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BN TV: Drinking Pepper Soup with a Straw? Watch Episode 2 of Shine’s Mischief Show featuring DJ Neptune




Shine’s Mischief Show is a fun, crazy and mischievous show with your host, OAP Shine Begho that features various celebrities like musicians, DJ’s and TV hosts, CEOs of media empires and the list goes on. This second episode features DJ Neptune. Here’s what Shine had to say;

Watch DJ Neptune and Host Shine Begho do a crazy challenge (Pepper Soup on the Rocks) drinking Pepper Soup in a glass with straws blind folded! Check out who won the challenge.
I’m talking to much why don’t you watch your celebrities do the darnedest things on Shine’s Mischief Show airing every week on my YouTube channel, so subscribe and you can actually win a prize for watching at the end of the show T and C applies lol

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