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I have absolutely nothing to blog about!!!
I am all blogged out LOL!
I take that back, I have stuff to blog about but I dont have the photos….
When will Nigeria get their own Getty Images or Wireimage! Sometimes, getting photos is as hard as pulling teeth…
Oh well, I saw this in ThisDay Style some months ago and thought it was cute.
They did a feature on twins including Toyin Hassan-Odukale and Tosin Adekoya; Muka Nwokedi & Nina Agwuna; Omomo Akpata & Odio Oseni.

I am soooo fascinated by twins…..I think I want to have twin girls when I have children…
Oh well, the photos were taken by TY Bello by the way.
Have a great day…hopefully tomorrow I’ll be back with a bang.

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