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MUSE by Berta Bridal – a Boho-Vintage Chic Collection



muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_adel-2 MUSE is a new fashion-forward bridal line from world renowned designer BERTA.

True to the Berta aesthetics and cut, the MUSE creations are made from the finest materials, and are all 100% handmade by the most talented of craftsmen.

The uniqueness of the line is the fact that it is more on the boho-vintage kind look, for a laid-back and chic bride.

What Berta sought to achieve with MUSE is a more natural kind of beauty, more simplified, with an intent to complete the women’s own style and only accentuate it. The collection includes lots of warm colors, soft materials and a mixture of both fitted and flowy designs.

Be inspired!

***muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_adel-3 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_adel-1 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_adel-4 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_aisha-1 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_aisha-2 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_aisha-3 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_aisha-4 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_alana-2 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_alana-1 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_alana-3 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_alecia-1 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_alecia-2 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_alecia-3 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_alma-1 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_alma-2 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_alma-3 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_amadea-3 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_amadea-1muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_amadea-2 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_amadis-2 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_amadis-3 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_amadis-1 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_amancia-2 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_amancia-1 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_amancia-3 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_amata-2 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_amata-4 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_amata-3 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_annabel-1 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_annabel-2 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_annabel-3 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_annora-2 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_annora-1 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_annora-3 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_antonia-1 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_antonia-2 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_antonia-3 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_armanda-2 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_armanda-3 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_aurelia-1 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_aurelia-2 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_aurelia-3 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_aurelia-4 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_aurora-1 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_aurora-2 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_aurora-3 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_aurora-b-1 muse-by-berta-bridal-2016_aurora-b-2


For more info or orders, contact Berta Bridal: Instagram


  1. Yonce

    December 4, 2016 at 7:49 pm



    December 4, 2016 at 10:42 pm

    Sexy.. But not to be worn to a Nigerian church. FULL STOP!!!!

  3. Fifi

    December 5, 2016 at 4:20 am

    This is not for niaja wedding home or abroad, my mother would lock me in a room with prayer warriors if this what i bring to wear, nah thanks

  4. Cathy

    December 5, 2016 at 9:16 am

    Dont like this collection, makes a person look naked taking into consideration they will be guests (aunties,uncles, coworkers, family and friends).Decency is good

  5. Enny heart heart

    December 5, 2016 at 2:44 pm

    I’ll say! Whimsical is your word man. Bo-ho chic does not apply.

  6. JAY

    December 13, 2016 at 12:47 pm

    i totally love this collection. if i was oyibo, i would soooooooooooo rock one of these mehn!!

    • JAY

      December 13, 2016 at 12:49 pm

      infact, there are some that can fly here sef.

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