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New OMO Fast Action Steps Up its Game!

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OMO Fast Action TVC - Bellanaija - October 2014002
A TV commercial that will tickle your fancy on the power of the New OMO Fast Action has been unveiled.

A lot of young vibrant people that have recently used the New OMO Fast Action have been amazed that OMO is not old school as they had thought it was. It’s actually a fun brand that does amazing things in preserving our coloured trendy fabrics and attires, removing stains fast, even making whites extremely sparkling.

It is on this note that a video has been creatively packaged and full of suspense to thrill audience with the sensational washing power of New OMO Fast Action.

The video, set in public view, has a moderator and two women arguing about the detergent that serves their individual needs better.

How do you remove tough stains like oily stew?” The moderator asked.

Well, I use the detergent that I know best!” replied one of the women. But neither of them ever had the opportunity to try a detergent that removes tough stains faster than the leading detergent they were used to.

The women were then introduced to a blind test wash. Are you pondering what the test looks like? This demo video reveals an innovative solution to enrich one’s washing experience.


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