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Hi Everyone!!!!!!!!
How are you guys doing? How was your weekend?
Mine was very chilled, I didn’t even do anything….I just slept and slept some more…..needed to get all my rest ‘cause my vacation ended on Sunday…..
Believe me, getting back to work after a vacay is no easy task!
Anyways, we shall survive!
Soooooo I got some really great, fabulous news yesterday!
As in out of the world kind of fantastic news!
I just have to say this, always BELIEVE!
U know I hate all these cheesy stuff but I have to tell you that often times, we limit ourselves because we are scared of failure or scared of the unknown…
…no I won’t apply for that job, I know I won’t get it, after all more qualified people have applied
…no I won’t apply to that school, its an Ivy-League school and I didn’t get straight As
….no I won’t move back to Nigeria because my parents aren’t connected and they live in ajegunle
….no I won’t ask for that girl’s number, she is way out of my league…
Please banish such thoughts from your head and go for it! What is the worst that is going to happen? At least you will know you tried and you learned from whatever experience.
Anyways, enough randomness but seriously BELIEVE!

Soooo, this week is gift week on Bella Naija.
We are going to try in our little way to reward our readers.
We have teamed up with some of our favourite people and are offering up some prizes.
First up, Ekene Onu, the author of the fabulous The Mrs. Club whose book launch and PR strategy was powered by Bobby Taylor Consulting is offering up 2 copies of the Mrs Club. I know y’all must have heard about the Mrs. Club by now.
The reviews have been pouring in and everyone is enamoured.

Soooooo how are we going to decide who gets the books?
Like me, many of you love wedding websites…whenever I get a wedding website link, the first link I click is ‘how we met’ or ‘our story’. Most of the time, this section is the sooo interesting.
Here is some inspiration:
Onyi & Victor – He sent her a message on Hi5 then they met in church and the rest is history!
Adaobi & Nonso – On holiday in Nigeria randomly while she was at her cousin’s bach eve and he was out clubbing
Chioma and Akolisa – Her friend left his jacket at her house and he come to pick it up
Nkechi & Amechi – Met at Naijaryders party
So to decide who gets 2 Bella Naija readers who get the free copies of ‘The Mrs Club’, please share your stories of how you met your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, ex-wife, first crush or whatever works for you.

So you don’t have to be in a relationship to qualify, but I’m sure you’ve had one of those moments when you met someone and it just clicked….even if things didn’t work out later on.

We will choose the 2 best and send them the books (1 copy each).
– Please share your ‘how we met’ stories in the comment section
– Dont procrastinate! Leave your comment now!
– Be as detailed as possible but stay anonymous as you wish
– Also feel free to leave comments telling us your favourite that has been posted so far, this will help us in making our decision
– Please be truthful!
Good luck!!!
Meanwhile – you can buy our copy of ‘The Mrs Club’ HERE on Amazon now! Buy asap before it sells out again!

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  1. Kemikal Reactions

    April 1, 2008 at 10:20 am

    I’m first!!!!!!!!Yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

    So what if i dont have a cool “how we met” story, I’m still first!!!!!! LOLLLLLLL

  2. Anonymous

    April 1, 2008 at 11:47 am

    It all started on June 12, 2004. I had just moved back to Nigeria a day before and my sister and cousins insisted we had to go out. Being tired and groggy i wasnt exactly in the mood but i was like “what the heck! Lagos needs to know i’ve arrived!” lol. Anyways we ended up going to one of the coolest bars in town then for drinks. In the course of the night, we all noticed that this guy wearing a green shirt kept staring! I mean seriously staring.. my cousin even had to diss him, she was like “abeg is that how to scope a babe, why is he acting like he hasnt seen a pretty girl before!” A few minutes later, i get up to go see if our driver is outside, on my way back in he stops and says ” Hey im xxx”. I gave him this look like “why should i care and i go ” im xxx”. I walk off, go back to my girls and soon after we leave. (Later on, he says he thought i was so rude!.. abeg a fine babe always has to pose jo!)

    So we move on to next week saturday. Again one of my cousins whom i was out with said we just had to go to this happening party! “Everyone will be there!” I was like how they heck do we go to a random party we werent invited to, knowing absolutely no one there etc, she was like “come off it, this it Lagos!” So being the jjc i was then, i was like “ok, might as find mingle and meet new people”. So we go to the party, got hit on by a couple of guys (its almost customary that once you are new in town, dozens of guys must hit on you… as though they have radars saying “ALERT… FRESH BLOOD in the city!”). Anyways i had my share of fun, actually swapped numbers with a guy i later found out was married! (story for another day). So its time to go and my cousin is nowhere to be found. I look for her everywhere and then find her talking to a guy. I go to meet her and im like “dude lets get out of here, its time already!” Lo and behold, she’s talking to a friend of the “guy-in-the-green-shirt-who-was-staring” and he’s like “hey, you are the girl from last week, why were you so rude?!”. i mumble something and before i knew what happened, he was talking about taking me to “brunch at roberts”.. (In my heasd, i was like “brunch”.. sounds so refined! lol). We swapped numbers and that was it.

    Almost four years on, we are still together, engaged and getting married at the end of the year. When our wedding webstie comes up, im sure a few of you will recognize our story from here! Till this day people tell me that its so weird how me met randomly, club then party and it wasnt in the “December, everyday party season!”… They are like in nigeria you have to meet people through referrals… “my friend’s brother, my cousin’s colleague etc”.

    So thats it folks, i met my true love at a bar, just a day after i landed back on Nigerian soil, (before i had a chance to scope the market!) and i can truly say he was the perfect match made for me.

    Soon to be Mrs. Green T-Shirt Staring Guy!

  3. Unbiased

    April 1, 2008 at 12:01 pm

    Bella bella bella!!
    Well first of all like you i slept the weekend away. Very refreshing i must say.
    I am just signing attendance now. I will go and think hard and come back for the prize. wink wink!!

  4. Anonymous

    April 1, 2008 at 12:05 pm

    Oooh, this is so exciting. Congrats on your wedding Anon.

    As for me, I will keep it short.

    I also met by boo “In da Club”.
    I am not Nigerian and after a previous experience with a Naija bad boy (story for another post on snake boys…lol) , I had sworn off all Nigerian men. Anyway, there was a party at a club that used to happen every month in London and my Nigerian workmate used to invite me and every month I would say NO. Until he said he would pick me up at home, take me to the party and drop me back home. So I called my hot and sexy girlfriends and off we went. The Party was a blast and I had a great time flirting with this oyinbo who thought he was a player but I decided to humour him…remember me and naija boys…no way.

    Anyway, at some point in the evening, me and my friends were discussing Naija men and my workmate was trying to find out why we were all so averse to the idea. He said I look so nigerian anyway and when he first met me he was convinced I was Nigerian so why was I fronting? He stopped a guy who was passing and asked him whether he thought I was Nigerian and my world stopped……

    The most handsome guy I had seen all night with dark milk chocolatey eyes that you could swim in said ” She is from Edo State” and I was like where the hell is that? He took my hand and led me to the dance floor and said ” let me explain……..” and the rest is history.

    Turned out he had been feeling me from when I entered the place and had even told my girlfriends but was waiting for his opportunity as remember I was busy flirting with Oyinbo?

    Anyway, said I would keep it short but that is how I met my dark, handsome Nigerian………….

  5. Bella Naija

    April 1, 2008 at 1:01 pm

    anon 1 & 2 – ahhhh I feel like giving u guys the books already cause ur stories are so ‘awww’ inspiring! let me just restrain myself!!
    keep em coming. Thanks!!!

