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BN Music Friday Top 5 – Vector Tha Viper

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Hello, It’s Onos O and here’s this week’s BNMusic Friday Top 5.

This week’s episode is dedicated to one of Nigeria’s most talented MCs, Vector Tha Viper. Some of  you may be wondering why we chose Vector for this week’s installment but the answer to that question, “Why Vector?” is actually very simple.

For those who haven’t noticed, Vector Tha Viper (real name Olanrewaju Ogunmefun) has been on a lot of features ever since last year. And, it came to our notice that in Vector‘s case, familiarity does not breed contempt because rather than water down his talent on a feature, he takes the challenge upon himself to outshine his counterpart as well as trump his previous performance. Haven’t you ever wondered why he’s always featured on those all star remixes?

Nonetheless, Vector is a good lyricist, so we decided this week’s BNMusic Friday Top 5 be made up of songs that Vector graced, but not alone. Here’s the Top 5 of songs featuring Vector:

1. Vector feat. 2Face Idibia – Get Down

This collaboration, for me, was the pivot of Vector‘s career; from reigning underground new kid on the block to mainstream must-hear artist. But “Get Down” wasn’t just a track that 2Face Idibia featured on, it was a smash hit and the H-Code produced song went on to get syndicated well on the radio.

The video of the song just solidified its ground as a successful transition for Vector and with Vector‘s epic wordplay and 2face‘s killer hook, there’s no wonder as to why this is number one. The video was directed by Clarence Peters.

2. Tha Suspect feat. Sound Sultan, illbliss, Ghetto P, Mi Fliss, MI, Vector & Naeto C – I No Send You (Emcees Version)

“I No Send You” is like Nigeria’s “Make It Rain” with an all star cast of featured artist in all three versions ranging from M.I to Eva and Ill Bliss. With such a colossal amount of competition on one song, each artist would have to put their talent to the test and try to woo the audience in ways other artists couldn’t. Vector did this and did it well. As a matter of fact, in all the versions combined, I’m sure his verse is in most people’s top 3. No wonder he’s always a welcome guest when it comes to all star features. The video was directed by Clarence Peters.

3. Ijeoma feat. Vector – Love In The Air

“Love In The Air” was my best Christmas song by a Nigerian artist last year. It should be no surprise that Vector‘s presence made a very emphatic impact. With the wordplay and the way he related with listeners in both verses, he proved that he’s a versatile rapper and can give his unique touch to any type of song regardless of its topic. The video was directed by DuduToonz.

4. Laylow feat. Iceberg Slim, CartiAir, Liu T, Mode Nine, Terry Tha Rapman, Skales, Vector, DaGrin, Ludu & Gino – Meet Me At The Top

Once again, another all star cast of rappers were called to the table and Vector was one of them. This song featured as much as ten artists, each with their own individual style and fan base. And, though this was not one of Vector‘s best verses, he still managed to stand out in the multitude. The video was directed by Patrick Elis.

5. Vector feat. 9ice – Angeli

This Clarence Peters directed video was full of special effects and awesome visuals that would keep you glued to the screen even if you didn’t like the song. “Angeli” also called upon 9ice whose voice was even mixed into the production for the song. Vector once again showed his versatility with production and content; add little bits of 9ice here and there into his verses in this catchy tune.

Vector Tha Viper is definitely an artist to look out for this year and, even if you don’t, with the amount of features he’s been having everywhere, he’ll probably do a song with an artist you like and who knows, maybe he’ll outshine him/her. Here’s a recap of the Top 5:

1. Vector feat. 2Face Idibia – Get Down

2. Tha Suspect feat. Sound Sultan, illbliss, Ghetto P, Mi Fliss, MI, Vector & Naeto C – I No Send You (Emcees Version)

3. Ijeoma feat. Vector – Love In The Air

4. Laylow feat. Iceberg Slim, CartiAir, Liu T, Mode Nine, Terry Tha Rapman, Skales, Vector, DaGrin, Ludu & Gino – Meet Me At The Top

5. Vector feat. 9ice – Angeli

So, with all that said, I’ll be right here waiting for you next week; and as I always say vivere senza rimpianti” (to live without regrets). Have a great day.

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