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New Music: CON.tra.diction – Dreams (Places To Go)



Tosyn Bucknor is an in-house favorite. We love her because well she is Tosyn. If you don’t know her, then you can’t understand it. She is an OAP (radio) by day and moonlights as a musician.

Under the name of (one of her many alter-egos) CON.tra.diction, she has brought us “Dreams“. It is a song that evokes emotions of love and sacrifice (or a lack there of) as well as need to move and pursue dreams over drama of being together.

You can call her music a mix of Taylor Swift, and that flavour that is intrinsically Nigerian.
Good quality stuff, the video was shot and directed by Ak.One.
A little warning though, its easy for this song to get stuck in your head after the 3rd or 4th listen.
*humming* “I’ve got places to go…”

Photo Credits: Seyi Charles George Photography

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