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And the Winner for Day 3 of the #UnionBank100BellaNaija Valentine Season Giveaway is…



Yay! BellaNaijarians, we have been loving all your entries so far.
We go love o!

The #UnionBank100BellaNaija Valentine Season Giveaway from Union Bank and BellaNaija kicked off two days ago as we are giving TEN people N100,000each (one person per day) for Ten Days.

Want to be a part of it? You can still put in your entry for Day Four today (click here for more information) and be on the lookout for the next seven days.

Day 3 was all about love in the friend zone and we got really interesting entries across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and in the BellaNaija comment section. It was tough to select one winner but with a team of judges, we have selected ONE winner for Day Three.

See the winning entry from Yetunde (comment on the BellaNaija site) below.

‘100 Ways to Find Love… in the Friendzone’ Day 3

I heard someone knock at the door while I was about to apply some setting spray on the makeup I’ve been applying since like an hour ago. I was dressing up for a secret blind date, known to me alone, God and the date. I hurriedly picked my bag and ran downstairs to see who the person was. On getting to the door, it was Abiodun, my best friend of 8 years, my ride or die and my confidant.
“Where are you going that you’re looking all smashing and dapper? Don’t tell me you’re on another mission to go sweep one lady off her feet again and then, you come back to say she’s not your type…uurgh” I said, dabbing one more of layer of powder on my face.
“Errmm, well…” Abiodun started with his husky but rich, fine and velvety voice. “Wura, It’s not my fault the ladies I meet during the dates aren’t my choice, they are usually beautiful, well-mannered and wife materials but I have to be cautious and see that they have all I need in a woman, I do not want a situation I’d get married and still not be satisfied, it can be killing. That’s why I appear too picky to you.” He explained, combing his very full beards at the mirror.
“Well, that’s a very good reason, one has to be very careful in choosing a life partner. I wish you the best in this one and I hope and pray this would be your very last blind date, I really want to be the first female best man ever!” I said, amidst displaying some ‘shoki’ dance steps.
‘You ehn, you can never change, don’t worry, no one would take your space on that. Where are you also going that you’re looking all beautiful with your makeup on fleek too?” He asked.
“I’d tell you when I come back, It’s a surprise! Let’s get going. My Uber driver is almost here” We dashed out of the house and headed to our different destinations.

It was a breezy and cool evening, I sat at a table for two, already reserved for us by my date. Sipping red wine from a glass and checking the time every seconds like I’m a paid timekeeper at a debate competition. “What sort of guy keeps his partner waiting on a date for heaven’s sake, the very first one at that, huuh?” I mumbled under my stiffened breath as anger was beginning to well up in me. I bent to adjust the buckles of my stilettos and before I could raise up my head, I saw two shiny black shoes standing in front of me, I wanted to stay glued to that position I was as fear of the unknown filled me. Fear of who the date was, was he handsome, ugly or just there? Tall or short? Oh tall please! I want him tall…I’m a short lady. Suddenly, a thought struck me, the pair of shoes are familiar…very familiar, they are the type Abiodun bought last week which I saw in his car. “No, they can’t be his, this person can’t be Abiodun!” I thought affirmatively.

“Good evening ma’am, Gold right?” The person in my front spoke, I was still in my position of adjusting fake buckles. The voice is Abiodun’s! No doubt about this, I can bet on it with my life. I raised up my head and sprang to my feet to see who the person is. Lo and behold, it was Abiodun! We were both astonished, It was like I was seeing a suspense scene in a movie. “Abiodun, so you’re the Abbey I’ve been planning this day for?!” I screamed, still very abashed. “And you’re the Gold I’ve been dreaming to meet all this while, Wura, WOW!” “See our lives!”, we both echoed happily and the very next second, we were entangled in a very warm and tight embrace as tears of joy trickled down my face, the people around us cheered and ‘awwwed’, we didn’t know we already caught the attention of everyone in the location some minutes ago.

