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Style ME Show – Season 3 – Episode 8: Stunner Unleashed

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We’ve been following the Style ME show all season, we’ve experienced the highs, the lows, the hosts and the makeovers.
Now that the season has passed the midway mark, there is a new co-host – Wana that is spicing things up!
This episode features 30 year old Maureen Igwe, an electrical engineer who has spend her life surrounded by men (at home growing up with brothers and at work in a predominantly male atmosphere) and this has not had a good impact on her style choices.
Maureen wants her femininity ‘unleashed’ in a makeover.
The Style ME team works with Maureen Igwe and the result is a fabulous reveal in a stunning Zebra dress!
Watch out for one of our fave Style ME episode makeovers to be published later today!

Maureen Before & After

Maureen Before & After

Maureen posing with Isis & Wana

Maureen posing with Isis & Wana

Maureen's Fabulous New Look

Maureen's Fabulous New Look

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