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Watch Episode 7 & 8 of “Airtel Touching Lives” Hosted by Wana Udobang




The stories told in “Airtel Touching Lives” are truly inspiring.

In Episode 7, Six Women – led by Remi Abere will climb for close to 7 days, through frightful terrains to reach Kilimanjaro’s summit which rises to an altitude of more than 19,341 ft. above sea level, to raise funds for women and children in the various camps for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) all over Nigeria. A few months ago, Remi Abere became one of the oldest Nigerian women to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, at 49. Come November, as she turns 50, she is returning to Kilimanjaro with 5 amazing middle-aged women for a cause she’s very passionate about: improving the quality of life for the women and children who have been widowed, orphaned, and displaced by natural and man-made disasters, and as a result forced to eek a living as refugees at the mercy of the Government and various relief organizations catering to their needs in the various IDP Camps in Nigeria. Remi’s mission is to mark her 50th birthday by making a difference – by putting her comfort, and the comfort of her friends on the line in order to raise funds needed to procure some essential materials needed to improve the living conditions of these women and children.

Watch below.

In Episode 8, Joshua is physically disabled and a volunteer for the Millennium Goals Programme. He nominated the school because he knows how difficult it is for disabled children to get access to quality education, or any education at all. The school has approx. 200 children and is very run down, with the library in a very bad state. He has been trying to raise funds and get donations of text books and teaching aids for the library but has been unsuccessful. The school has a borehole but no power to pump water. Despite the odds, Joshua managed to graduate in Office Technology and Management but has not found a job because of his disability. He wants to be an inspiration to disabled children but his campaigning for donations for the school without his own income has left him in a difficult position. He has been staying with and supported by his uncle who now wants him to leave. His parents don’t want him either.

Watch below.


  1. baby4u2

    March 8, 2016 at 4:46 am

    Thank you Airtel. These people need an extra boost from big corporations like this. We want to see banks and corporations a like supporting establishments like these that are bettering the lives of the less privilege not just entertainment endorsement. We need more celebrities doing these too and encouraging their followers or the public to do alike. Basic things like computer knowledge should not be this much of an issue in this day an age regardless of income. This blame goes to the government. Stigmatization would stop with laws incorporating these educated disabled people in jobs and punishing establishments that discriminate them based on disability. If you watched the video and are reading this comment please do something for a struggling establishment in your community or one you know. Donating a book, computer, money whatever you have will definitely change a life. God bless Airtel.

  2. kkay

    March 8, 2016 at 9:56 am

    Thank you Airtel and Wana Udobang for touching lives and bringing this issue to the fore.

    Please, do you have an online site where interested people could find a list of underprivileged individuals, groups or organisations to support?
    Now, I would ask our legislators what they are doing to pass laws that include and protect the rights of the underprivileged/disabled in our society.
    How have our Senators and “honourable” members of the House of Representatives impacted the lives (education, skills acquisition, health etc) of the underprivileged/disabled ones in their constituencies?
    I think these local heros that take on the responsibilities of caring for the less privileged should replace non-functional NASS members.
    Surprisingly, this topic attracted only one comment after all the noise about Olajumoke Orisaguna ‘s discovery.
    Are Nigerians this superficial and shallow?

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