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#BBNaija: Day 68 – Let the Games Begin, Squashing the Beef & More Highlights!



Did you watch day 68 of the Big Brother Reality TV show?

If you missed it we’ve got the highlights for you.


Let the Games begin

They’ve had their shoes and mattresses confiscated. They’ve munched on lemons and live worms. They’ve dragged boulders across the Arena and even got kicked out of the House till late last night. We think it’s safe to say the Housemates are feeling a little defeated and rightfully so. Biggie decided to give the Housemates an assortment of game apparatus like ping pong balls, balloons and hula hoops before tasking them with creating their very own gaming tournament.

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As always, Biggie expected 100% commitment to the Task and warned the Housemates that even more luxuries would be taken away if they weren’t invested in creating novel and exciting games.

A couple of ideas were bounced around and they’re already busy stacking bricks or snipping away at paper and duct tape. None of them could hula-hoop and Bisola joked that she was to blame for her daughter not being able to do it either, long after she’d bought her one. They then elected to have everyone throw the hoops across the yard so they landed around a stump.

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Squashing the beef

Extreme Survival week has been characterised by lots of drama. After Biggie gave conspiring the green light a wave of gossiping swept through the Big Brother Naija House with shots being taken back and forth. At first, it was all about strategy and Nominations. However, they were soon, actively de-campaigning one another with Efe being called a hypocrite, Bally and Bisola – bullies, Debie-Rise – insecure, TBoss – manipulative and Marvis – deceptive.

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Things started changing when Biggie kicked them out into the yard where they had to sit together. Suddenly there was laughter and joking again with people who’d been exchanging venomous words all week now play fighting and breaking bread with one another. Even TBoss and Bisola (who’ve often come to blows) were play humping one another on the patio.

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Bally and many others acknowledged this thawing of icy relations in their Dairy Sessions before saying his relationship with Debie-Rise was one of those that had been strained by the beef. He reached out to her earlier today and they had a chat about her music career and how she’d like to study guitar and truly master the instrument. It was hardly an emotional conversation but it was significant nonetheless considering they were barely on speaking terms.

This morning TBoss had a “meltdown” when she started worrying about people wanting nothing to do with her after she left the show. Bisola immediately gave her a healthy dose of tough love. “Don’t you even dare!” Bisola exclaimed in shock at TBoss words before sitting down to talk to her woman to woman. “Mama, you’re going into the real world now. People want to do business with you!”

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“The unknown is a crazy thing. Don’t let fear box you in and suffocate you. Say to yourself, I am TBoss. I will overcome! Fear will make you miss out on the best and most amazing experiences of your life!” TBoss sat and listened, quiet and pensive.

The penultimate Friday night task

After such an Extreme week in the BBNaija House, the Housemates walked into the Arena tonight in a bid to score not just a win, but unlock some much-needed luxury treatments from Biggie, who wasted no time in acknowledging their efforts from all the games they had created and performed all day. Biggie also rewarded Marvis for winning in the House games by giving her back her luggage.

With the pleasantries out of the way, Biggie read out the rules of tonight’s games. It was a seven stage obstacle course consisting of two mental stages and five physical stages. Most of these obstacles were familiar to the Housemates and with that, Biggie summoned the first Housemate to the starting line.

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Bally was first up and he kicked off the proceedings with a near perfect start to the evening, setting a good time of 3:47 on the seven stage obstacle course.

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Up next was Bisola, and she seemed to have totally overcome her fear of the obstacles in the Arena as she blitzed through the obstacle course, smashing Bally’s time in the process to set a new record of 3:06seconds.

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Debie-Rise stepped up, and after making good progress on the first six obstacles, she got to the last obstacle which was a jigsaw puzzle. She got stuck on this obstacle and fumbled her, getting buzzed out at the last stage.

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Efe was the fourth Housemate to step up, blitzing through the first six stages of the obstacles with so much ease. Though he stumbled at obstacles three and four, he still reached the last stage in good time and raised his hands to signal his completion of the course and stopping the clock and an impressive 2:30seconds; setting the new time to beat.

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Marvis was the next housemate to step up and she seemed to be making good time on all the first six obstacles. She got to stage seven and seemed stuck here, struggling to piece the jigsaw puzzle together until she, like Debie-Rise got buzzed out.

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Last but not the least was TBoss. It would seem like TBoss was determined to outshine everybody and this mindset was evident by the stern look of concentration on her face. She made good time in getting through the first six stages but alas, she, like her compadre Debie-Rise and Marvis also got buzzed out.

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It would seem the jig-saw puzzle has become the biggest killer of the night claiming three out of the six Housemates that crossed its path. With Efe crowned as the winner of the night, he was given 20seconds to pick a Housemate he would be sharing his luxury rewards with and he wasted no time picking Marvis making it “a night of winners”.

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  1. Bridget oke

    April 3, 2017 at 9:14 am

    My son efe will be crowned winner of Bonita 2017 come Sunday.

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