  6. Anonymous

    April 1, 2008 at 1:38 pm

    December 28th 2001, my siblings and i left Nigeria to Australia. We transit @ South africa. While we were waiting for our flight to Australia @ south Africa airport, we saw a guy eating beans & bread. my younger ones and i just laughed.
    After waiting for 7 good hours it was announced that passagers should start boarding.
    We boarded the flight and after 16 good hours, we arrived at Perth airport.
    For one reason or the other, it was announced that,due to technical fault our luggage will be delayed for 30minutes.
    The guy we saw eating beans & bread walked up to us and we started chating. He told me he lives in Sydney and that he went to 9ja to visit his parents. I told him my parents lives in Perth and that they should be waiting for us outside. The guy give me his card. just after he gave me his card, the luggage started coming out, so i could not give him my number.
    After 2 days, I decided to give the guy a call. I looked for the card he gave me but could not located it. 5 months later when i was cleaning my room, i found his card. Immeditately, I stopped what i was doing and gave him a call.
    He was so happy to hear from me. we started dating. I came over to perth and i want to Sydney to visit him.
    Anyway to cut the long story short, we are happily married with two children. A boy and a girl.
    so that is how I found the man that i was created out of his rib

  7. sweet efe

    April 1, 2008 at 1:39 pm

    ok mine is still very fresh, as a matter of fact i was thinking about it yesterday. anyway it was dec’07 in nigeria, went for d xmas break and as usual u visit friends and family and all that kinda stuff. anyway i went to a friends place, who has this little sister who is 8yrs old, and like d gal so much cos she is just d cutest girl ever…anyway she just randomly told me she had a phone number to a certain nigerian celebrity(clue….one of the best vocalists with mad videos), lets call him wat a name! Yeah so i was like oh really? have u spoken with him b4, and she was like no anytime she calls they say he is driving, but i got d number from her anyway(i love nigerian celebs).

    about 2 days later i got a new phone and decided to move my contacts to d new phone, and i see BADO’s number n am like shud i call or shud i not call…well i called! well sum guy picks and am like “hi can i speak with BADO”,…”who is speaking he asks” i say my name…”well dis is BADO’s PA, BADO is driving right now, do u wanna call back in 10mins”…..well i agreed cos he sounded nice and made me feel i was definitely going to speak with BADO…ok 15mins later and am getting very excited bout speaking with BADO…i call back and he is still driving and am like “ah ah now..tot u said he’ll be done in 10mins i gave an extra 5mins”…and annoyingly the guy tries to mimic my voice and i get pissed and am “like is this really BADO’s number” (in a rude-ish tone) and PA is like “yes it is dont worry i’ll call u when he is done”….30 secs later my phone rings BADO’s number, am happy…i answer..”hi BADO!(excited voice)..”no this aint BADO” and am thinking dat yeye PA again…”hold on for BADO..” i spoke with BADO for about 5mins he was really nice,i thanked d PA i was happy…i remember thinking after everything wow they(BADO & PA) sound good as in not RAZZ!!!

    next day my phone rings, a strange number i answer, it was PA, i was happy still cos i was bored anyway. and he was telling me how they never call fans back but he really doesnt know y he called me but he knows he loved my voice (head swelling moment) and other sturvz…am like “u luv me dats y” jokingly. he told me they were robbed about an hour after speaking with them and their phones were stolen and am thinking in my mind “how did u get my number then”….then he was like he remebered d digits in my numbers and it was glo number dat started with 7 and ended with 109 so he kept trying to mix up d other numbers he cud remember to see of he wud get my number and after 6 attempts he did and i cud actually hear how excited he was in his voice….oh well to cut long story short we kept talking thru out d holiday, and grew very fond of each other, he came over to see me for a week dat was our first meeting, i was extremely nervous but wen i saw him OMG! he is HOT! he likes me, i like him, we like each other and i we are officially an item.

    NOW I SPEAK WITH BADO, AND OTHER CELEBS ALOT, HE JUST CALLED NOW AND I TOLD HIM I WAS WRITING OUR STORY AND HE WAS REMINDING ME ABOUT SOME OTHER STUFFS BUT I CANT INCLUDE THEM COS IT WUD BE LIKE WRITING A BOOK….I DONT WANNA WRITE A BOOK, I WANT TO WIN D BOOK..LOL. so dats it, i met my baby on d..errmm… wat if i had not made dat call 2hrs b4 they were robbed? d number wud have not have gone thru cos they never reclaimed d line. then there wud be no story for me to write…i’ve always thanked God for making dat call.


  8. Anonymous

    April 1, 2008 at 1:45 pm

    okay…am soo in love with the Mrs Club book review and hey! thought i should give this a shot…

    Actually i met my boyfriend about 9 years ago. he saw me first and told me it was love at first sight, was in class with his buddy’s gal when he saw me, was dating someone then and when we broke up i got a nice cake and something else i can’t remember from an admirer delivered to my house, that piqued my interest in this anonymous person, my friend and room mate knew all along and became the messenger always talking about this guy and we finally met, i wasn’t interested in him then because physically he didn’t meet what i wanted in a guy, height, build etc.went out for a year and after several break ups and failed marriage,the funny thing was i left him to get married and after 3months it all crumbled, i realised that physical things can only cause heartbreak.

    we kept in touch and then he started asking me out again through chats. I kept waving him off and he persisted,i was scared of the heartaches i had caused him etc insisting on meeting with me he knew of my failed marriage and all, he still went ahead persisting and we met on the month (feb) that would have marked our 9th anniversary together and we are together again and calls me his first love and the love of his life and he can never live without me. so many times i get scared and feel like running away because of things he says or does, he’s such a loving person and a constantly beat myself up for the several times i left him because a physically finer person came along only to end up with a monster. He’s the man of my dreams in every way! I found LOVE with the most handsome man in the plant!

    (and yeah! am in love so in love with him!)
    [email protected]

  9. Anonymous

    April 1, 2008 at 1:49 pm

    TOP 10!!!! yayy!!!!!!

  10. Zena

    April 1, 2008 at 1:49 pm

    I always thought Onyi and Victor’s stories were cute, I’m happy they made it to ur blog, Onyi’s a big fan, I shld show her,she’d be excited

    Anon 2, that was such a cute story, so why’d he think u were from Edo state?

  11. Q

    April 1, 2008 at 2:58 pm

    I am so xcited typing my story!
    On the 26th of April 2004(my anniversary is dis month)
    One faithful monday morning,i was rushing to work(IT) then i got an sms at 6:30am that read “Hi bolanle,am sorry i havnt called you all this while,i have been in abuja and am back now,will make it up to you”
    I read it and tot “who is dis bumboclat??so if u were in abuja,wat has that got to do wit calling in dis days of GSM?…”
    i decided to beep the owner back that i am not bolanle but lo and behold,the young man kept INSISTING i was the one and was just trying to cover up for my friend,he then told me his full names,every single info about him and asked if we had any common grounds or i knew him,i denied knowin anywhere or anyone he knew even we had a good number of common ground,lied about my name…et all.i got to work and by some drama i still dont understand till today,decided to look through(out of my own volition) all the documents on the system that had just been assigned to me and i saw my caller’s biodata on my system,this same young man had worked there earlier in his career,we went to the same school,studied d same course,had d same supervisor……
    i now reported him to everyone and made his ex-colleague my confidante(i should have known guys were very loyal to themselves),Bobo started tellin me to be friendly,the guy might mean no harm,am like dis guy dat is busy apologising to a girl??he kept insisting the guy was actually nice(i should have known it was a SET-UP…..LOL)
    We then became phone friends for lack of any reason to be enemies and gisting on the phone happens to be one of my skills(lol),we finally hooked up and am like “not bad looking at all” and my baby has a fantastic dress sense!!In d meantime,we were already tight but cos we were both practising different religions “religiously”,i was sure nothing could “happen” anyway,then i went back to school and had hoped i could swerve him into remaining just my friend but Nah,he refused to be “just friends”,he wanted the lady to hav her lord,her lover and so much more,tink av typed enuf right about now yeah?
    d rest became the beginning of the rest of my life!!!!
    PS:I later learnt he had been scoping me all dis while but didnt have an approach dat was foolproof so he had to wait until he could “plant” those docs on my system and hope 4 d best,d divine intervention was y/how i went ahead to nose thru d system around d same time of d “call”
    We are getting married at the end of the year and our website will soon be out!!!!

    I must add here that chioma and akolisa’s web inspired me,i absolutely love their romantic story as well,i tink its d “bestest” site ever!!!!!

  12. Olu

    April 1, 2008 at 3:00 pm

    I’m no 12.yay!
    b back wit a story *wink*

  13. Anonymous

    April 1, 2008 at 3:31 pm

    I went to a boarding school. It is was interhouse sports in my secondary school (I took a sick leave and went home). My brother brought his cute friend home, but couldn’t bring him inside the house cause my dad will question why they were home (as they were boarders also).
    My mum asked me to serve them food while they stayed at our neighbour’s . I walked into that room our eyes clocked, and we rose (not fell) in love. Date Feb, 1994.

