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Explosions Rock Internally Displaced Persons Camps in Borno




Two explosions reportedly occurred on Saturday evening at one of the Internally Displaced Persons’ (IDPs) Camps in Maiduguri, Borno State.

Thousands of IDPs reside in the camp where the incident occurred, Vanguard reports.

There are conflicting accounts about which one of the camps the explosions actually happened. Some sources state that the incident took place at Yewa Government Girls Secondary School, while other sources said the incident occurred at Arabic Teacher’s College. Both schools which are currently being used as IDP camps, share the same fence.

However, another source is said to have revealed that “the explosives were safely detonated by security operatives at Yewa Secondary School located at the heart of the city after discovering that it was planted by insurgents to cause havoc in the camps.”
Photo Credit: NAN-PHOTO


  1. tunmi

    March 15, 2015 at 3:17 am

    Even in the camp??!!!

  2. This world is

    March 15, 2015 at 3:53 am

    May we overcome this Boko Haram problem oh.

  3. Ufuoma

    March 15, 2015 at 11:41 am

    I was going to just ignore this post so as not to spoil my mood this beautiful Sunday morning but I can’t, it will never be well with this Boko haram people , all the blood that they have shed will cry out against them and their punishment will be a thousand fold, and no I’m not speaking only about an afterlife punishment I mean physical right here on earth punishment

  4. lade

    March 15, 2015 at 11:49 am

    This is awful. The State has failed these people. Two conflicting reports. No official statement as usual. No body cares..everyone is too busy doing politics

  5. chi-e-z

    March 15, 2015 at 6:17 pm

    Please post official updated report on this @BN

  6. Mz Socially Awkward...

    March 15, 2015 at 11:02 pm

    But this is bare faced evilness. Even in a camp of displaced people, these maggots want to cause more loss of life and property???

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