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Lerato Kganyago Covers True Love SA Magazine’s June Issue as Publication Faces Backlash for Photoshopped Images




A couple of days ago True Love magazine unveiled the cover star for their June 2016 issue to be South African media personality Lerato Kganyago and immediately fans of the star pointed out that the images were clearly photoshopped.

Lerato herself took to Instagram to post a photo of the cover (which has since been deleted) as well as a message about the images saying “Nick Boulton is one of the most amazing photographers in the country. He captured me beautifully, it must be disheartening even for him to have his work continuously retouched (PhotoShopped) to a point of no recognition. I had an amazing shoot though and the article beautifully captured @philatyekana” Great article, had a lot to share, and that’s all that matters! Get your copy now!!!”

Her fans called out the magazine on Twitter for altering her images and the response from the magazine was to release unedited photos of Lerato, which caused even more backlash.

True Love editor, Dudu Mvimbi Leshabane stated “As a brand that stands for women empowerment, True Love would never intentionally do anything to compromise women and their public profile. We have a responsibility not to tarnish our cover star’s image, to produce authentic content for our readers and to uphold the brand’s integrity.”

According to their website, “to put Lerato’s comments in perspective and give you a full picture, TRUE LOVE felt it best to show the before and after images of the TV and radio personality. #Judgeforyourself”

See the unedited photos below.

Lerato True Love 1 Lerato True Love 2 Lerato True Love 3Lerato True Love 4

Stars like Bonang Matheba and actress Nomzamo Mbatha immediately reacted and described the magazine’s actions as “body shaming” in a series of tweets from both of them.

Bonang Matheba Nomzamo Mbatha

Lerato also later tweeted:

Lerato 1

In the magazine, the South African star opened up about how she has been dealing with her recent miscarriage, being ready for love again and more.


  1. Judgejudyjudy

    May 25, 2016 at 10:26 am

    But she said the amazing photographer, who captured her “beautifully ” had had his work “retouched beyond recognition” by TL so TL had to put out the before and after for people to see what it was they’d retouched! Obviously all they’d done was smoothen out her complexion and cellulite, it was no big deal, she didn’t have to “put out a statement” over a little smoothening. So they’ve released the before and after and she’s crying, “… putting my cellulite out there…’. Please

  2. Le coco

    May 25, 2016 at 10:37 am

    this is body shaming.. its like saying… “hey we meant no harm but here, let us show u all the cellulite that we had to cover up”… they didnt need to release the before pictures, cus now its seems like you are trying to tell the world tht u r doing her a even gave her curves tht she didnt need.. i dont even like the cover it is terrible.. nd it does absolutely no justice to lerato…

  3. Bella

    May 25, 2016 at 11:24 am

    TL shouldn’t have published those pics, if they are a reputable publication , they have PR people to handle this, and as a magazine of such caliber, they should have stuck with the story and offered an apology or plain explanation for the touch ups! This is BODY SHAMING! NO MATTER which way they look at it. None of us are perfect but we do not need our imperfections laid out there for all to see!! Cellulite or not, the mag should have known better! What arrant nonsense, I hope they lose readers.

  4. Iphee

    May 25, 2016 at 11:27 am

    In her words “photo shopped to a point of no recognition”…. Lol Na was oh. Cos the Photoshop in this case was at best ” smoothening “. her cellulite.
    For those calling it body shaming. …. Is it not her ” real” body tho???? . She should have jejely worn covered up clothing styles cos those cellulite are all hers or accepted the Photoshop..
    You can’t eat your cake and have it …. Sorry

  5. cant see any overly photoshopped picture

    May 25, 2016 at 12:01 pm

    Really point of no recognition? calm down madam. all they did was smoothing your skin, which one is d nose and mouth they changed? cuz the before and after look the same to me. Besides like u dont filter pictures u post yourself, women sha

  6. a naija boy living the ghana life

    May 25, 2016 at 7:27 pm

    abeeegi…. people are now calling out mere alteration… see me thinking the put her face on beyonce or Kim Kardashian body… she just want to call out for calling out sake so the world would know she is one of those “i love me natural” abeeeg she should go and sit down.
    people don’t understand that once you’re photographed for a magazine, the picture must be edited!!! she is just a mere pot of beans!

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