That evening turned out to be very memorable and one of the very best of my life. On our way home in Abiodun’s car, we were still basking in the euphoria the incident brought. “I expected us to have a good laugh, eat and go back home when we found out we are each other’s date, why are we so excited about it?” I asked, he stopped driving and parked. “Because we were made for each other, Wura, we’re best friends but that’s not enough, God wants more of us in each other’s lives. Well, I love you more than a friend and a sister since the very day we met in secondary school. I even wanted to ask you out after you got over your last heartbreak but I believed you’d see it like I was trying to take advantage of the situation you were in, plus the fact that you have always seen me as a friend and brother and nothing more. Wura, will you be my girlfriend? And possibly, my wife and the mother of my kids? Pleaseee….” . I was dumbfounded. “Yes, I will be your girlfriend, Mr. Man!” I said and we both laughed heartily. “Thank you so much, Wuraola mi”. He said as he moved closer to me, with his lips slightly parted, his hands reached for my face, I moved closer to him too and we had a very passionate kiss, the best I’ve ever had before that moment. “You’re not going to be my female best man any more, Wuraola. you’re going to be my bride very soon!” He said and we continued kissing…

Later that year, I became Abiodun’s bride.

That was how I got married to my best friend, my best friend turned my husband!

Congratulations and we’ll be in touch!
If you didn’t win, do not be discouraged, keep your entries coming!


  1. Emmanuel Dominic

    February 18, 2017 at 5:04 pm

    Congratulations girl

  2. Mark Uma

    February 18, 2017 at 5:25 pm

    Congratulations Yetunde, I hope to win soonest

  3. Creamy Lebo

    February 18, 2017 at 5:50 pm

    Congrats Yetunde!!!
    urgh!!! I didn’t win again… ?
    But its ok.. Am still here, it’s not over until it’s all over ?

  4. Elisha Onos

    February 18, 2017 at 5:50 pm


  5. Bona

    February 18, 2017 at 6:29 pm

    I didn’t win again …I feel so sad… ?
    Yetunde… I’m happy for you girl… ?
    Well… I won’t give up… Hoping to win soon…!

  6. ify

    February 18, 2017 at 6:32 pm

    Congrats to the winners…
    Av given up hope, seems like they are looking for writers, and that is one talent I lack?….. #100,000 will do a lot for me now, chimamanda, pls help me

  7. nene+

    February 18, 2017 at 6:37 pm

    Heartwarming! I laughed ready hard at the shoe buckling scene!

  8. Vivian E

    February 18, 2017 at 6:42 pm

    congrats girl

    day 5 is my day. amen

  9. Dolapo

    February 18, 2017 at 7:02 pm

    I like her use of English.
    Good job Yetunde.
    BN, please upload my story for today’s challenge o,
    Its still awaiting moderation

  10. Abiodun Akinwole olutayo emmydan

    February 18, 2017 at 8:24 pm


  11. Chizzy

    February 18, 2017 at 9:03 pm

    Congratulations! Nice Story.

  12. Yetunde

    February 18, 2017 at 11:00 pm

    Awwww! Thank you sooo much Bella Naija! I’m so grateful and honoured! ? ? Thank you everyone! Wow. I never ‘hexpererit’ o!

  13. Rose Ethel

    February 18, 2017 at 11:24 pm

    #Union Bank 100Bella Naija
    I always hear people say that one can fall in love several times with different people during their life time; a statement which I now find my self to concurs with.
    Returning to school after two years that my mates passed out of the school was not an easy decision to make at first but I later made up mind to do that. As I checked my wrist watch; it was 3:20 pm; damn it I said to my self as I quickly packed my note books into my bag and hurried down to the school car pack where I will pick a cab that will drop me at my mum’ shop. My mum had earlier called me to remind me of my coming back on time to stay at her shop as she will be attending a traditional marriage that day

