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Fashion Designer & Nutritionist Ayo Van Elmar presents Food Inspired ‘Fish Bone Collection’



AYO_VAN_ELMA_2016_19According to the brand Ayo Van Elmar‘s Spring\Summer 2016 collection Fishbone was inspired by a late lunch that had the most interesting constructions the creative director had ever seen in a meal” —which plays beautifully into the collection with the frill inspired hemlines, scaly prints, iridescent fabrics and the overall construction of the looks. This is effortlessly our best collection from the brand so far, so good!


Watch the brand’s Fish Bone fashion film below:


  1. sigh

    March 8, 2016 at 12:06 pm


  2. Lagos Girl

    March 8, 2016 at 12:19 pm

    Nice collection. I like the ankara skirt. i was forced to watch the fashion video… heheheh! This Koran abi na korea girl, she can think she’s sexy sha! Abeg nice job jare Van Elmar.

  3. Okada man

    March 8, 2016 at 1:02 pm

    Oh wow! I luv this collection already. Im looking forward to her nutrition stuff this week o! Abi na this one dey replace am ni? Im waiting…

  4. Grace

    March 8, 2016 at 3:36 pm

    Quite interesting ahn ahn abeg i really like this ooo!! this Ayovanelmar designer they vex oooo

  5. Sipson

    March 8, 2016 at 5:05 pm

    Hmm.. elegant styling, lovely designs

  6. Mrs Haastrup

    March 8, 2016 at 5:52 pm

    Love some and some are just bitter on the eyes.

  7. Ibilkunle

    March 8, 2016 at 7:27 pm

    Well done! I love the simplicity of spme looks and the structure of others. The video is sensational! You’re truly an artist. Keep on!

  8. Bamidele

    March 8, 2016 at 11:04 pm

    Effortlessly chic! Go Ayo Van Elmar!

  9. Amaka

    March 8, 2016 at 11:49 pm

    Oya o, send eat right Africa video o. Abi it is no longer every week? Fine collection. I love. The video especially!

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