a Celtel sponsored nationwide tour. Omawumi’s 1st single, ‘You Got Me’ didnt set the radio on fire so I really hope she has some better material in the works….Anyways, here is a True Love Feature on her. Love the yellow Movada dress!

Do you think Omawumi has a chance at musical stardom or was it just a reality tv ’15 mins of fame’ type of deal?
BN Prose

BN Prose is an opportunity for us to display our talents by sharing short stories that are interesting yet inspire discussion.
Anything from light-hearted short stories to short stories that touch on difficult issues such as spousal abuse.
The purpose is not to critique the writing style, it’s just something to entertain and hopefully enlighten.
I aim to feature this on a Thursday, once a month.
If you will like your short story to be featured, email it to [email protected] with BN Prose in the subject line along with the title of your story.
Stories cannot exceed 1500 words.
To kick things off, here is the first edition.

Your phone is ringing, it’s Simi…again!
She has called you 3 times tonight and you haven’t picked up your phone.
I know what she is going to say….
You finally resign to your fate and pick up the phone
‘Hey luv, why have you been ignoring my calls?’
‘Nooooo I haven’t, I was taking a nap’
‘Whatever, you know today is Seun’s birthday, you have to come pleaaaaaaaaase!’
This Simi girl is just something else; I really don’t know how she does it!
She works 100 hours a week as an investment banker at IBTC Chartered, she runs her accessories label, she has a fiancé, yet she has the time and energy to attend every party!
‘You know that I am sick of all these Lagos things, it’s always the same people, in the same places – I am not going!’
‘Honestly darling, its going to be fun, as in, this is a very different crowd, it’s a private party so none of the usual suspects you see out every day….I’ll even come and pick you up, I’m on my way now!’
Ok, you’ll go but this is the last time.
It’s just a waste of time really, the same guys who all have girlfriends that everyone knows about, yet they have the audacity to chat you up and deny their girlfriend!
The same girlfriend that is tagged as ‘in a relationship with’ on their facebook!
Later, someone will say that you are having something with XYZ’s boyfriend, just because they saw both of you talking…..arghhhh, its so annoying.
Can’t even be bothered to dress up, put on the blue high-waist jeans and a tee shirt then some makeup and pull your hair out of the ponytail and brush it. You are good to go!
Simi just sent a text, she is already at the gate
You text back – ‘Simi, aren’t you going to come in?’
‘No, we are already late’
You step into the car, its freezing, maybe you should have brought your pashmina, Simi always blasts the air conditioner as if she is trying to recreate an Alaskan winter!
Olu Maintain’s Yahooze is blasting from the radio…..
Oh oh yahoo, oh oh yahoo, Yahooooze, yahooze….
You are both singing at the top of your lungs!
The song is sooo overplayed but you still love it!
Hmmm ok, you are in a better mood now….
You get to Awolowo Road, police check point as usual
They flag the car down
Don’t these police men have anything better to do?
The driver pulls down his window
‘Oga, oya park your car there!’
Simi pokes her head out of the window
All the policemen exclaim!
‘Ahh ah Aunty, we didn’t know it was you oooo….
Thanks for last time…
Aunty you are looking pretty oooo….
Very fine sista…..
Make sure you enjoy yaself….
Goodnight ma….’
Now you are laughing!!
‘Simi, this babe you are gangsta, I hope you know you go out wayyyy too much, even the policemen know’
The driver parks in front of 6degrees, you look around for other cars, not as rowdy as usual, hmmm – good sign.
There are 2 people ahead of you guys, the bouncer turns them away, it’s a private party he says – that’s another good sign.
At least you won’t be fighting for oxygen and standing space in there.
You guys get in straight away.
Of course, Simi knows the bouncer, she even asked about his newborn baby and he thanked her for the baby present she sent to his house last week
You shake your head; you don’t know how she does it!
You guys get inside; you look around, all the familiar faces…
Do some people live here?
For real, they seem to be permanent residents of the lounge
Air kisses follow
‘Hello darling…’
‘Long time…’
‘You’ve cut your hair…’
‘How was Dubai…?’
‘I’ve missed you….’
Blah Blah Blah!….it’s all a blur now
You are just looking for a place to sit down.
Simi has already disappeared as usual, she has gone to say hello to her fiancé and his friends
You’ve found a seat and you are sipping your water…
No alcohol tonight, you have an early meeting tomorrow so there is no point
The DJ is not bad,
You are actually feeling the music
Umbrella ella ella ella eh eh eh eh

You feel someone staring at you
You look around, can’t spot anyone
Hmmm ok
Back to your water
and the music…
Suddenly, you spot him
He’s the one that has been staring at you
You can’t help but look
This dude is fine
You mean…gorgeous!
You have never seen him before
You avert your eyes but they seem to drift back to him
He is staring right back at you
Now, this is scary
You are getting goosebumps…
It must be the AC
You must be cold….
It can’t possibly be his gaze…
It’s obvious he’s just come in from work, he is wearing a suit
Charcoal grey suit
Blue Shirt
No tie
The suit must be bespoke because it fits him perfectly
He is moving
He is walking towards you
Should I run away, you think…
Hhaha, you must be joker, run to where exactly?
He is getting closer and closer
Now that he is even closer, he is starting to look familiar
Do you know him?
You are racking your brain
Nothing comes through…
You are thinking hard….
Suddenly you’ve got it
Oh yes, the August edition of True Love West Africa
The Man of the Moment section.
You close your eyes; you are trying to picture the page…
The details come tumbling in
28, Thriving Media Entrepreneur, Wharton MBA, Single, Just recognized as one of the ‘Young Leaders’ at Davos
Also founded a non-profit for cervical cancer
Now you remember…
That is the reason you read the article
You were intrigued by the idea of a man founding a charity for cervical cancer
The photo in the mag did him no justice!
You open your eyes
Ohhh S**t
He is right in front of you.
He is even more gorgeous than you imagined plus he is tall, very tall
Wow, this is soo exciting!
But you are so embarrassed for staring so blatantly
He smells so good though
You recognize the fragrance – Terre D’Hermés
Love it!
His face is directly in front of yours
Any slight movement and you will be lip to lip
You can barely breathe
You say a silent prayer
– Please God, let him not have bad breath
Lawl, typical of you, as if God does not have better things to do than make sure some guy you met in a club doesn’t have bad breath
It’s worth a try anyway
It’s as if everything is in slow motion
He opens his mouth…
You catch a whiff of his breath….minty fresh!
Thank the Lord!!!
He says your name…
Umm….how does he know my name???
I know I am jumping the gun but I can imagine the wedding day
Hahhah….I haven’t even spoken to the dude and I am already planning our wedding
He begins to speak

‘ello there, ow ha you doin’ prerry girl?’
‘hi ope you don’t mind me talking to ya’
‘hi ave been wanting to merrt you for ha long time, that is why hi hasked Simisola to bring ya tonight’

You cannot bring yourself to speak
You don’t know whether to laugh or cry
You know you are being shallow but….
You are having a hard time deciphering the accent or should you say ‘hhhaccent’
The dreaded ‘h-factor’…
What to do, what to do….

LOL….What would you do?
But on a more serious note, why is it that we say ‘ohhh the guy/girl has a sexy French/British/Spanish/Italian accent’ but we never say he/she has a sexy Yoruba/Ibo/Calabar accent? we need a revolution! we must celebrate ours!!

Have a fab day….Ciao

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