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Desperate Housewives Africa! Watch Dolapo Oni, Michelle Dede & More Talk about their Characters + the Official Trailer is Here

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desperate-housewives-ebony-life-tvHow excited are you that Africa is getting her own version of the hit series Desperate Housewives?

A few weeks ago the characters for the Desperate Housewives Africa series were unveiled (click here if you missed it) and now it’s time to meet the characters of the show, put together by EbonyLife TV.

The series, set to launch on Thursday, April 30th, is one series that we will definitely be watching.

In this short clip the men are introduced as well with Joseph Benjamin recreating Chuka Obi (Carlos Solis), Jason Nwoga as Larry Izama (Mike Delfino), Femi Branch as Deji Bello (Paul Young), Nonso Odogwu as Kayode De Souza (Rex Van De Kamp), Ozzy Agu as Sina Lawal (Tom Scavo) and Ben Touitou as Tai Etim (John Rowland).

Watch the ‘Meet the Cast’ clip below & the trailer!



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