    Today: Still in love……walking down the aisle anytime soon.

    I think I should win cause l kept me story as brief as possible………xXx


  14. Bobby

    April 1, 2008 at 3:41 pm

    Bella this is a fabulous competition. I would put my own story here but i cant compete….hehehe.

    The stories are already making me a little teary eyed. lol.

    Love is good.

    The Mrs. club is fantastic as well!!!

    get your copy on (if you live in the US) or on Amazon as Bella has stated!


  15. Kpakpando

    April 1, 2008 at 4:28 pm

    OMG, some of these stories are so cute, makes me kinda embarrassed that I met my dude because of my command of vulgar igbo.

    BobbyTee (lol) I want to hear your story jare, oya share naw. Chei, bella so you want me to continue to steal from my employers by reading your blog all day abi? E no good o!

  16. Zephi Fahrenheit

    April 1, 2008 at 4:35 pm

    why will i buy it when i know i can win it

  17. Anonymous

    April 1, 2008 at 6:56 pm

    Under normal circumstances meeting your better half always is love at first site. Unfortunately mine wasn’t and I love knowing that I grew to love my friend.
    Sometime in 02 I started hanging out with my cousin and his friends a lot. Over a short period I became really close to them that we formed this bond and everytime I visited their city, it was dedicated to them. One of the visits, I met him and didn’t think anything. Nice guy. And we went our separate ways. A year after I decided I wanted to have a birthday party. I knew I shared the same dates with one of the guys but you can imagine my surprise when I realised it was two guys and he was one of them. I remember him giving me a present and me thinking bless his heart. He didn’t have to. Over d years we became close. He constantly cracked me up with jokes and that was it. One faithful sleep over we were all jisting about people we find attractive. I must have made a blunder coz he was quick to let me know he could make me fall helplessly. We laughed and called it a day.
    4 yrs later, after two relocations together to different cities, after many shared birthdays, I have fallen helplessly (as he promised I would) for this man!

  18. mum

    April 1, 2008 at 7:04 pm

    I met my hubby in school. the first time i saw him was in front of our department( we were in same). i was walking by him and his friend and he grabbed me by the hand(very bold) and asked if i am in this school. i said yes brusque’ly coz he was holding my hands and he told me how good i looked. I too was melting inside coz i never knew there was such a “bobo” in my department. Anyway i wriggled my hand free and walked away almost tripping over a stone. I was so embarassed but didn’t look back. The friend he was talking to(i also know him) later told me that my hubby said i am the woman he will marry. We both laughed it off but my hubby had the last laugh coz this is 10 years and 3 kids after.

  19. chelle

    April 1, 2008 at 7:22 pm

    oh wow, almost everyone who has submitted a story is either married or in love! I feel so intimidated, mine could have been a fairy tale type story…but i’m currently nursing a broken heart…

  20. Nwanyi Ocha

    April 1, 2008 at 7:38 pm

    awwww Bellaaaaaa – thanks for this

    the stories are soooo *(have no expression – just sweet thots*

    love em all so far esp anon 1 & 2, q with the set up, lol and BADO….lol

    pls pls keep em coming

  21. Anonymous

    April 1, 2008 at 7:51 pm

    I really have to win this bella, so please call me Ms Miami.

    I was “vacationing” with my friends in South Beach, Miami FL the summer of 2002, and on this particular night i decided to stay back in the hotel room, to chill by myself and watch some movies instead of going to the club with my friends. i went out to get some ice for my drink in my PJs and when i got to the door, guess what, i was locked out.
    i can’t call the security to come open the door because the room was not even in my name and i don’t know if they’ll open the door for me, and my cell was in the room.
    so i sat in the hallway hoping and praying for someone to come out of their room or pass by. well, a few minutes later that prayer was answered, this tipsy/drunk guy came out of nowhere with a few other guys and he just came and sat by me saying “nice feet beautiful, can i touch?” and i was thinking to myself who is this clown. well the clown invited me into his room, so i don’t sit in the hallway, gave me his cell to use to call my freinds and the help desk to send someone up to come open the door. we were so engrossed in a deep conversation (he wasn’t really drunk) talking about a whole bunch of nothing (the whole time i was looking at his cute face and banging body) and my friends were waiting for me at the door with the security guy and i was no where to be seen. they all got worried and someone had sense enough (sorry my friends) to call his number back and he told them i was just in the next room, i came out of his room with a promise to be back in a few minutes, got the key to the room, changed into something more decent and went back to his room. my friends left for the club, his friends left as well and guess what, we talked until 4am. we lived in different states, so a relationship was a no-no at that point for me, but we still swapped numbers, we started making that long distance phone calls, he asked me to be his girlfriend and i accepted (something i vowed not to ever do). we started dating and the weekend trips started and the racking up of frequent miles point. well, long story short we became an item and the rest is history.
    Bella, olease i really want this book and i think i should win.
    Mrs. Miami

  22. 'Yar Mama

    April 1, 2008 at 8:10 pm

    Let’s see who can top this!!! The abridged version being, after I had run away from my first marriage,went on a personal odyssey to Ohafia Arochukwu (with my partner in crime Chi-chi), Portharcourt and then onto Lagos. In Lagos, met …..Nwokoye (first name withheld) and started a relationship. This relationship was on and off for three years. In 1993, went to stay with him in his flat at Noibi(unsure of the spelling) in Surulere. One fine day, I went to see a friend on Ogundare off Adelabu. We then walked down Adelabu to the junction to buy fresh fish. We did not realise that there was the June 12th riots that day. The mob chased us, we ran, especially being two Hausa girls in the thick of anti-North sentiments. We tried to get into several gates along the way, but the residents wisely closed their doors in our faces. We were petrified. We came to a residence (covered in hedges) and shook the gate asking for help. A wonderful woman opened the gate and quickly ushered us in. I will forever be grateful to Beryl the Gardener. I believe she was Carribean married to a Nigerian. In the front office, were two other Northerners she had given shelter to. One of them had just come to Lagos for his NYSC. In the confusion of potential jungle justice, we found ourselves. Our eyes, and our hearts met and the rest they say is history. Oh by the way, send my copy of the book to Beryl the Gardener, Adelabu Street, Surulere, Lagos. Without her, there might not be an ‘us’ or even a ‘me’.

  23. Anonymous

    April 1, 2008 at 8:45 pm

    ah…. am jealous, soooo jealousssss.

  24. Anonymous

    April 1, 2008 at 9:43 pm

    Hey Bella — Let’s make it more fun by putting it to the vote American Idol style. What say you…


    So four years ago, I am getting on the elevator in a random building and there is this guy in there (by himself) with the goofiest smile on his face… and I am thinking uh huh whatever, and I step in, as in…good thing I didn’t have to face him…anyhooo so the next thing he is like Mrs Williams (real name witheld ;D), how are you today… I am thinking no he didn’t and I tried to ignore him but he tapped me and I wanted to clock him as he said again with that goofy smile ‘ Hey Mrs Williams, how are you today now?’ Exasperated I decided to pay him some mind and said with a fake smile , ‘Errr I am not Mrs Williams, sorry’…
    Before I finished answering the question, he said ‘But would you like to be…?
    I looked at him and burst out laughing…and then I was like ‘ok, you know you looking for trouble right…’ and he was like, well, long as I can take my troubles home with me every night, I’m good…” I could not wipe the grin off my face cos he was so dem cheesy and painfully cute in a very naughty boyish way…it did not hurt that all 6’1″ of him was towering over me… All this took less than 5 minutes. I got to my floor and he got off with me and by this time I did not mind him doing that. Get me laughing and that’s it…
    The rest is history…I have been laughing ever since!

  25. Lola

    April 1, 2008 at 10:08 pm

    story story story…..once upon a time….time time!

