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Onyeka Onwenu is appointed the Executive Director of the National Centre for Women Development



Onyeka Onwenu - September 2013 - BellaNaija

Onyeka Onwenu gets a new gig.

The veteran musician/actress has been appointed the Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer of the National Centre for Women Development (NCWD) Abuja.

President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan approved the appointment of the Glo X-Factor judge.

Congrats to Onyeka on her new role.


  1. Sexxie

    September 21, 2013 at 4:36 pm

    Great! Congrats to her! At least the political mingling was not in vain. I pray she uses this opportunity to better the lives of Nigerian women especially the rural ones..

  2. Emekatalks

    September 21, 2013 at 4:37 pm

    A Big congrats to her! way to go

  3. banimo

    September 21, 2013 at 5:48 pm

    Hmmmn, I rem when this woman and some others supported Abacha by performing at the March 3 1998 Abacha ‘One Million Man March.

  4. Abby Kayode

    September 21, 2013 at 5:54 pm

    Congrants to d stallion herself.

  5. Boma

    September 21, 2013 at 6:05 pm

    Wow , her singing for every government after the other has paid off! So now as usual the shallow youth start to congratulate. I feel so sorry for my generation! Didn’t this lady sing abacha’s praises? We forget so soon…our shallow love for wealth. Lost generation.

    • Sexxie

      September 21, 2013 at 6:27 pm

      My dear, congratulations are in order for anybody who achieves something new and good irrespective of whether we agree with the achievement or not. I am not a shallow youth, pls don’t feel sorry for me or yourself. I only hope she puts the opportunity to good use by actually developing the Nigerian women and not use it solely as a stepping stone to bigger political appointments while neglecting her duties.

    • Seki

      September 22, 2013 at 12:20 am

      I love how optimistic your comment reads. I agree, let’s see what she makes of this new title/ position.

    • Boma

      September 22, 2013 at 11:34 am

      Abi? As long as something comes out of it , it is good she? What a sick people! So a robber should be congratulated when he becomes a local chairman after all he has achieved something unbelievable great that has wiped off his sins for posterity sake. Dosent the fat end justify the means? What a society! Smh! And you people want change and a civil society? You are far from help with this mindset.
      Congrats oh madam Onyeka the praise singer of dictators that have terrorized NIGERIANS and all politicians that have never served the country well . Of course your own rewarded tenure will be different and celebrated ,dosent apple fall far from its tree? Sic

  6. Person pikin

    September 21, 2013 at 6:20 pm

    Sorry o but is the NCWD not a FG parastatal? And if yes, should the ED position not be for career civil servants? or is my thinking wrong? Someone clarify please.

    All the same congrats to Onyeka.

  7. madman

    September 21, 2013 at 8:45 pm

    what if she was threatened and coerced into singing for Abacha… tehehehe…. manmustchop. Congrats madam. I await my turn in office oooo I want my national cake.

    • Seki

      September 22, 2013 at 12:41 am

      Abacha died in ’98, I’m sure she would have said something by now. Yes?

  8. xoxo

    September 21, 2013 at 9:47 pm

    Singing for government and electioneering has finally paid off. Just make sure you do tangible things for posterity sake, not chop and clean mouth.

  9. nene

    September 22, 2013 at 1:00 pm

    this woman tho. i’m one of the few who don’t celebrate her or like her. she’s been romancing politicians and politics for a while now. good luck to her.

  10. Agidi_jollof

    September 22, 2013 at 6:43 pm

    Like someone said, if it was one random hadiza woman or
    aishatu or maryam no one will bat an eyelid or question if the
    person is a career civil servant or anything. That’s Why these
    people always feel entitled all the time. Since I was a toddler
    this same Onyeka has been singing national songs, at the expense of
    selling records. I don’t see what’s wrong in her appointment. I
    join others to pray that she utilizes this position optimally and
    better the lot of Nigerian women.

  11. Wale

    September 23, 2013 at 10:37 am

    Is she qualified?

  12. Bobosteke & Lara Bian

    September 23, 2013 at 3:24 pm

    This is how i want to be in my old age: relevant

  13. mrm

    September 23, 2013 at 6:46 pm

    OMG! Was she really a praise singer for Abacha? Mkes me c her in a diff lite. AGIP cmes to mind- Any Govt in Power. Let’s hope she does smthn positve wit d position.

  14. Tuu

    September 24, 2013 at 4:31 pm

    Most of u talking,wuld do same for good money#jstsayin#nd lukin @it in a difrnt light,who wont fear grip to say No 2Abacha,we shldnt always judge pple wit dier past,i’m sure she knos better now.Congrats to her.

  15. Edson

    December 1, 2013 at 10:49 pm


  16. Daniel

    August 12, 2019 at 9:08 am

    Congratulations to her

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