    When I got to the school car park, there was no bus at sight and I decided to trek down to the school gate where i will get a taxi. As I walked down, behind me was this, fair, tall and handsome young man which I later knew his name to be Mike. What a resemblance I murmured to myself. Excuse me! Excuse me!! He shouted referring to me but I didn’t turn back. I increased my pace so that he wouldn’t catch up with me. He reminds me much about Paul.
    Paul was my boyfriend of three years before he dumped me for my class mate last two years. I met Paul in my first year when my class organized our first picnic at Ezagu water fall. I was 18 then and Paul who was in his finals in medical Radiography was 25 years then. Paul and his class mates had also come for their last picnic as undergraduate. Paul is tall, dark and handsome just like Mike; the only different that exist between them is their complexion. What a coincidence.
    Shortly after my class mates entered into the water to swim; scorpion stung me where I was sitting by the river side. My screaming sent chills into their bone marrow and the first to reach where I was seated was Paul. What is it! What is it!! He asked; scorpion I answered. He began to treat me. After giving me first aid treatment; he backed me into the bus where he laid me and sat close to me till I slept off.
    At the end of the picnic, he reluctantly insisted to join our bus that conveyed the first years to the picnic ground just to keep his eye on me. As we got to the school, He insisted on backing me even when I assured him that am now OK that I can walk on my own. When we got to my hostel, we exchange contact and that was how our love story started. The love was so deep that everyone in campus knew about our relationship. On many occasions before he left, we won several award as the best couple. Our parents also knew about our relationship. His mother calls me her daughter in-law while my mum calls him her son in-law. In fact, it was my Dad who fixed him at the hospital that he works with.
    Three years into our dating, Paul started changing his behavior towards me. He hardly pick his call when I call or reply my message and each time I complained, he will tell me that he is busy raising money for our wedding.
    On February 14th 2013, I decided to give Paul a surprise Valentine visitation as I had called early to inform him that I can’t make it since I have a paper to write that day. When I got to the house and knocked, Cynthia opened the door. Cynthia is my class mate who we all knew to have a fiancée. Cynthia is five months pregnant and had earlier informed us about her wedding that will be coming up in the next two months. Cynthia what are u doing here? I asked; this is my fiancée’s house she answers.
    What a world! That was the words that came out of my mouth as I recovered from my shock on the hospital bed. Sitting close to me is my Mum. When I inquire about Paul, my mum said she had not seen him since his neighbour called her to come and look after me in the hospital.
    When I called his number, it was switched off and he never visited through out my stay in the hospital. I later learnt from my class mate that they went on with their wedding.

    After my recovery; I lost the zeal to continue my education. Where will I hide face; my shame; after all the award we collected in school and he dumped me for my class mate. Can I ever pass that Ibiam slab where the memory of I and Paul were buried. The thought of this and that made me quit school.

    Two month into my stay at home as a school drop out, I met Sebastian my secondary school class mate who was crushing on me during our school days in High school. Now he is serious, it is now love. I can see it in his eyes, we only dated for two weeks and when he proposed I said yes. Deep down me, I knew I was still in love with Paul, it is Paul that I want not Sebastian but I thought to my self that my marriage to him will make me forget Paul.

    After our marriage, things went from worse to worst, he did all his best he could do to make me happy but there was no happiness. After series of fight between us in a year and half, I decided to quit.

    Two days after I came back, my dad called me into our sitting room, sitting close to him is my mum and my lecturer. After I sat down, my father informed that he deferred my admission when I quit school as a result of my heart break and they have been paying the yearly fee for two years now. I was happy to hear the news as I have decided in my heart to start over again but this time around, I wouldn’t love anyone.

    It was the day that I went back to school that I met mike for the first time. As I walked faster, he ran after me and caught up with me. I have been calling you he said; I didn’t hear u I lied. I just wanted to ask u where I can get bus easily in the campus as there were no much buses in the campus today he continued. I told him to that the he could get a bus at the gate.he then asked if I was going there, I said yes. He asked me to wait for him so that we can go together which I waited for him. On our way down, we talked so much as if we have met before. The discussion was so interesting that we never knew when we got to the gate. here we are he said. Give me your number which I actually gave him. Before I got home, he had already given me two miss calls and when I called back, we continued our discussion. Our friendship grew that we can’t stay a day without hearing from each other, we later opened up for each other about our past. He is a divorcee and I am. We share something in common; our heart has been broken in the. But this time we are sure that the story will be different. On 14th February 2017, we met at shoprite mall where we normally hang out on our leisure time. During our cause of discussion, he asked me are u ready to move on from the past? And when I answered yes;he knelt down n said Rose will u marry me. I never expected it, I happened so quick but deep inside my heart I know he is the one. The one who is meant for me. I quickly said yes as I found my lips on his.

  14. being lenora

    February 18, 2017 at 11:58 pm

    Congratulations dear

  15. Oma

    February 19, 2017 at 12:32 am

    Wow! Yetunde, your story is sizzling!

  16. @juzzayofficial

    February 19, 2017 at 12:51 am

    Ohh, is this a movie script or something? Good story lines though

    • Yetunde

      February 19, 2017 at 8:02 am

      Not at all. Na fiction o. Thought about it for like 3 minutes, added salt and pepper and it became ‘OrijinAl’ Lol but the names are real.

