Anu & Zebedee’s Fabulous Nigerian-Ghanaian Wedding | Traditional Engagement in Abuja & White Wedding in London

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Anu & Zebedee’s Abuja Traditional Engagement and London White Wedding

Traditional Engagement
Bride: Anu Obaro ~ Bride’s tribe – Yoruba, Nigeria
Groom: Zebedee Nartey ~ Groom’s tribe – GaDangme, Ghana
Occupations: Bride – Physician | Groom – Economist
Traditional Engagement Date: May 26 2012
Location: Abuja, Nigeria
Photography: Jide Alakija & Adebayo Deru

From the Bride
Since both Zebedee and I grew up in London, going back to Nigeria for our traditional engagement was a beautiful way for us to experience our culture and also honour our parents and extended families. It was lovely to see both sides of the family celebrating together. The Yoruba Traditional engagement primarily involves the groom and his family, who come and present themselves to the bride’s parents and elders. The groom is set various physical challenges and asked some tricksy questions to ensure that he will be able to provide for his new bride. The majority of the ceremony takes place without the bride’s presence. I spent most of the evening beautifying myself and hanging out with my ladies and arrived towards the end of the evening, when I was presented to the groom by my female friends and family. I had to pick the most important gift from the dowry – a white bible, to symbolise that our union has its foundation in God.

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Anu - Zebedee-0125Anu - Zebedee-0152Anu - Zebedee-0162Anu - Zebedee-0451Anu - Zebedee-1101Anu - Zebedee-1386Anu - Zebedee-1592Anu - Zebedee-2048Anu - Zebedee-2484Anu - Zebedee-2778anu-zebedee-traditional-engagementsession-alakija007anu-zebedee-traditional-engagementsession-alakija013anu-zebedee-traditional-engagementsession-alakija015anu-zebedee-traditional-engagementsession-alakija016anu-zebedee-traditional-engagementsession-alakija017anu-zebedee-traditional-engagementsession-alakija018
Venue, Decor & Food: A-Class Events Centre
Groom’s Attire: Mrs Alkali of Six Pearl Couture
Bride’s Engagement Attire: Folake Majin of Schon Afrique
Bride’s Thanksgiving Kente Outfit: Kehinde Ejiogu of Valerie Davids
Photographers: Jide Alakija for Alakija Studios and Adebayo Deru
Traditional Engagement Invite: IJORERE The Invitation

Wedding Date: August 25 2012
Location: The London Hilton on Park Lane, London, UK
Photography: Ross Oscar Knight | Adebayo Deru

From the Bride
We met at our church, Calvary Chapel Church South London. Zebedee started a heated debate amongst our friends about modern dating and courtship, which culminated in a discussion night at my house over a vast array of desserts. Zebedee came laden with gifts and flowers for what I thought was a social evening of chatter amongst friends, that was my first hint that he liked me. Shortly thereafter, Zebedee moved to Seville, Spain to work for the European Commission for a two year contract. Our long distance relationship continued through Skype, Facetime, and Ryanair low cost flights. Somehow Zebedee managed to plan a surprise proposal, involving a surprise trip home from Spain with blind folds, a secret location with a rooftop view of the London skyline, and a private dinner. In retrospect I can’t believe I didn’t realize it. I said yes of course – there was never any doubt. We then started the task of planning a wedding while separated by an ocean.

Incorporating our West African culture was imperative and in particular we wanted to fuse our Nigerian and Ghanian heritage with our upbringing in London. We did this by using different celebratory fabrics – specifically Ankara from Nigeria and Kente from Ghana – and using London designers to custom make our outfits. Our wedding invites were handmade by Ijorere from Ankara fabric, which provided us with the purple colour theme that we followed throughout the rest of the day. Zebedee’s tuxedo jacket was made from hand woven silk Kente and we specifically picked the thread to match the rest of our color palate but maintained the traditional Ghanaian motif shapes. Our reception outfits were a fusion of Western and African culture – I wore a peach lace gown and gele (head-tie), whilst Zebedee wore a full Ghanaian native.

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© 2012 Ross Oscar Knight Photography© 2012 Ross Oscar Knight Photography© 2012 Ross Oscar Knight Photography© 2012 Ross Oscar Knight Photography© 2012 Ross Oscar Knight Photography© 2012 Ross Oscar Knight Photography© 2012 Ross Oscar Knight Photography© 2012 Ross Oscar Knight Photography© 2012 Ross Oscar Knight Photography© 2012 Ross Oscar Knight PhotographyAnu & Zebedee White Wedding Ross Oscar Knight - May 2013 - BellaNaijaWeddings010© 2012 Ross Oscar Knight Photography© 2012 Ross Oscar Knight Photography© 2012 Ross Oscar Knight Photography© 2012 Ross Oscar Knight PhotographyAnu & Zebedee White Wedding Ross Oscar Knight - May 2013 - BellaNaijaWeddings025© 2012 Ross Oscar Knight Photography© 2012 Ross Oscar Knight Photography© 2012 Ross Oscar Knight Photography© 2012 Ross Oscar Knight Photography© 2012 Ross Oscar Knight Photography© 2012 Ross Oscar Knight Photography© 2012 Ross Oscar Knight Photography© 2012 Ross Oscar Knight Photography

Anu + Zebedee // God from Joseph Young on Vimeo.

