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Nia Long is HOT on the Cover of Uptown Magazine’s April/May 2016 Issue




Hollywood Actress, 45-year old Nia Long looks so hot on the cover of the April/May 2016 Issue of Uptown Magazine.

In the magazine’s travel issue, Nia talks about film and finding peace in  life.

Here’s what she shared:

On carving out a niche
“I’m a woman over 40, so thank God I’m working, I’m not trying to be an ingénue anymore. I wouldn’t want those opportunities because then that would just mean that I haven’t grown.”

On Jada Pinkett-Smith protesting the Oscar Awards:
“I’ve known Jada since we were young women. She got the whole country talking about something [necessary] and it’s a great thing,” Long says. “She’s one of the soldiers. I was proud of her. I was proud that she even had the nerve to say anything. Nobody else did, until she did. A lot of people thought that she was upset because Will didn’t get nominated, but I think it was her way of expressing her disappointment because nobody black was nominated.


On why no one black was nominated for an Oscar:
“People think that just because your name is Denzel Washington or Will Smith or Kevin Hart, that automatically things are easy. These people have spent years building. No matter what level you’re on in this industry, you’re expected to be excellent. Being excellent — when the material isn’t — can be challenging.”

On her Work style
“I think the whole point as an artist is that you want your work, in some sort of way, to reflect how you’ve evolved as a person and as a woman. The more you work, the smarter you are,” she reflects.

On being in a good space mentally and emotionally:
“I have a very Zen persona right now. I do meditations and my affirmations because there are so many things in my world that I cannot control, and learning to be okay with that is where I think you find true peace. I think finally I’m learning what it means to be a wife, a mother, an actress, and then just being Nia, which is separate from all of that, but the core part of all of it, as well. Being able to create balance, and even just knowing that, is super important. And just loving who I am, even when I don’t feel that I’m being so lovable. Just accepting myself with all of my greatness and all of my flaws is half the battle for anybody at any age.”


Read the full interview here

Marc Baptiste
Styling: Jason Bolden

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