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2 Malaysian Boys Sue over Missing MH370 Flight



Poor Weather Conditions Delays Search For Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

Two Malaysian teenage boys on Friday filed a negligence case against the state-owned Malaysia Airlines and the government over the disappearance of flight MH370, their lawyers said.

The case, which the minors filed through their mother, was the first legal action by relatives in relation to the incident.

It was brought before the Kuala Lumpur High Court by the two sons, aged 14 and 11, of businessman Jee Hang, one of the 239 people on board the airline that went missing on March 8 an hour after it took off from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport for China.

According to their lawyer, Gary Chong, the plaintiffs claimed that Malaysia Airlines was negligent and failed to take all due safety measures.

The complaint also stated that the government did not try to establish contact within reasonable time after MH370 disappeared from the radar.

They added that the immigration department failed in its duties by allowing passengers with fake identities onto the plane.

“We have spoken with the experts and we believe we have a strong case,’’ Chong told reporters.

Among the respondents in the case were Malaysia Airlines, the Director General of Civil Aviation, the Director General of the Immigration and the Chief of the Air Force.

According to the complaint, Jee was earning a monthly income of 16,865 ringgit a month (5,120 dollars) from an internet shop that he owned.

Report says the governments of Malaysia, Australia and China are continuing the search for MH370 in the southern Indian Ocean where it was believed to have crashed.

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  1. wavettore

    October 31, 2014 at 6:52 pm

    The search for this missing plane should not be only for the sake of showing good will. At this point one should ask who would have the means to hijack a plane from a location on the ground. Those who can answer are the same people who also plotted 9/11.

    There are no mysteries and all can be explained but in some of the cases the evidence is intentionally kept out of public reach.

    TV and newspapers will never tell you that the airplanes crashed on 9/11 were highjack with a new technology and flown via remote control (Dov Zakheim’s Flight Termination System) and it was instead the Israeli Mossad to place the explosives that brought down the twin towers and building 7 in New York (all mass media remained silent in regard to building 7 that fell without being hit by any plane or other).

    The World conspiracy is not a theory and is now in a full swing.

    The Malaysian airplane has been used to see if this technology could still today go undetected under the radars.

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