PhotographyRoss Oscar Knight
Additional Photography: Adebayo Deru
Additional Photography: Photography by Abi
CinematographyJoseph Young
Wedding DressKosibah Couture Bridal & Evening Wear
Cocktail DressGisella Couture
Groom’s Bespoke TuxedoA. Sauvage
Groom’s Custom ShirtSmyth & Gibson
Groomsmen WaistcoatsThe African Waistcoat Company
Bespoke Kente-Oke Fabric: Dachel & Co
Wedding, Engagement, & Save The Date InvitationsIJORERE The Invitation
Wedding StationaryMakeover Designs
Event Design & ManagementBespoke Events
Floral DesignIn Water Flowers
Wedding Cake: Barbara Davies
Bride’s MakeupKemiKings
Bridal Party Hairstylist: Chic Unique Hair Salon

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      I concur….. simple and classic…

      The bride and groom suit each other perfectly plus compliment.

      Have a great marriage… I believe you will. AMEN.

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      wow…………. all i can see here is money, money and more money…. is it only the rich that have breathtaking weddings and proposals….. ppl leaving in london would appreciate the cost of this wedding…..God bless ur wedding beyond measure

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      My Father and My Lord, please forgive me of all my sins!! Be merciful to me oh Lord and give me a good man. I have waited for this long Lord, don’t let me end up with a mistake. FATHER, give me a man after your heart, whose main purpose in life is to please you and make heaven. My Lord hear me this evening and answer my prayers in due time. I decree in Jesus name that my marriage is blessed, my home is blessed and my man is blessed. Dad, this time next year, I would have just got married or would be about to get married to the one to whom I would GLADLY submit to, to the glory of Your name in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

      • Mma May 16, 2013 at 11:43 pm

        God is always faithful.

      • TO May 17, 2013 at 5:48 pm

        Amen. God will answer beyond your request and imagination. Hold on and hold tight!

      • royalty May 17, 2013 at 9:07 pm

        Amen. God will answer in Jesus name. It is my prayer too.

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      Beautiful!! God bless your union! Amen

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    I LOVED the pictures. Beautiful. You can feel the love. I actually cried. May their marriage be blessed in every single way. Amen

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    Lovely! Love the way they incorporated the Yoruba and Ghanaian traditions in their wedding. God bless their union.

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    Wow! just beautiful. I love the traditional touch, beautiful couple and so into each other. May God bless your union.

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    Lovely. Wish them the very best.

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    Beautiful! I love the montage also.. nice bit of film making/editing there. A lot of the weddings featured on here were becoming too samey, but this stands out! the key is being true to yourself and not trying to copy what everyone else is doing/following trends, because when all is said and done it’s YOUR wedding!

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    Weddings are so sweet….. they are so young and in love. I pray you all stay dis way o.

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    This is beyond beautiful. So original, romantic, unique, cultural, classy! Now this is a wedding. May God bless their union
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    Nothing like Ghana’s Kente! Beautiful! Congrats!

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    Wow! This Is indeed Beautiful. The groom just gave that speech will really make a woman say I do so many times. They are both lucky cos they have Jesus Christ and their foundation and I am happy for them, wishing both of u a very blissful Marriage.

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    OMG I teared up for real. Nothing like a man who loves God, absolutely nothing!! 🙂 God bless your union, Anu & Zebedee

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    WOW!!!! Speechless, tears flowing down my eyes….from the music to the words of her husband there is a story behind this amazing couple. May God bless their union. Loved every detail and loved how they incorporated Kente in their white wedding.

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    who is this joseph young fellow?! the film was so tasteful, so well put together! by God’s grace I will get you to do mine when the time comes!

    the couple is lovely, refreshing to see a marriage so grounded in the faith!

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  • Chika** May 15, 2013 at 7:32 pm

    Awww, the groom is so inlove. My favorite part is, “I am here to serve you”

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      Infact, “I am here to serve you” made me say a silent prayer to God. My bf (may be fiancé ) cos we are almost 30 doesn’t seem to know that relationships should be treasured. Works at every opportunity even when we have sufficient to pull through, less concerned about me and sadly, am falling out of love for him. Gosh! Did I just pour my heart out? Am really pained. Congrats to those who have genuine love.

      • truth May 15, 2013 at 9:02 pm

        Girl don’t settle for less…a man that understands that Christ even though was a king came to serve…and that he as a man should also love you like Christ love us, is a man you want…don’t settle girl. you’ve done the first step by praying, God will hear and grant your hearts desire!

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    Breathtaking. I love when two people can put their differences aside and share something special. First of all, I love how simple, elegant and beautiful. The bride is cute, and groom is handsome. She looks beautiful in her traditional outfits, love it.

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    creativity at its finest…groom’s tuxedo, bridemaids’ gown. God Bless your union. Beautiful, simple and classic.

