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Read Omoni Oboli’s Speech at the Presidential Screening of “Being Mrs Elliot”

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Omoni Oboli at Presidential Villa - August 2014 - BN Movies & TV -
Nollywood star Omoni Oboli was invited by President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for a private screening of her movie Being Mrs Elliot at the Presidential Banquet Hall in Abuja.

She delivered an inspiring speech. Read;

My name is Omoni Oboli, and I represent Naija!

Please forgive me if my protocol etiquette falls short in any way. I’m just an ordinary Waffi girl, who isn’t accustomed to being in the presence of such eminence.

I earnestly appreciate you all for being here this evening to preview this movie that was written, produced and directed by me.

Growing up in Nigeria as a child, I couldn’t in my wildest dreams imagine that I would be standing here today before you all, because leadership was always perceived as distant from the common man, but by God’s grace do I see today a President that is so in touch with his people in his simplicity that even the seemingly trivial things that touch us as a people do not escape his notice and due attention.

I am happy that I am a living witness to the enormous love of Nigeria and Nigerians as demonstrated by you, our President. Thank you Sir.

We, the Nollywood industry can attest to the magnanimity of your love and support. We never had it so good! You have given us a voice and the means to express our enormous talent, such that it has helped to reflect the position we now have in Africa, and indeed the rest of the world in terms of our economic standpoint as a nation. We only ask that God would continue to bless and keep you and your family, your Executive Cabinet and the entire leadership of the nation at this time in government, and to grant you the wisdom and grace to excel in all your efforts to grow this great nation and your homes.

It might seem, to some, insensitive to be previewing this movie at such a time as this, but I beg to differ. When our very way of life is threatened, this is the sort of thing we should do to remind ourselves that we will not give into anything that would threaten its continuance. So we brought this movie for simple reasons; to make you all laugh and relax those minds and bodies that are ever working. Remember, “All work and no play…”

We want to see the ever smiling face of our president that we had become accustomed to seeing. So that, as much as we may apprehensive about all the issues that we are going through now, the worst thing would be to see our leader and President look worried too. We want to look to you for strength. That smile that assures us that soon, sooner than you think, the agony of insurgency and all other issues will be over, in Jesus name.

Our dear President, because you have been so good and loving to us, we, the Nollywood family, assure you of our steadfastness in loving you back. You can always count on our support as long as the constitution permits.

Oh one more thing sir, every year film makers and actors from around the world, gather here in Nigeria for the biggest film festival in the whole of Africa. The Africa International film festival parades the biggest and the brightest stars from around the globe. I would like to on behalf of my friend and sister Chioma Ude, ask that you join us this November in Tinapa Calabar to celebrate our culture and heritage.

This happens to be the first movie I directed, so be gentle with me, and put down your weapons of critism tonight to just simply enjoy the movie.

Finally brethren, as a true Waffi girl, me I wan appeal to you Sir. When you don watch the film finish, enjoy am, laugh well well, mey you try help my ministry, as we dey move go the permanent site. Please nor forget to pay your tithes.

Thank you once again, your Excellency. Thank you all again for being here this evening

Omoni Oboli

Writer/ Producer/Director

Photo Credit: Reuben Abati


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