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New Music: Fhanthom – Don’t Let Me Go | See You Again



The first time I heard Fhanthom was on his single “Phantom Blues” {Click Here}, and it made me call him “Nigerian Frank Ocean”. Then, his indie singing and songwriting style was heavily influenced by the aforementioned artist but after these two singles, he’s proven he’s his own brand of indie R&B tunes.

On “Don’t Let Me Go”, Fhanthom croons sombre melodies reminiscent of a brokenhearted Drake, almost in despair at the state of his love life – a long relationship gone wrong.

On the other hand, while “See You Again” is more of an acoustic ballad, it shines a ray of hope on the dark place love has left him. He croons:

“birds fly ’cause they can’t swim, whales swim ’cause they have no wings to fly; I have faith so we will meet, open arms ’cause I will see you again”.

 …touching lyrics expressing that the impossible will happen because of love. He’s one of the deepest Nigerian R&B singers out there and these are just teasers for his forthcoming “Perfect Gentleman” EP.


Play Fhanthom – Don’t Let Me Go

Play Fhanthom – See You Again

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  1. Fidelia

    July 17, 2012 at 11:45 pm

    He’s good.something different and nice.

  2. ogo

    July 18, 2012 at 7:38 am

    Wait oh, Chinekee mee! Is dis not my cousin Obinna Onwuka??? *shockedface* awww!! Dats sooo cool!! Happy for u dear…now I don’t know if I shld tell ur popsie sef cos I don’t know if he knows what u r doing there in the UK,no be school him send u go..and he is a pastor ooo.. Chei..lmao

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