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Mozambiquan Afro Pop Queen, Dama Do Bling Returns with “My Eish”

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Last time, Dama Do Bling‘s name popped up in regular Nigerians’ music conversations was when Sasha teamed up with the Mozambiquan star on “Put It Down” back in 2009. Dama Do Bling can be referred to as the Queen of South Eastern Africa’s Afro Pop as she is one of the most popular acts out of Mozambique.

She’s back on the scene now with native Kuduro-inspired Afro Pop on the catchy “My Eish” where the songstress uses a lot more English than she usually does on her records.

Is it just me or is this a bit reminiscent of the late great Goldie?


Play Dama Do Bling – My Eish

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