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Hi Everyone!!!!!!!!
How are you guys doing? How was your weekend?
Mine was very chilled, I didn’t even do anything….I just slept and slept some more…..needed to get all my rest ‘cause my vacation ended on Sunday…..
Believe me, getting back to work after a vacay is no easy task!
Anyways, we shall survive!
Soooooo I got some really great, fabulous news yesterday!
As in out of the world kind of fantastic news!
I just have to say this, always BELIEVE!
U know I hate all these cheesy stuff but I have to tell you that often times, we limit ourselves because we are scared of failure or scared of the unknown…
…no I won’t apply for that job, I know I won’t get it, after all more qualified people have applied
…no I won’t apply to that school, its an Ivy-League school and I didn’t get straight As
….no I won’t move back to Nigeria because my parents aren’t connected and they live in ajegunle
….no I won’t ask for that girl’s number, she is way out of my league…
Please banish such thoughts from your head and go for it! What is the worst that is going to happen? At least you will know you tried and you learned from whatever experience.
Anyways, enough randomness but seriously BELIEVE!

Soooo, this week is gift week on Bella Naija.
We are going to try in our little way to reward our readers.
We have teamed up with some of our favourite people and are offering up some prizes.
First up, Ekene Onu, the author of the fabulous The Mrs. Club whose book launch and PR strategy was powered by Bobby Taylor Consulting is offering up 2 copies of the Mrs Club. I know y’all must have heard about the Mrs. Club by now.
The reviews have been pouring in and everyone is enamoured.

Soooooo how are we going to decide who gets the books?
Like me, many of you love wedding websites…whenever I get a wedding website link, the first link I click is ‘how we met’ or ‘our story’. Most of the time, this section is the sooo interesting.
Here is some inspiration:
Onyi & Victor – He sent her a message on Hi5 then they met in church and the rest is history!
Adaobi & Nonso – On holiday in Nigeria randomly while she was at her cousin’s bach eve and he was out clubbing
Chioma and Akolisa – Her friend left his jacket at her house and he come to pick it up
Nkechi & Amechi – Met at Naijaryders party
So to decide who gets 2 Bella Naija readers who get the free copies of ‘The Mrs Club’, please share your stories of how you met your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, ex-wife, first crush or whatever works for you.

So you don’t have to be in a relationship to qualify, but I’m sure you’ve had one of those moments when you met someone and it just clicked….even if things didn’t work out later on.

We will choose the 2 best and send them the books (1 copy each).
– Please share your ‘how we met’ stories in the comment section
– Dont procrastinate! Leave your comment now!
– Be as detailed as possible but stay anonymous as you wish
– Also feel free to leave comments telling us your favourite that has been posted so far, this will help us in making our decision
– Please be truthful!
Good luck!!!
Meanwhile – you can buy our copy of ‘The Mrs Club’ HERE on Amazon now! Buy asap before it sells out again!

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