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#BBNaija – Day 12: Things get heated with a Kissing Game, Tayo Faniran drops in for a Visit & More Highlights!



Did you watch Day 12 of the Big Brother reality TV show?

If you didn’t, we’ve go the highlights for you!


Dominoes About To Fall

With the game now reaching the end of the second week, the Housemates have started to relax in front of the camera, they are less aware of the fishbowl and their true natures are starting to show.

Miyonse and TBoss’ relationship has started to develop with her subtly drawing him in and making him stop flirting with all the other girls, especially her main rival, Gifty. He tried to be the ladies’ man but she saw him and liked what she saw and has slowly and masterfully wound him into her domain and she has him wrapped around his little finger. She has also not been averse to flirting with other Housemates, such as ThinTallTony, whom she told Miyonse last night that he had said she smells nice. Looks like she wants to keep her options open as Miyonse could be voted out this Sunday.

It is also interesting to see the power struggle develop between the former Igwe, CoCoIce and the new Igwe, Efe and how Bisola has been cleverly playing them subtly up against each other. Bisola has been quietly charming her way into support among the Housemates as she knows then that she will be safe from votes and she will have enough votes each week to stay in the game and then work on her popularity outside of the House. Her only real danger could come from some of the other women such as TBoss and Uriel.

Kemen had been the muscleman in the house and had been trying to make himself indispensable to some of the Housemates, with Bisola especially enchanted, not by Kemen but by the attention and the physical workouts. But, there’s a new man in town, the soft-spoken new Housemate revealed finally last night his story about his now late mother, and there was not a dry eye in the House. Marvis has been quietly watching the ebbs and flows in the House. She is yet to truly show her cards, she has kept them close to her chest with her and Debbie-Rise slowly circling each other trying to work each other out.

Uriel has shown her cards, which is that of raw emotion as we can all identify with her struggles.

The lows of the Fake Evictions of last week and the highs of them realizing that it was fake and that they would get two new Housemates will now be replaced by the reality of one less person in the House after this Sunday’s Live Eviction Show.

Tayo In The House

Biggie had a surprise for the Housemates this morning as past Housemate Tayo, now the PayPorte Brand Ambassador paid them a visit to deliver their shopping for Saturday night’s party and the Eviction Show. The Housemates couldn’t believe their eyes when he walked in and there was much excitement as Tayo reacquainted himself with the Biggie’s House.

He posed for photographs with the Housemates and then he sat down with them in the Lounge and had a chat with them. This is what he said: “You must start it now” he said “just do it for yourself, don’t do it for the viewers, you all have equal opportunities” he said. “The House made me what I am, when you go out people will scream when they see you. It is hard to get used to. One mistake I made I thought about only the game in the House. But, I didn’t think about outside” he said. “It has taken me a long time to settle into the celebrity, life is good.”

Things Get Heated

This morning the housemates were sitting outside discussing the fashion show that Debbie-Rise wanted to do. Efe decided to spoil the party by refusing to go along with wearing the woman’s clothing and the women wearing the men’s clothing. He was still smarting from all the criticism he had received the night before at the parliamentary debate.

Someone decided to play a game of dare and before the Housemates knew it, ThinTallTony and Marvis started kissing which led to all of the housemates getting in on the act. Miyonse was dumbstruck in love when he and TBoss locked lips but he wasn’t so happy when TBoss and ThinTallTony got steamy with a long and sensuous kiss that made his heart drop. Miyonse got his own back when he and Gifty were kissing for ages, with TBoss looking on.

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  1. Robin Hood

    February 4, 2017 at 1:25 pm

    Miyonce is very naive and stupid for trying to run 2 girls in d small house. During the kiss session I noticed TBoss enjoyed TTT kiss. Miyonce is like a child who can’t decide whether he wants chocolate ice cream or vanilla- he is trying to get both and may be deprived of both. If Miyonce is evicted, I bet TTT and T Boss will get down or TBoss and Bally

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