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Watch the Concluding Part of the Trip to Twin City, Igbo – Ora and learn how to make the “Twin Birth” Soup – Ilasa on BN TV

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Odunayo has been on a tour of Igbo – Ora in Oyo state where she has been speaking to parents of twins and some of the twins themselves as seen in the last two videos, Click here and here if you missed it.

In the concluding part of the series, Odunayo shows us how to prepare Ilasa and the ingredients used to cook it, with the help of Mama – our chef for the day.

“Once you cook and eat Ilasa, you will have twins,” says one woman

According to research, indigenes claim that the multiple births could be related to the eating habits of the women and men in Igbo – Ora which is their local delicacy Ilasa (okro leaves) soup with Amala (yam flour) or Eba. “We’ll use pepper, melon, potassium, locust beans etc to cook Ilasa,” says mama

Watch it here:

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