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And the Winner for Day 6 of the #UnionBank100BellaNaija Valentine Season Giveaway is…

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Yay! BellaNaijarians, we have been loving all your entries so far.
We go love o!

The #UnionBank100BellaNaija Valentine Season Giveaway from Union Bank and BellaNaija kicked off days ago as we are giving TEN people N100,000 each (one person per day) for Ten Days.

Want to be a part of it? You can still put in your entry for Day Seven today (click here for more information) and be on the lookout for the next three days.

Day 6 was all about love online and we got really interesting entries across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and in the BellaNaija comment section. It was tough to select one winner but with a team of judges, we have selected ONE winner for Day Six.

See the winning entry from Seunfunmi Bolarinwa (comment on Instagram and Facebook) below.


Talk about love online? What I found was scam, hurt, destruction, Death!
It was an hot wednesday afternoon, I just got back from another long tiring job hunt and was famished. I grabbed my Phone and started browsing through; from IG to Twitter to my private BBM and Whatsapp messages. Then Facebook! There was this friend request that caught my attention. It was from one Andrew Marc and he had my picture as his profile picture. Surprised, I accepted his friend request and he sent me a message almost immediately. He said he was an investment banker and worked in a Company in Abuja. He stumbled on my facebook profile and got interested. His explanation was lame and I sensed a phoney!
Hoping that no harm would come out of it, we got chatting. At first, our conversations were erratic and monotonous. But things improved. He was an interesting guy and I found my self looking forward to his messages. One day, I confided in him that I was job hunting. He said his Company was recruiting and he could reserve a slot for me if I was willing to move down to Abuja from Lagos. Of course I was! I was anxious, scared and excited at the same time. Marc and I finally met. He was as handsome as he looked in his pictures. We exchanged pleasantries and he soon drove me down to the staff quarters. We started getting really intimate. He asked me out one sunday evening and I said yes!. Things happened fast and soon we were married.

One evening, barely 3 months into our marriage, Marc and I came back from work and found a woman with three kids waiting for us at home. As soon as Marc set his eyes on the woman, he dashed out and drove off fast. The woman then told me I was the 7th woman Marc would be getting married to. He had used the same trick on 6 women prior including her! I passed out. When I came around, I rushed to the apartment. It was empty! All I found was a few of my stuffs scattered all over the place! He blocked me on whatsapp and deleted his facebook account. His numbers were unreachable and there was no where to trace him to. I went back to Lagos empty-handed, heart-broken and worse off than I left. Then with a one-month old baby in my womb!

Congratulations and we’ll be in touch!
If you didn’t win, do not be discouraged, keep your entries coming!


Please note that entries on Social Media made under OUR post will be disqualified. To make your entry valid, simply publish on YOUR Social media page using the #UnionBank100BellaNaija hashtag.

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