    There was a girl,….haha! jokes………ok seriously now.But u have to bear with my naija way of putting it o, i dont think the story will be any sweeter if i dont! xwinkx

    eh ehm, yea, i was realy young and i met this prince charming(well, he was then, lol)… first i was boning him cos u know how we naija girls do naw, I was ‘forced’ to fall for him sha, when he didnt stop pestering me nko.
    Oh well, it was a christmas day and we had a new neighbour who jst moved in few days before. My sister and I decided to hang out at her’s since she was nice and chatty and alll that ish. Lo and behold she had moved in with her brother(the very guy!)…At first he was ‘scoping’ my sister(so i thot) since she was his mate and i was like the kid sister…….I wasnt mad! It was cool, until he started scoping me too,……hehe, i was like ‘what kind of alakoba be this?’…..He was pretending not to like me then. I was tripping for him no lie, hot body, tho not highly favoured in the tallness aspect…..he was still attractive , we clicked before we knew it…….i was still forming a bit tho. I cant believe how much I liked him then, honestly…I still believe till today that he jazzed me up. He talked so much about how we were so going to get married and have kids, lol. He was a bad boy(which i liked, ha!) so mumsi didnt like him. But we knew how to catch up, we used to when no one could see (bad stuff, i know!).. Infact our neighbours thot we hated each other + he used to pretend to like me as a ‘kid sister’ to everyone, lol. We had to fake it(especially cos of our age differences). He even taught me how to cook then, lol.He was good at it(tho i hated cooking, he made it fun, lol).
    Tho we didnt get far…we were off and on for a while as I moved to jand.

    unfortunately, communication got a bit weird (which i was somehow expecting) and before i knew it, mumsi came back from naija sometime ago and told me he was engaged and just had a baby with some girl I knew he used to date……..I was so gutted!. Couldnt believe it…………well, i wasnt overly surprised sha!

    He rang recently, and i misd his call….hmn i wonder what he had to say!

    I want that book so bad!!!!!
    I know my story didnt end well, lol.. And i even tried to keep it short too, hehe!

  26. JF

    April 1, 2008 at 10:23 pm

    I’ll keep mines brief. Hopefully 🙂

    Was out at a party with my friends – having fun, dancing, taking pictures. All of that. In the midst of taking pictures, i caught this l-o-v-e-l-y looking brotha through the camera lens. So as i took the pictures, I made sure that i got him in a couple of them.

    Later on, on the dance floor, someone taps me and asks me if I’d like to dance with him – in the most gentlemanly way ever. Guess who it was. At this point, I’m thinking hell yeah!!

    We danced and talked at the same time and it was an all round fun time. And that was it.

    Fast forward to a couple of months later, at another party, I see my gentleman and we exchange pleasantries. He’d come with a female friend but it didn’t look like they were together. So at some point, I walk up to him and ask him to dance in the most lady-like way if I might add 😉

    He says yes. We dance and talk AGAIN. But this time around, after dancing and all, he says to me “I’d like to take you out sometime if that’s OK with you”. In my mind, I’m like hell yeah!!

    Needless to say, we had our first date the weekend after and before we knew it we were dating.

    (Sorry, no happy ending here)
    Due to certain uncontrollable circumstances, we didn’t work out but we are still very close friends. Who knows – maybe someday, we’ll get back to being more

  27. Favoured Girl

    April 1, 2008 at 11:23 pm

    Hi Bella! I’m loving all the sweet stories on here so far. I really want the book but I can’t compete!

  28. anonymous Moi

    April 1, 2008 at 11:25 pm

    MY friend hooked me up with him, they were colleagues. Fortunately, we attended the same school. We meet for the first time in the school library, i thot he was hot, his smile made me blush, his dance while driving i still remember till today.
    We hung out and he took me to different places i had neva been…… but he wasn’t so much of a worker… as in homeboy was lazy y’ll.
    I would be busting my ass doing double shifts on weekends as per student life but he would be over at his friends chillin….. i used to get so upset.
    He was never broke though, he had his bills on point and never asked me to pay for anything…. i started to think i was dealing with a yahozee boi for real.
    overall sha, he was a dream come true… but i could not get d laziness factor behind me.
    It was a new year and my ex-bf got back intouch…
    guess wat i did… i broke it off with him telling the – it’s not you, it is me story- the hardest thing i had ever had to do my whole life…
    not the sweetest story but i just had to feel among….. lol

    watch out for the real stori telling sha, its too long, i just dont have a short form.

  29. RubyRed

    April 1, 2008 at 11:37 pm

    i love hearing these stories!

    love the Mrs Williams story, thats audacity right there

    i’ll shorten mine..

    my BF and i actually went to primary school together, i think we were in two classes together the whole time.. anyways he was my sit mate in one of those classes and all i remember was me always pinching him trying to get a reaction out of him.. he was quiet and i was 9. anyway fastforward to the last year of highschool, actually the last term,(6 years later) he randomly calls me- he had gotten my number from somebody at my school, i dont even know how he knew what school i went to, We talked a couple of times {*can i just say right here that my bf does not remember this part of the story..*}anyway, right after that i end up leaving the country and we loose touch again. fastforward another 6 years, i am randomly online bored out of my mind and decide to check out some networking site looking for people i had gone to primary school with,(i was bored), he’s the only one i could find, but i did not even try to add him as a friend cause i figured he wont remember who i was. And then, like an hour later out of nowhere, i get some random IM(not from the said networking site), a message pops up from some wierd looking id, asking if this is the same ‘ruby red’ .. i’m like yea..? and u are?, he tells me..and i’m like wow – talk about out of the blue(RIGHT…i’m already wondering who could be trying to mess with my head). But nobody was..He doesnt know how he had my e-mail, i never had his- (his name wasn’t even on my IM contact list). . Needless to say we couldn’t stop talking.., his story is that i’ve been stalking him since primary school.. yea right

  30. Naija Babe

    April 2, 2008 at 1:59 am

    Wow…All your stories are so sweet…

    Bella, thanks for allowing me to share my book with your fabulous friends…

    I have read your stories and I am glad I don’t have to choose which one…it would be too hard, but I trust Bella 🙂

    I was going to share my own story about when my hubby and I met, but suffice to say…I melted when he called me his “omalicha tomato” lol…who knew I needed a little local flavor!

    Best of luck y’all

  31. Anonymous

    April 2, 2008 at 2:01 am

    Love is soooooooo beautiful.
    all these stories deserve their respective “awwwwwwwwwwww’s” lol. Mine isnt fantabulous but its completely spectacular to me.

    So the year is 2006…i had just finished my first year of med sch and was completely looking forward to spend ma only and last summer of freedom in naija, stress free! meanwhile all semester i had been talking to dis dude (who i met in naij d chrismas before) and we were getting along but i knew that he wasnt for me and something deeper was missing. I literally prayed to God to give me the man he knows i deserve…….
    que in india arie’s “i am ready for love” and u have ma state of mind at d time.. lol.
    anyhooooo so i land naij on ma own for the first time, in the heat and rain of summer, no december groove/hype, no sibs to buffer my time with and 2 months to spare…needless to say i was abit bored and the bobo i had been talking to was just not acting right.
    anyway so one fateful day abt 1week after i land, out of boredom and bizzy body, with freshly braided hair, looking fine and tender, lol, i decide to venture out into the neighborhood and use the cyber cafe (which was a short 5mins walk away). as i walked into the main gates of the building, this guy (ma guy) was there chatting with his friend i guess and then he spots me….i try to “bone up” and keep walking past but then i could feel his eyes follow me and he almost runs up to me right before i enter the cafe…he says hi and literally the biggest smile i could muster automatically spread across ma face…i couldnt even control it…lol. i geuss dat gave him green light cause he left his friend and followed me into the cafe. i sit down to check ma mail and notice he is drop dead gorgeous, and completely SHY!!!! the sweetest thing av ever seen, lol. he asked if we could chat online while we were there and i’m like “dude, u r sitting right here…we can actually talk!!!”
    lo and behold, yahoo msg was acting up so he was forced to open his mouth and spit watever game he had…lol. anyhooo long storry short, we talked abit, exchanged numbers, he offers a ride home (but me being skeptical of just entering any man’s car, i insist i walk home!),no hesistations, he walkes me home and as we talk, i blush shameless thru ma brown skin. He called me dat nite…the next morning i wake up giddy like a school girl knowing i was going to see him again…
    he called me the day after, and d one after dat, and d next one, and d next one…lol, we’ve been together since!.
    needless to say i fashied d other bobo instantly because everything i had ever prayed for in a man, i got it in my boo, instantly…without really expecting it or believing it was really possible. We are still together and long distance is no joke…but he is just toooo beautiful a person to pass up!

