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Of Media Bias, Donald Trump & the African Experience | Watch this Video by White Code Centre



Adebayo Okeowo

As the American presidential elections draw closer the world turns its spotlight to news coming out of the United States. The Republican party candidate, Donald Trump is always in the news, because of his highly inflammatory comments. Even more so, when Donald Trump talks about media bias.

Africans have been experiencing media bias for years… especially from the West.

In this video by White Code Centre, some young Africans “decided to draw some parallels between Mr. Donald Trump’s claims of a biased and rigged media and compare them to what Africans have had to deal with for decades.

Watch here:

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  1. Weezy

    November 6, 2016 at 4:05 pm

    Wait, are you trying to argue that Donald Trump is a victim of media bias?

    The media reports exactly what he says and analyzes it! If people are disturbed by hearing it, it is not the media’s fault, it is Donald’s!

    Further, Trump from the very beginning was nasty and antagonistic to the media. He was disrespectful to reporters (mocking a disabled journalist on live TV), telling them to shut up, putting them in pens and telling his supporters to boo them. This was before he even won the Republican nomination. His own campaign manager was accused of assaulting a female journalist because she dared to ask Donald a question.

    Donald and his remaining supporters are just salty because they are having to deal with the consequences of their candidates actions. Trump is a narcissist and he thought he could use the media for free publicity and it worked until the Republican convention because the GOP nomination process is a sh*tshow. How can you have 12 candidates on a debate stage. But then when Trump won the nomination and the media began to vet and analyze his policies and statement ts like they do for ALL candidates he started whining like a little boy bully whose victim has been taken away. Just this past week it was revealed that Melania Trump worked illegally in the US. An illegal immigrant, just like the Mexicans he wants to deport. The media’s role is not one of amplifier – just repeating whatever comments a candidate says. It is to vet, analyze, investigate and reveal. Well, Trump has been vetted and found WANTING. That is his fault, not the media’s.

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