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Do you love Travel, Food and Drink? Do you want to turn your Passions into a Career? #MakeTheList




Diageo World Class is searching for the right person to take on a global adventure as the host of our new travel series. The chosen candidate will travel the world, immerse themselves in local culture, and uncover the most delicious food and drink in their role to create the world’s ultimate drinks list.

You should be confident in front of a camera, comfortable meeting new people and have a sense of adventure.

Step 1: Follow @worldclass and @worldclassNigeria on Facebook and Instagram

Step 2: Shoot a 15 sec audition

Step 3: Upload and tag #makethelist and @worldclass

For more information on how to apply please visit 

To be a part of this great adventure and to enjoy World Class brands you must be 18+

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  1. L'Ouvreuse.

    October 20, 2016 at 10:03 pm

    I don’t drink alcohol and I can’t eat shellfish, pork, and certain other meats and sea food, however, I am qualified for and would really want a truly great job travelling the world first class, meeting wonderful people, discovering, eating and enjoying the very best of food and drink, learning amazing and new things, discovering beautiful new countries, cultures, places, activities … and the beauty in me being discovered simultaneously, just enjoying life, and bringing enjoyment of life to everyone I meet … LIVING … LIVING … LIVING … just bliss, happiness, joy, fulfillment,growth, all-round peace.

    I’ve made The LIST.

    I AM The LIST.

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