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Do You Remember This #ThrowbackTrack? Listen to Dencia – Beri Beri



Dencia - Beri Beri - BellaNaija - July - 2015

It’s my life if I want I go follow bobo.

We are throwing it back to when ‘Africa’s own hottie’ made an entrance into the Nigerian music scene!

Nigerian/Cameroonian singer Dencia is really popular for her brand of skin lightening cream and many have wondered how she gained media attention. Simply put, it’s because of her first official single “Beri Beri“.

Released in 2011 and produced by Tee-Y Mix, Dencia broke into the Nigerian music scene with “Beri Beri” (which means Salute in Yoruba) and she brought a unique pop style with her.

With an already catchy tune (“Spank Me” being repeated at the end), the Californian-based recording artiste kept the buzz going by dropping a video which was shot in LA by Ali Zamani for AZ productions.

The impressive buzz around Dencia was responsible for her Twitter account being verified (few African artistes had their Twitter accounts verified at the time). Even her pet dog – Diva had a Twitter account.

Dencia has been in the Nigerian music scene ever since and followed up with another banger – “Super Girl“. But that’s for another day.

Watch ‘Beri Beri’ below!

Listen to Dencia – Beri Beri




  1. chy

    July 30, 2015 at 7:08 pm

    i love dencia and i dnt care what people think.shes a go getter

  2. DenciaFan

    July 30, 2015 at 7:50 pm

    OMG!!! I remember this song….lol!!! we abused her on twitter but look at who is winning now. Dencia was ahead of her time fah realll.

    speaking of dencia, please where is Dencia’s biggest fan???? “PolyPoly” – she said she went to Brazil and we never heard from her again…..LOL!!!! I missed all her “yasssss hunny yasss” and other additional madness. she was definitely entertaining too

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