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Stunning! Nigerian photographer honours designer Deola Ade Ojo with a re-enacted Fab Shoot



BN Style - Sniper Ajix - BN - 01
Who doesn’t love Deola Ade Ojo?!

For well over two decades, the Nigerian designer has been showcasing beautiful pieces from her label, House of Deola.

One of Nigeria’s talented photographers Shola Ajisegbede of Sniper Ajix Photography has so much respect for Ms. Sagoe that he decided to gather a team for a fab shoot.

Shola reenacted the designer’s Genevieve Magazine cover.

Read Shola’s statement

BN Style - Sniper Ajix - BN - 011
“My love for magazines and love for good looking images fueled my passion for going deep with photography. I have always wanted to redo a magazine cover.

The idea was to study the cover star and recreate the cover and interprete it in our own way. For this particular project, the fantastic Deola Sagoe on the cover of the iconic June 2013 Genevieve Magazine seriously caught our attention.

I guess this cover can and will still stand the test of time.”

But the team doesn’t just re-enact the magazine cover, they also present us with more good snapshots
Check it out!
BN Style - Sniper Ajix - BN - 02BN Style - Sniper Ajix - BN - 03BN Style - Sniper Ajix - BN - 04BN Style - Sniper Ajix - BN - 05BN Style - Sniper Ajix - BN - 06BN Style - Sniper Ajix - BN - 07BN Style - Sniper Ajix - BN - 08BN Style - Sniper Ajix - BN - 010
Photography: Shola Ajisegbede (@sniper_ajix)
Styling and direction: Maryanne Alabi (@mayreejay)
Make up: Ngozi Onyenekwu (@andreajoanmua)
Hair: Tony Aigbogun (@beautyace7)
Model: Joyce Ngozi Chidebe (@j.n.c__)
Cinematography: Adeola Fadola (@clardee_fad)
Black dress by Isi Atagamen (@iafl)
Jacket by Accost Collection by Kie Kie @kie_kie__
Adire pants by Mayreejay
Sequin dress by Accost Collection by Kie Kie
Aso oke headwrap by Bisbod Asooke
Location: Insigna Media Studio


  1. Baby gurl

    July 23, 2016 at 1:39 pm

    Why call her Deola Ade Ojo and then go on to call her Ms Sagoe a few sentences later. As a very huge fan of the label I most times forget it’s my fave label I’m swooning over. It’s even confusing on their social media content too as well as their press releases. Is it Deola or House of Deola or Deola by Deola Sagoe. I see all three from time to time. I think their PR person should do a little more.

  2. fancynancy

    July 23, 2016 at 3:20 pm

    i’m confused. How is this re-enacting the magazine cover? The outfit is different, hair is different even the posture is different … nawa o people just be using all sorts of gimmicks to promote themselves. @Shola ngwannu kontinu !!

  3. Great Lady

    July 23, 2016 at 6:09 pm

    I don’t even understand the shoot.

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