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    ‘I am here to serve you’…now THATS A MAN! forget all these mehn flashing Benjamins and then emotionally abusing their wives because their identity is in their earthly possessions. It’s all about a man who identifies himself in Christ…Congrats to you Anue and Zebedee…God will surely bless and be the center of your relationship 🙂

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    Wow wow wow. A man who knows he is a king, but is ready to serve. Wowwww. He was not a Christian but she has made him a better man serving God. Wowww. Deep words, this here is a man who has truly found a good thing. All men may not be the same but all men must cherish their wife. Kudos to Anu as well, she must have a good head on to accomplish this. We say there is no love anymore, just beauty and money, God bless this couple for proving us wrong.

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    I was at this wedding… Probably if not the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever attended! A couple who love God and made him the centrepiece of their relationship!

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    WOW! Lovely to the max and not overdone just simple and classy #lovesit!. The groom’s tux (amongst other things) did it for me 🙂 and as someone said, I too would like details of the venue abeg…. where abouts in LDN is it? Anyway, needless to say: Exquisite! *mwah* GOD bless their union till infinity. Amen!

    • May 16, 2013 at 7:20 am

      The venue was included in the feature. We guess most people didn’t read..just looked at the photos 🙂 It is the Hilton on Park Lane.

      • A May 16, 2013 at 8:24 pm

        Looool…. thanks for your reply, BN and yes, your guess is right….. I didn’t kuku read just dived into the pictures (as per my M.O) hehe 🙂

  • jennietobbie May 15, 2013 at 11:05 pm

    a man that loves God and puts Him first >>>> Everything needed to complete a woman and vice versa

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    this brought tears to my eyes 4 real. God bless thier union

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    Beautiful couple!! Love the traditional wedding attire with the pops of orange and gold! Lovely!

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    This means if you ever loose a loved one (a parent or both parents) God can give you a new family that you never dream of (a wife and supportive in laws).
    This is such a touching story. Never loose hope.

  • Naa Adorkor May 16, 2013 at 5:19 pm

    History shows Gas are descendants of Yorubas.
    No wonder I dont speak yoruba – i speak Ga but when i watch Yoruba movies the dialects are so similar i dont need substitles to understand i understand perfectly. Yorubas and Gas are long lost cousins. All west africans are related one way or the other from wherever we came from to settle in our respect countries (ghana, nigeria etc).

    This marriage is beautiful union of LOVE

  • laolu May 16, 2013 at 6:54 pm

    this is my absolute favorite of all the BN weddings. I absolutely LOVE the way they incorporated kente styles into their outfits. especially the bridesmaids! That tux was so unique! I love the video too. The groom’s speech made me cry. And their photographer Ross Knight! That’s the guy who did the most famous engagement of the rose ceremony

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    Speechless! It takes a lot for me to tear up, but this moved me to tears. This marriage is an epitome of TRUE LOVE. What stands out about it is the emphasis on Christ, second by character. Anu’s character shines through. And Zebedee cherishes what God has blessed him with. His humility shines through. May God’s grace and blessings continue to shine through in your marriage.

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    Gosh!!! I love his suit!
    And the bride’s maids dresses, WOW. Awesome. Unique.

  • canadian igbo May 18, 2013 at 2:53 am

    He found her in Christ. Now this marriage is not only a celebration but a testimony to the young folk. See the way anu’s husband yestifies of their relationship with so much respect. You can tell he did not find this one in a club or a party. God led them to each other

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    What can I say but beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Everything was beautiful, the couple, the setting, the colours everything. There was a wedding a few months ago which I said was the best, I take it back, this one is. Yes, obviously its expensive but you can just feel the love dripping off the pics. I adore the fusion of cultures and that kente for the groom’s jacket is the ish…. The fact that the guy is a believer makes it even better. God bless this lovely couple as they continue to seek him in their personal lives…

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    I love!!! I absolutely love the african print suit and bridesmaids’ dresses!!! The bride is soooo beautiful… lovely wedding 🙂

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    Splendid. The pic of the bride and her father in the limo is priceless. And, the pic of the bridemaids in tears is another priceless one. You can see the true love and beauty shine through. May God continue to shine his favor in Anu and Zebedee’s marriage. This beautiful couple have fantastic style.

  • Iwari May 21, 2013 at 9:46 am

    Bella you dont know the amount of times I keep coming back to this video…like seriously, good job for posting this wedding! 🙂

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  • Sara May 23, 2013 at 12:28 pm

    I was there! I was there! at the traditional engagement though here in Nigeria, Abuja. Groom really loves the bride, you could see the happiness not like some grooms wearing dark shades and boning as if they forced them.
    The Nartey family is a beautiful one, i am dating the groom’s cousin!! Let’s go
    Congrats Anu and Zebedee, your white wedding in the UK even looks more beautiful. May your days be bright.

  • Liz May 23, 2013 at 7:20 pm

    this is one of the most unique and original weddings i’v seen! very beautiful! they look like such a lovely couple! God bless their marriage!

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  • SpringPlace Event Centre August 11, 2015 at 2:20 pm

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