    Isn’t Love grand?!?!?!!! lol.

  32. Nigerican

    April 2, 2008 at 3:59 am

    I like gifts lol, here’s my story.

    We were in Jss2 and 3 together, he was very shy and i was extreemly out going.He called my house once or twice but i never thot of it as anything. He changed schools in js3, and since we didn’t hang with the same crowd I never saw him again.

    We became Hi5 friends and i gave him my number. We talked for almost 2 years…just as friends. He flew down to Cali for my birthday this year and let me say it has been real beautiful since… God’s time is truely the best because i am extreemly happy…i am proclaiming this FIRST on BellaNaija but i have found my Soulmate :).

  33. chelle

    April 2, 2008 at 7:00 am

    Bella i’m posting my story despite my state of “heart-brokeness”…i really want that book…this is going to be long, i’m sorry

    2006…at the time i lived in the UK, my friends who resided here in the US insisted that i attend the Naija reunion which was being held that year in ATL. I arrived the US, but not atl the day before the commence date but was not able to get a ticket to atl…ended up spending very close to $1000 for a flight ticket (it was july 4th weekend n i was rich then…how i wish it were now) simply because i thought it was the perfect opportunity to meet friends i had not seen in many years.

    My friends had also come with a friend whose bf resided in Atl. after a party one night we were hanging out at her bf’s apt, he bf then calls his friend(i’ll refer to him as John,lol) to come and meet us, and so he does but ended up hanging out the entire night/early morning with us.

    When he arrived i had i was asleep or had just woken up(i do however rememeber thinking…that’s one foineee brother,lol), but in any event we all were engaged in convo, me being the only person who sounded slighty british, tells me he likes my accent…something about having lived there as well. It turns out he “fancied” me and had asked his friends gf to about me. Anyway at dawn my friends wanted breakfast and he offered to go to mcd’s to get food for us but someone had to go with him cos he didn’t want to feel like a fool…and of course all my friends (the 5 of them) nominated me to ride with him. We got talking…told me abt himself (we bout are in the same educational/professional field) and he loved my…anyways no numbers were exchanged…too much wahala, long distance, i was well younger than he was…

    fastforward…2007, i moved to the US, while doing some random search for potential employers i came across his name listed on the website as an employee of the firm(his name is unique,i remember these things).I promptly e-mailed him, he seemed very excited, and even more so when we spoke on the phone, turns out he too had just moved to the same state(not atl though), and lived very close to my apt. I had a bf at the time so nothing happened, we just kept in touch every now and again. A few months later, dec i had just ended it with the ex and was hanging out with him,he told me “i know this sounds highschool, but since that first night in atl i’ve been wanting to kiss you…we ended up kissing and life was bliss…till very recently.

    I’m sorry about the abrupt end…i must win this book, abeg…i’m pissed at him right now but i love him nonetheless…

  34. chelle

    April 2, 2008 at 7:09 am

    i’m so stupid…i ended up not even referring to him as john, lol

  35. Anonymous

    April 2, 2008 at 9:56 am

    My friend came down to Nigeria from
    the UK for her dad’s funeral and as it usually happens, lots of her friends came around to her house to sympathize. That’s how Ihi and i met. we all chatted for sometime and then it came out that i was studying for my MBA at Unilag.
    Anyways, after that burial and my friends departure back to the UK, Ihi and i became friends somewhat, we kept in touch, making calls and seeing once in awhile. i knew he was interested but i just was not interested in anything but friendship. Did i mention that he actually dated my friend who’s dad died?! Anyhoo, weeks passed and then one night in class, this guy walks up to me and sort of like whispers in my ears that he was a friend to Ihi. The thing is Ihi had often mentioned that his best bud was also in my class. i had never met him obviously.
    So, it so happened that a few days afterwards, we were grouped to do some assignment in school, and guess what? Ihi’s friend, Kay, fell into my group! To cut a really long story short, we became best of pals, and i found myself liking Kay alot more than i did Ihi. For Ihi i felt comradeship, you know, friends forever kind of thing. But for Kay, it was more like senseless passion.
    Kay said he felt the same, acted like he felt the same. We did everything together, spent every free time with each other. I believed he was my soul mate. I loved him like crazy. The only snag was Kay didn’t want to hurt his friend, and didn’t want our relationship to interfere with his relationship with his best pal. I of course was like “To hell with it, if Ihi can’t accept that i didn’t love him, then it was just too bad”. Kay and I kept seeing each other, but along the line, i got tired of all the secrecy and dumped his sorry ‘you know what’. Sounds like it was easy? It wasn’t. It was one hell of a break up. I felt like i would die. Kay kept pleading and begging, i really loved Kay but i just couldn’t believe he loved his friend more. And to me, that was unacceptable.
    The perfect end to this love triangle is Ihi’s married to some chic, Kay got married too, then i got married to my hunk of a man who’d choose me over anyone in the whole wide world.

  36. Anonymous

    April 2, 2008 at 12:19 pm

    Ok so i will take a shot at this book o…Peoplesssss nice stories so far.. So here goes…

    So i was visiting naija in Dec 2004 and I called a friend to say, hey, I’m in town, what’s up? He was like oh well there are a few xmas chops I have to go, I’ll come get you and we’ll go together. So he showed up on xmas day and I scurried along, hair scattered and all the rest of it. I had only just returned the day before and was still a bit tired.

    After about two stops and plenty chicken and goat meat, we got to our final stop. It was the family house of a friend of his who just moved back and they hadn’t seen each other in over 10years. So as a sharp babe, I scoped the perimeter….hehe…and my eyes fell on his friend who I taught was mad cute and cool and all the other things that go with it. My friend’s car had developed a fault on our way so the mechanic was called in to do his thing when we got to his friend’s house.

    When the mechanic finished, cute guy says “What’s the bill?”, Mechanic replies,”Oga anyhow u wan pay me, dollars, euros, pounds, na you be oga.” Cute guy turns to me and said, “You can ask my wife here, she keeps the money in our home and whateva she wants us to pay you is what you will get.”

    At this point I am thinking, you are cute and all that good stuff but this is rather presumptuous considering I had only met him roughly 7 minutes earlier!Long story short! I left the house that day knowing I was returning to the States so we didn’t exchange numbers.

    Somehow, we got each others numbers and we went out to lunch and shortly after I left the country and he relocated yet again to another country. We kept in touch, visited, phone, email, chat…God Bless Technology….

    We got married exactly a year and a month ago and it has been nothing but marital bliss. God gave me my true bone, the best in laws and the bestest family yet. I have not stopped smiling……

    So when are you mailing my book? Hehehehehehehehe..


  37. Black Berry

    April 2, 2008 at 12:33 pm

    I was 11. He was an older guy-13. He was hot (at least to us at that time); half caste looking, with some kind of somalian looking hair and he could play ‘b-ball’. His parents were fine, and everyone in their family had some exotic sounding janded names..not peter and paul oh..kai..i dont want to mention names sha-use your imagination. hot stuvs! We heard he moved into the estate, after he told one boy, ‘my mum will call the police on you’..In those days, when the general threat was ‘i’ll break ya head’..’try will see something today’..he screamed..hmm..class? at least to us sha.

    We sharply made friends with his sister. She take style fine sha..but we didn’t care about her long hair and blemish free smooth skin..We just wanted to watch J playin b-ball and looking fine. Eventually, we formed some sort of friendship with him..and the big question came..’so who do you like?’ It was a big deal for weeks..the main contenders being, me and my best friend L. Eventually, he wrote it on the dashboard of his dad’s car with chalk as it drove out of his house one day. BB. Yes!! I had a boyfriend. After some badly spelled letters (from him) declaring his love..we were official!!

    Anyhoo..I have no idea what we did sha..but I had to go back to boarding school. When i came back maybe for half term or something..There was ‘hot gist’ all over the estate. J had cheated on me..with L! my best friend and my boyfriend;what a cliche..Apparently, it wasn’t a one time thing..they were having an affair(well-two times); the first time-they had a ‘show me i show u’ dirty..the second time..he pulled down her thin ‘sphaggeti straps’ and squeezed her breasts..his verdict? ‘her breasts were like puff puff’..

