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Gain Admission & Study in German Universities for Free | Consult SJJ Educations for Guidance




Nigerians are rushing to get into German universities for FREE before the German National Election in 2017.

German Government had made it easier for immigrants to enjoy the benefits of the wealth in Europe. For now, universities in Germany are still free even for International Students.

SJJ Education, a consultancy service that specializes in getting students into German universities confirmed yesterday that they have been inundated with requests from parents pulling their children from UK, USA, Canada, Cyprus and even Ghana, Kenya and South Africa to send them to Germany.

“Forex is a major worry for parents. They are very excited at the opportunity for their children to gain a world class education in Germany without having to pay school fees every year”

The Managing Director, Andrew Jason added that Federal and State Government are now sponsoring students through SJJ Education.

“Not long ago, a state sponsored some students to Europe, after the first year, the government couldn’t pay for the next year’s tuition fees and the students were stranded, however, with SJJ studying in Germany program, the government pay us a one-off facilitation fee and that’s It”.

SJJ Education specializes in getting placement at prestigious German Universities for qualified international students.

They can:

  • Assist qualifying candidates to obtain entry into German universities.
  • Assist candidates process visa application (and Student accompany Family -spouse- visa)
  • Financial support, grants, and scholarships.
  • Airport pick up, accommodation/Hostel reservation, city/campus guide.
  • Job placement, Internship.

Why study in Germany:

  • World class German Education (Engineering, Medicine, Management, etc.)
  • Free Education (you don’t pay tuition fees)
  • Many Courses in English Language.
  • Access to financial study grants & scholarships.
  • Bachelor, Masters, PhD.

Location: First Floor, 13a, Oguntona Crescent, Gbagada Phase 1 Estate, Lagos, Nigeria.
+ 234(0) 817 777 1409
+234(0) 905 896 6870
+234(0) 818 450 7561
+234(0) 903 158 7812

Email[email protected]

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  1. Oma

    October 13, 2016 at 11:40 am

    Their services are too expensive! Your fees can actually pay my tuition to another University. I will pass……

  2. Akpan Utudoh

    October 17, 2016 at 7:53 am

    In comparison to studying in London (which was my first choice), their offer was perfect. We paid N1.5m and for that my parents don’t get to pay any school fees. My friends in covenant pay N1.2m. Hopefully, it doesnt change when i finish my bsc as i plan on doing a masters as well for free.

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