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“My administration has already fulfilled about 90 per cent of my campaign promises” – Gov. Rochas Okorocha



Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha says he has fulfilled about 90 per cent of the campaign promises made to the people of the state.

Okorocha made the disclosure when he received the management of the Sun Publishing Company led by the Managing Director/Editor-in-Chief, Eric Osagie, at his Spitbat Owerri residence on Tuesday.

“My administration has already fulfilled about 90 per cent of my campaign promises which includes building of 27 new general hospitals in each of the 27 local governments, free education at all levels, and infrastructural development.”

“We have also embarked on urban renewal and as well making effort to address problem of power which will help in the industrialisation of the state,’’ he said.

Okorocha noted that he was particularly happy with the role of media in disseminating the right information to the people, which according to him, led to his administration recording success story

“I am particularly thankful to the Sun newspaper because the media giant has effectively given voice to not only Imo people, both the South-East geopolitical zone and the entire country,’’ he said.

Okorocha said that the media house through its coverage had equally helped to sustain democracy in Nigeria and assured continued partnership with the company.

Earlier, Osagie said that the management team were on the tour of the South-East zone and expressed the company’s gratitude to Imo people for their patronage over the years.

“We are essentially here for two reasons; first to express our depth of gratitude for the support you have given to us for these years and as Oliver Twist to ask for continued partnership with us,” he said.

He assured that the company would continue to support the state government’s quest to transform the state.


  1. nne

    January 18, 2017 at 8:24 am


  2. keke driver

    January 18, 2017 at 8:48 am

    Are you kidding?? Which non sense campaign promise have you fulfilled…You are a disgrace to the igbo people.

  3. chiemeka

    January 18, 2017 at 9:35 am

    Why do grown ups behave like babies. You enrich just your entire household, in-laws and government house and you claim your campaign promises have been fulfilled and u stupidly say 90%.. I am not a rude person, i do not insult people and particularly my elders but Rochas are you ok? seriously… what have you done in Imo State rather than give free education to a few school, enrich your son- Inlaws by placing them in good positions. You are owing public servants and you are here ranting 90%, no jobs in Imo State and you claim 90% of your evil promises have been fulfilled.. Yes we had worst Governors but Imo state is dead, I can’t pack my bag and fill excited going home, hunger in the land, people are suffering, roads are terrible, travelers complain.. What the heck is wrong with you? you either wear scarfs or whatever bullshit it is on your neck every day acting like a saint ,Are u ok? Please do not run for Governorship again, People like me will go on my Knees and ask God you do not win.. What you are doing is evil & witchcraft. @Bellanaija with all do respect, this not me on a normal day but This Governor is annoying .

  4. jojo

    January 18, 2017 at 10:55 pm

    So not true

  5. Cookie

    January 19, 2017 at 12:10 am

    I honestly think he is hallucinating. Is it the same Imo State we all know of?

  6. Obi

    January 19, 2017 at 10:44 am

    Its sad! I am sure he knows his political dream is over, its unbelievable how a man is so mean. He is so selfish and indeed a wicked man who only thinks of his family. L.G offices in the state is a big mess since he became governor. Rochas has failed as a person and a governor.
    God bless Nigeria!
    God bless Imo State!

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