    To be honest..i wasn’t heartbroken..i just found the whole thing funny.

    But yah..that was how i met my first love!lol

  38. Coffie

    April 2, 2008 at 1:43 pm

    Ohhh sucks to be single and read all these romantic stories!! All very interesting, Mrs. Williams, your mister must be very audacious(lol),but I guess it worked in his favor, my fav. story as of now….

  39. yankeenaijachick

    April 2, 2008 at 2:47 pm

    Loving all the stories……….aww so cutie. Miss ya bella.

  40. Waffarian

    April 2, 2008 at 2:53 pm

    I vote for yarmama! haba, love under riot ke? abeg, she don win am finish. Send her the book!

  41. GoodAnonymous DGM Essex.

    April 2, 2008 at 3:44 pm

    One question, Bella. For all these anonymous stories, how would you know who wrote them. I am asking so that when you award the prize. I can claim it!

    Beautifull (with two L’s)

  42. Bobby

    April 2, 2008 at 4:01 pm

    My goodness these stories are just so amazing!!!!!

    My azz is about to cry!!!!! lolll

  43. Anonymous

    April 2, 2008 at 4:09 pm

    [email protected] blackberry!
    more stories please!
    pwetty pweeeeeeeeaaaaaze!

  44. Kpakpando

    April 2, 2008 at 4:12 pm

    I love blacberry’s story, its funny as hell, breast like puff puff ke? ah being a teenager… not awful romantic but funny none the less.

    Bella, the ogbanje’s have come back to your blog o… biko sprinkle holy water on your blog everyday unfailingly.

  45. Anonymous

    April 2, 2008 at 4:29 pm

    kpakpando…hu is ogbanje?? now

  46. q

    April 2, 2008 at 4:45 pm

    yes oh,how would u be able to tell its me wen u finally choose me to get the book?
    No one should claim they are me oh!!!
    hope u know my IP address??LOL
    Am soo loving all the stories,d ones dat met in d midst of june 12 crisis has to be d craziest??wat were u pips tinking??Thank God for God sure u will never complain too much about that crisis.LOL
    My cousin never complains about fuel scarcity cos she met her darling and too sweet husband at the filling station,she was a fly banker goin to work,she meets d guy dat has been queing for fuel since d nite before,bobo gives her 10litres or so i tink,doesnt collect money from her,they xchange numbers,she later learns he’s done with school,economics 2:1 but normal naija NO job for years!she hooked him up with her broda+his many contacts,he got a fly job,of course they were friends,cupid struck,they were an item!!much lattttttttter she even wanted him to move in wit her cos he was stayin with a cruel uncle but trust men,his ego didnt allow him.after a year and half of dating,they got married and they are d coolest couple i know on earth,she respects him die(4get how they met) and he loves her to pieces,spends sooo much on her,ensures she goes on vacation ever year even wen he cant take out the time,he always says she gave him his lifeline and since he’s workin for his family’s enjoyment anyway,double enjoyment!!if my cousin should say her toe is itching her,u see him rubbing it for her.God i love those pips!!
    can my cousin win a book self?LOL

  47. CrocLover

    April 2, 2008 at 5:22 pm

    I love all these stories and Bella I love your blog!

    He came to borrow sugar….I got a knock on the door i was sleeping and i answered the door in PJs with scarf on, pimple medicine on face, morning breath the whole works. He said ” your neighbor said i could borrow sugar from you we are trying to make kool aid” After hissing and making a rude comments about how you idiots just woke me up from a long sleep i gave him my jar of sugar and slammed the door. He came back the next day, and the next and the next, he said there was something about me and he knew i was going to be his wife. He called his dad and told him and his dad well go and get what you want. After two months of asking me out i finally went on a date with him, he played the Boyz II men song thank you in advance in his car when he picked me up…he said you will be my wife and mother of my children…i was convinced this guy was truly mental and i need to run away from him lol. 7 years later, married for 3 years and planning on making a baby soon our love is sweeter than sugar. I couldnt have asked for a better husband in the world he is the BEST!

  48. Waffarian

    April 2, 2008 at 6:09 pm

    meself, i go enter. Na so I meet one misuseless baggerfool wey come turn out to be dustbin, na so i just dey sad dey cry anyhow, na so i just meet one beurriful man one day wey say: “baby why u dey cry? make i hold u, make u no cry anymore and even if u cry self, na my shoulder u go cry on”

    Till today, na im dey hold me.

    I win?

  49. BacktoNaija

    April 2, 2008 at 6:33 pm

    too mush, too mush! I love love stories. But em wait oh, why are the stories coming from only women?

    I want to hear from the men too!

    Would have written mine but it’s still in the drafting phase but don’t worry, I’ll make plenty noise once it’s done 😉

    Ps: love the wedding website, keep ’em coming.

  50. A former blogger

    April 2, 2008 at 6:39 pm

    I went to hang out at a friend’s flat. His room mate was there with another woman lounging on his lap. We started talking and the whole world disappeared. I ignored my friend, we didnt even notice when the girl on his lap left. And the rest is history

  51. Funmie

    April 2, 2008 at 8:43 pm

    ahahahahahah…y’ll i vote for wafarria or somn like dat sha…. she got me cracking in d computer lab and the munggo parks here thinks am crazyyy… well i might be sha.

    yea… guyz nko? where una tori?

  52. Anonymous

    April 2, 2008 at 8:45 pm

    Ok, i’m writing because all the stories have inspired me to write…so maybe i’m writing more for writing sake than for the book, but maybe i’ll get the book.

    T & I met online. On to be specific. It was a beautiful saturday September evening and i had been bored out of my mind so i sat at my computer to read nigerian news. I noticed the chat thingy also on the website and just clicked on it. I read the conversation going on btw people until i got a personal im. I figured it could not hurt to reply. I heard one time it was easier to talk to stangers about your life than it was to people you knew. That was the case, chatted about everything and nothing. Found out we were in two different countries unfortunately. He must have enjoyed the conversation so much because i had to go pick someone up and he waited online 30 mins for me to get back. At some point i decided i was going to bed. He asked for my name and i told him i was not going to tell him unless he called me. I had not gotten completely up the stairs when my phone rang. We ended up talking the rest of the nite, the next day and nite, and so on. We even slept and woke up on the phone too many times. December of the same year, was on my way to church when my home phone rang – “hey, i’m in town” i’m replying, “what town? what country?” I could not believe it because i had spoken to him only a few hours earlier. I could not see him that very day but we spoke on the phone again all nite. The next day we met up and the rest has become history…


  53. Nwanyi Ocha

    April 2, 2008 at 9:04 pm

    ‘m loving all the stories

    black berry, guy who came to borrow some *brown* sugar and anonymous with “oga ask my wife” to the mechanic – lolol, off the chain

    more pls…. waffarian & kpakpando wont kill me… misuless baggerfool and obanje’s,”sprinkle holy water” lolol

    support backtonaija – where are men?

  54. Bella Naija

    April 2, 2008 at 9:35 pm

    yeeeee I’m in trouble!
    how am I going to pick the winner?!
    but u girls r mean…ur making me reminisce…ur stories are just soooo sweet! its restoring my faith in lurveeee

  55. Anonymous

    April 2, 2008 at 10:23 pm

    please give it to the ‘june 12’ riots love story.

  56. Anonymous

    April 2, 2008 at 10:27 pm

    “For as badass and unaffected as we try to come off, we’re all just one sentence away from being brought to the edge of tears, if only it was worded right.”

    I got the above quote from John Mayer’s blog which is an interesting read.

    But Bella Mafia, your message about believing hit very close to home especially your comment “can’t move to Nigeria ’cause parents are not connected and live in Ajegunle.”

    Now that brought me close to crying ’cause that’s kinda where I am. Not Ajegunle, just somewhere totally out of metropolitan Nigeria.

    So that was a good message. Thanks for your blog. And good luck picking a story 🙂

  57. Anonymous

    April 2, 2008 at 10:34 pm

    As long as i have lived i havent seen love as beautiful “chioma and akolisa” – THEY ARE AND ALWAYS BE THE BEST IN MY EYES. TOO PERFECT – HOW CAN A COUPLE BE SO BEAUTIFUL


    PROVE TO ME!!!