  17. Otasowie

    February 19, 2017 at 1:57 am

    It’s said that the colour of love is red… so is pain. It’s a funny world after all.
    The first meeting was in a computer training institute. As JAMB would delay me from entering the university, other plans were put in motion to keep me from being the target of the devil. You know what they say right? ” An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. As far as technology was advancing, I had to run with the tide and learn computer appreciation. For weeks I had fun with the computers until a time came when a newcomer was bent on making me his wife in the nearest future. He was huge, dark and not cute. As a matter of fact, he had tribal marks and a chipped teeth which made his appearance somewhat ugly. It was enough to hate him at first sight, second sight and every other sight his presence exuded. His consistent statement for close to two months before I rounded up the programme was, ” I will get you, dreams do come true”. My sharp reply would be; ” God forbid, that’s if I allow the dream to come true… it takes two to tango”. He was 19 years and I was 3 years younger. Nosa was his name.
    The University of Portharcourt provided admission eventually but gave me a course which I never dreamt of reading- PHYSICS. Medicine was my passion. However, I could not refute the provisional admission and I accepted the course gladly with the hopes of switching later on.
    I never did. The freedom was euphoric for me. The boys became my bane as they fed on my naivety and innocence. Sadly, I felt loved and enjoyed the attention even though my grades were on the decline. It was at this phase that I bumped into him for the second time around the hostel where I resided one cool harmattan evening.
    ” We meet again”, Nosa blurted with a nasty-like laughter to accompany his words.
    He continued, ” I told you dreams come true.”
    I guffawed in reply. He thereafter told me he was in the college of medicine and I also told him with pride that I was in the department of physics. We parted ways again not before he tried to steal a hug.
    Convocation came and went but I didn’t celebrate because I gained a third class degree. Depression became my shadow following me everywhere, weight gain became trendy for me and my health was on the verge of collapse. The hospital became my new abode for years and after 10 years since the second meeting, Nosa met me in the hospital where I went for my routine checkups. He was doing his housemanship in the same hospital.
    Oh boy, he was happy to see me! He took my number with a lot of plea and kept in touch. Gradually, I fell in love with him and we became inseparable. 10 years of persistence was no little feat in wooing a girl. I felt so special.
    The quarrels began when I noticed his new secretive demeanour concerning his phone calls and messages from me. You know, I had a gift. Clairvoyance. In due time, with careful investigation, Nosa was dating a girl in the USA. I confronted him with the allegation and he didn’t deny. The evidences were all too glaring.
    ” Babe, I love you more than her. I just want to get green card.” was his outburst.
    I sat him down to tell him that he could get a green card without cheating on me. He apologized and all went well thereafter…so I thought.
    Weeks will turn into few months and he started getting irritated by my presence and his attention for me dwindled.
    The breakup line Nosa used would always be vivid in memory- ” You are a nice girl but you are too rigid for me and your boobs are not firm. In fact you are so short, I actually had high hopes you would be taller. I am sorry. I want to be happy and honestly I am not happy with you.”
    For over 10 years , this guy chased me and I finally give in, fall hopelessly in love and I get those wacky lines? Who still grows after 23 years? And he says he is a doctor? I was perplexed!
    Love became pain and it was with the help of friends that I survived a nervous break down. He became close to the Lady in the USA but I set out to revenge and get my
    pound of flesh. I got her Facebook handle and had a long chat with her telling her to back out of whatever relationship she thought she had with Nosa. I emphasized that she was a means to an end-acquisition of green card.
    Her own pain was worse off. She sent a message to him which was so clear… ” Et tu, Brutus?” Of course, Nosa tried to explain but it didn’t hold water. She tried befriending me afterwards but we were both not emotionally strong for a new friendship so we steered clear of each other.
    Nosa tried to infiltrate back into my life but I knew he was all layers of deceit and backwardness. I was wiser, older and I wasn’t going to entertain any form of stupidity in my life anymore. So I simply told him to go to hell and set to blazes!

    Work became my obsession after the traumatic experience and my boss took a special interest in me and introduced me to one of his sons. Christopher… Beauty of a man. Angel in human form. Our wedding was a quiet one as I requested but I have never for once harboured any regret since I said,’ I do’. Damn! he is handsome and all shades of awesome!!! He showed me that love is never pain and that loving the wrong person is pain not love itself.

  18. Rosie franzi

    February 19, 2017 at 9:35 am


  19. Jalaalat

    February 19, 2017 at 11:35 am

    ooh mine!_way too talented you are!..eerm,eeerm(scratches head)_u can like to send a sister’s share ooo…*winks!

    • Yetunde

      February 19, 2017 at 7:46 pm

      Lol. I see you sis

  20. Bigzoum

    February 20, 2017 at 12:12 pm

    Good Luck my dear God blesses your focus either

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