  58. Anonymous

    April 3, 2008 at 12:07 am

    There is no such thing as a perfect couple. all that glitters is not gold. I married a very handsome man and trust me sometimes i wish i did’t go for just looks. there is more to marriage than beauty that will fade

  59. Anonymous

    April 3, 2008 at 12:14 am

    LOL i vote for Waffi babe…hehehehheehehe. Kai i wont die of laughter!

  60. Mrs Somebody

    April 3, 2008 at 12:43 am

    hey bella…let’s help you out by voting.
    I hereby vote 4 yar’mama.

  61. Paris

    April 3, 2008 at 1:16 am

    lol wowzers!! these stories r sooo good. im not even going 2 compete cos mine is kinda cliche now…well maybe not!

    i’ld just sit back and read the stories. im not even half way thru them yet.

  62. should i be anonymous?

    April 3, 2008 at 1:57 am

    ok i have decided 2 share my story but im not sure if to stay anonymous or not.
    try 2 figure out who i am.

    ok sept 2005…he was lookin at my friends hi5 pg who happens 2 be his childhood classmate or sumtn and he sees this chick’s comment(me) and proceeds 2 ask my friend abt her.
    my friend being the APROKO that she is gives him my number right away w/o my consent…..sha sha its all good abi?? so he calls me and quite frankly i had just broken up with a mugu so hence the thot of all guys being MUGUS still dominated my thots.
    he calls me and SAYS NOTHING!!
    ahn ahn?? which ones na?? how can u call yankee all d way from jand and not say nada?? lol. neways i guess i was a bit rude but why did he still find that attractive??
    neways, the long distance thing wasnt even an option plus he seemed boring so i thot nothing of it. somehow we started chattin thru msgr and he was everything but BORING! every single thing he said 2 me was hilarious so i decided 2 take a second look at his hi5 profile.
    MY GOD!! this guy was and is still GORGEOUS!! i thot…Wat d heck was goin on with my eye sight b4?? i was doin this while we were still chattin o! and then he decides 2 turn his webcam on.
    @ this point i am thinkin BUMP the pictures. this guy is 2 fine for words. i didnt even know when i told him so and i almost never compliment guys especially nigerian guys…well back then sha. ive grown alot. lol

    well we start talkin on the fone and men im telling u guys d relationship raised alot of dust before it even started.
    so called friends calling him 2 bad mouth me so he can get with them instead!…chei! naija girls no dey use eye see fine boys sha. me being the BABE that i am, didnt trip….ok maybe a lil cos i was HELLA PISSED and then @ that point i decided 2 completely stop talkin 2 him… i mean wat nonsense??
    4 where?? he wasnt having it o!! he calls me up and asks me what are we goin 2 do abt it?? and im like huhn???

    sha sha 2 cut d long story short his mother met me b4 he did and she fell inlove with me and then when he met me….lets just say no Hollywood movie can top the kissing @ d
    he or shld i say we fell helplessly inlove maybe he did a little 2 cos he wanted 2 marry me right like NUCCA PLEASE!! lol
    well we’ve had alotta ups and downs cos y’all know long distance relationship isnt a joke but we r still tryin 2 stick it out cos the love is just 2much.
    he plans 2 come see me 4 my bday and LORD I CANNOT WAIT!!!

  63. AnyaPosh

    April 3, 2008 at 1:58 am

    This was a very interesting post. I’ve heard about the book but I didn’t pay any particular attention to it. Now you have me checking Amazon and the prices of shipping! BELLA!!!!

  64. Anonymous

    April 3, 2008 at 2:37 am

    should i stay anonymous…. am trying to imagine d kiss at d airport and my dear, i am truly and indeed jealous….
    so to u mrs woman……WATEEERVVAAA

  65. Godchicwisdom

    April 3, 2008 at 3:38 am

    We grew up in church in 9ja and we were family friends. He was in boarding school in some far off place, so I saw him only during the holidays. But I had the biggesssssst crush on him but then he was in SS1 and I was in JSS 1 (or probably I was even in Pry. 5), so he couldn’t even look at me, I was a kid plus I was his younger sista’s friend. He had never said a word to me, but I loved this guy so much na die. lol. Anyhoo, one day after church I walk up to him to ask him where his younger sister(my friend was)and he totally blanks me, as in he didn’t ansa. Till today, he can’t remember doing that oh, so maybe he didn’t hear me. lol. Anyhoo, I promised myself that I would deal with him for ignoring me. A year or so later, he travels to Jand, I hear he has left and am miserable, cos now I can’t see my crush plus I didn’t deal with him yet. lol. Fastforward 2 years from then, I move to yankee. 1999, he comes to visit yankee, he sees me and something must have hit him then cos I guess now he saw I was hottt. lol. On a more serious note, we became good friends almost instantly and then got into a relationship. We have had our ups and downs, but somehow we have never left each other’s lives. Now, after 9 years, we are engaged and about to be married. Sometimes, I laugh to think I am marrying the first guy I had a real major crush on plus he is my best friend and my all. I love this man with all my heart and I can’t wait to be his wife. God truly does bless and grant our heart desires.

  66. tara236

    April 3, 2008 at 9:38 am

    Good stories! Ok, here’s mine.

    A few years ago, I moved from Nigeria to the United States to further my education. One night in college, my friend and I decided to take a break from studying to watch a bit of television in our dorm lobby. Not long afterwards, this guy came over and introduced himself to us and then started a conversation. Well, at least my friend did with him. He asked what country we were from (he’s American) and what led us to choose that particular school. I really wasn’t in the mood because I was pretty tired and didn’t really feel like talking. The one thing going through my mind was” Oh God, what does this white boy want with us?”. I noticed he kept trying to talk to me, all the while directing almost every question at me. My friend then stated that she had to go somewhere. Goodness! I couldn’t believe she was leaving me with him. Don’t get me wrong, I thought he was attractive, but I simply wasn’t in a talkative mood that night. After a while, I relaxed a bit and listened to him and found him to be very funny and quite intelligent. Two hours later, he asked me out to lunch but I gave him lots of excuses. He didn’t give up and pressed on. Eventually, I decided to go lunch two days later. The bad thing was, we both got the time mixed up and so, basically stood each other up! I was angry and thought he was playing games with me. Later on he met up with me and asked what happened. We both realized the mix up and decided to grab a cup of coffee afterwards. Two weeks later he told me he fell in love with me the moment he saw me. Apparently, he had seen me around a couple of times before that fateful night. I was very surprised and didn’t know what to say. The truth was I was very attracted to him but wasn’t sure if it was love. We both decided to take things a bit slow and started dating and getting to know more about each other. About two months after we started dating, I knew that I was in love. Five years later, he proposed and I said yes. We are both happily married now and still very very much in love!!!

  67. Anonymous

    April 3, 2008 at 12:27 pm

    I met my husband at a time that I had already made up my mind I wasn’t going to be bothered about guys and I was just going to enjoy my life with or without a partner (Lesson: You are most likely to meet your partner when you least expect). We both attended the same university in Nigeria, but never met. Our paths crossed when we started our postgraduate programmes in the UK. We had some friends in common but never really talked to each other. One of our common friends mentioned that we finished at the same Nigerian university, so I became curious about him. However, I always saw him with one babe or the other on campus, so I immediately thought that he was a player of some sort. During the christmas period of that year, I organised a christmas party at my place and invited all our friends except him. You all know we Nigerians are good at gatecrashing, by asking our friends to tag along to parties we are invited to. Just imagine me looking decked up, heard the door bell and on opening the door, this bloke, surrounded by our friends, tried to give me a peck (he probably felt it was a polite thing to do). Going through my mind was: What the hell!!!, have we met? so I just turned my head away and didn’t give room for any peck. This bloke came in looking calm, but of course he wasn’t comfortable and left almost immediately. Our friends became excited and starting gisting about it. I learnt afterwards that my hubby was really mad about it, said so many things he must have regretted afterwards. To cut the long story short, he called me, we chatted about the incident and started inviting me out. Now we are happily married.


  68. koolaries

    April 3, 2008 at 3:23 pm

    Hi Bella
    I just had to leave my own comment.

    I met my love on Facebook!!!
    I got this message from someone requesting we should be friends,so i just clikced okay just for the heck of it but to me he looked kinda stuffy with him wearing a suit and looking like a serious
    Anyway we started sending messages to each other,which i enjoyed a lot cause i started looking forward to it.
    Next we exchanged numbers and started calling. I speak/read from him everyday.

    He’s reliable,incredibly kind,hardworking,cute without the suit of course lol,so much more than what i want in a man.
    I totally love him, i havent told him yet but i’m 80% sure he feels the same way.I’m planning on telling him soon.Wish me luck

  69. temi

    April 3, 2008 at 4:42 pm

    i’m voting waffarian

    she totally, totally cracked me up!!

  70. Anonymous

    April 3, 2008 at 5:03 pm

    Hi Bella,

    Anon 2 here again. I have just come back to your blog from yesterday and read all the lovely stories. Awww, love does exist!

    To answer you Zena, apparently (and I hope am not stepping on toes here…) Edo girls are hot so he thought I was an Edo girl.

    Anyway, thanks everyone for providing these inspiring stories and helping me pass the better part of this afternoon saying “aww” and “aah”…..bless!!

  71. Shubby Doo

    April 3, 2008 at 5:59 pm

    i’m voting for ‘Yar Mama’ and ‘waffarian’.

    these are all so great! went to bed with such a huge smile on my face after reading them yesterday.

    amen for love o!

  72. BrownSugar

    April 3, 2008 at 8:30 pm

    Beautiful stories … I cant help wondering if some are actually true or its creative writing! I must say I ‘ll vote Sweet Efe.

  73. BrownSugar

    April 3, 2008 at 8:34 pm

    Beautiful stories … I cant help wondering if some are actually true or its creative writing! I must say I ‘ll vote Sweet Efe.

  74. Anonymous

    April 3, 2008 at 10:34 pm

    all these stories are just so wonderful….awww love is such a beautiful thing, everyone wants to share their stories.

    lol @ sweet efe, d name BADO, out of all names…very nice story though

    the june 12th story is quite nice too, as well as yar mama, and waffarian and…..everyone else lol.
    i think everyone shud just win, cos its going to be difficult choosing a winner bella. well guess ur up to d task…NICE ONE!

  75. Olu

    April 4, 2008 at 2:15 am

    Waoh! Dis luff is shakin my bori!
    I vote for Mrs Green T-Shirt Staring guy and Sweet Efe- I luff the Bado story!
    There are a lot of OPIOUS(OFF POINT) stories ere..some of dese stories do not correlate to me!
    Ladies and Gentle-moi-moi: Stop chasing fine boiz and gyalz!

  76. Anonymous

    April 4, 2008 at 2:27 pm

    I met my man in the sky…i floated to the clouds and there he was and he asked me my name and i said my name was Aphrodite and he said his name was Adonis.
    We had to fight the evil Zeus so that our love could previal and it did.
    We conquered many battles together. He taught me the art of sword fighting…
    Today we live on planet earth amongst you regular beings. And we are still in love.

    We are immortal so we dont age.

    And this is a true story.

    Please ship my book. Thanks.

  77. LOL

    April 12, 2008 at 6:39 pm

    LOL @ the last anonymous ^

  78. dedelolia

    January 14, 2009 at 9:50 pm

    dearie, If i sound like a pisspot, pls put the blame on the stiff gins i’ve been imbibing all evening! why am i even responding to a comment posted since April 08, just call it my busybodizm, Cyberconnectivity is all good and proper, but if una never still meet, try make una meet, abi is the phonesex, etc enuf? i call it as i see it, lucky U sha if all my misgivings of serialfacebookdater,2tymin b**stard, etc are unfounded and this is Mr Right, Pls invite me to the wedding even if na rotten tomato U wan stone me, no be bouquet! Tkia!

  79. Amaka

    March 27, 2013 at 4:06 pm

    After reading all these stories I don’t think mine will be good enough, but here goes
    I met my love during youth service year in 2009 we both served at the same hospital, he was the quiet loner type and I was the loud friendly type. Definitely he wasn’t my type, but something about him, intrigued me and I went ahead and made him my friend. He soon fell for me!
    Then I was in a relationship the kind of break up today- make up tomorrow type,well he knew about my relationship but still insisted that if ever he was to marry he would marry me, As usual playful Me , I laughed him off reminding him that I was in a relationship and he was like yes he knows but he’d be my ‘soft -landing’ whenever I fall out of the relationship. Well before youth service year ended we became very close to the extent we shared a flat together,sometimes slept on the same bed together AND believe me he didn’t try any funny stuffs! Till almost end of youth service he made a move on me and we started a fling but after a fall out, We didn’t see each other for over a year, I went back to my unstable on and off relationship, which later ended in heartbreak. To cut the long story short New year 2011 he called and told me he was in front of my house, and by Dec 2011 we had a formal introduction and November 2012, I married my ‘soft-landing’.
    Funny enough I won my wedding bouquet on this site!Thanks a lot Bella Naija.
    Doubt I will win the book, Lol… cos the stories above are really wonderful but ……..
    Well this is my story.

  80. Eve

    May 9, 2013 at 11:53 am

    I had to leave a comment after reading all these beautiful stories! I’m 31 and currently single, to say I was pleased reading all these stories is an understatement! I am happy that there are good news about love out there, and i wish you all lots of happy years ahead! The stories were simply amazing!!! I hope everyone of you won the book 🙂

  81. Tee

    May 17, 2013 at 1:19 am

    well, met my boo at Nigerian Law school, Lagos. I had just stepped back into the auditorium after using the restroom and I spotted Ben Okri’s “Starbook” on a chair with no owner at the back of the auditorium. Being a book freak, i decided to chill with all the foreign students and truant students gisting at the back of the auditorium. several minutes later, someone thrusts his hand rudely in my face and says “can i have my book back?” in a very cold voice. Na im i look am up and down and ask whether na im book e be..see question o. I gave him the book and we both sat at the back pretending to listen to the corporate law class going on. When I noticed that he didnt even read the book. he was just pinging, I got upset and asked him for the book back till the end of class…Eventually, we started gisting and I invited him to one association of nig authors meeting which had been announced in class while he was away. We exchanged numbers and hours later, he called me to ask if I was ready for the meeting. I went to meet him at the hostel car park and he asked how I was planning to get to the venue. I said, “I don’t know about you but I plan to take a bike” (see me forming I don’t care what you think). He replied that he didn’t take bikes but if i did not mind, he could drive both of us there..Well I was embarrassed and would have refused but for the way he made it seem like he needed my permission to give me an oye-tight ride! He sha did and that was our first unofficial date where we spent the hours poking fun at all the ‘aspiring authors’. After several late night phone calls and after-class hang outs, he told me exactly a week after we met that he was impressed that I could read such a book unlike most girls he had met since he came back. Said that was what he notice dthat got him interested and he was certainly not interested in being my friend….three days later, i told him “ok, lets give it a try”. Its been over two years now, with one year of long distance and I still absolutely adore him..and we’re talking marriage:-). He is an amazing man who is still thankful that i was irritated enough to ask for his book back giving him the perfect opening to strike up a conversation with me.
    So when can I add this book to our library???

  82. Nutri-C

    August 13, 2013 at 8:05 pm

    Well my story is not exactly Romantic but nonetheless its a beautiful one. So i met the love of my life (Koonle) tru Facebook when i was 19 and he was 27. first off i didnt even care about him because he was in Nigeria and i lived in the US. We met on facebook tru a mutual friend (Dont know who sent who a request first). We bacame friends and found out he went to med skool with my godbuv older brother. We became friends and we exchanged messages on fbk then moved on the Yahoo IM, which we did everyday for a while and then for somereason we fizzled out. Then in 2010 we reconnected again and this time we exchanged numbers and we started talking (High phone Bills!). Then we fizzled out again; i got into a relationship and he did also, but we sent eachother IM messages sometimes. I really wasn’t into him and i couldnt care less about him then to be honest. 2011 we decided to try this long distance relationship and see where it takes us. So we got really close (Thank goodness for Skype). For somereason again, we fizzled out and i got into a relationship which lasted for 2years. Koonle even came to the US on vacation and called but i wasnt interested. As faith will have it i broke up with my bf at that time and 3 months later from no where Koonle calls my phone and we reconnect and so far we’ve been going on strong and he’s coming to visit me soon so i am looking forward to it.

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