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#BBNaija: Day 71 – The Housemates Take a Trip Down Memory Lane, Davido Pays a Visit & More Highlights!



Did you watch Day 71 of the Big Brother Reality TV show?

If you missed it we’ve got the highlights for you.


Last man standing

It was the usual morning workout session for the Top 5 this morning, with Bisola leading the pack. Efe stood out among the ladies, as Debie-Rise and TBoss stood on the one end, while Marvis stood on the other while Bisola led the session. Immediately after the workout, TBoss and Debie-Rise went to the kitchen, where TBoss whipped up a quick breakfast for everybody, while Efe took a nap in the lounge and Marvis sat at the kitchen counter.

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TBoss and Debie-Rise had discussed future plans before TBoss started on breakfast. “I will employ a lot of people,” said Debie-Rise, without revealing much about her plan. TBoss also had a few ideas she’d like to explore.

A trip down memory lane

Biggie took the Housemates down memory lane this afternoon, with a challenge called the Memory Box.

It’s the last Monday in the Big Brother House and only five Housemates remain ahead of the Season Finale this Sunday. For this challenge, The Housemates were blindfolded and had to figure out what was inside the boxes that were placed in front of them. There were ten boxes in total and each box contained items they had come across during their stay in the House.

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To make things a little interesting, Biggie informed the Housemates that they were not allowed to take out the items from the boxes. First up was Efe, who fumbled inside the box said, “I don feel am.” He then reached further inside and quickly told Biggie he had figured out what it was inside and Biggie’s Ninja led him back to his seat.

Up next was Bisola, then TBoss, Marvis and finally, Debie-Rise. This marked the first round.  They were then each asked to remove the blindfolds and write down what they thought the item was. There was a bit of mumbling among the Housemates about something and Biggie picked up that it was about the scorching heat. He asked them if they were feeling alright, to which they replied in the negative.

34 rsz memory box challenge 7 004 pre

“Did you ever think it would be easy to win the prize money and the SUV? Are you going give up now coz of the heat?” Biggie wondered.

The Housemates said they would soldier on and it was back to round two of the challenge, following the same order as in the first round. At the big reveal, Biggie asks them to read what they had written down was in the first box. It was knee pad and they all got it right and were awarded a point for this, except for Marvis. Some of the other items in the other boxes included Indomie Instant Noodles, paint brushes, a bowl of rice, as well as a feature scarf.

34 rsz box collage 1 004 pre

At the end of the challenge stood four winners, Bisola, Debie-Rise, Efe and TBoss. Biggie assured them they would receive a reward during the course of the day. This weeks’ theme is Nostalgia and it was only fitting that Biggie got them taking part in a challenge that would take them on a trip down memory lane.

Big brother cook-off

After competing in the Memory Box Challenge earlier, it was time for the Housemates’ culinary skills to be put to the challenge.

They were to compete in a Cooking Challenge, sponsored by Indomie Instant Noodles. The Housemates were to prepare a meal using Indomie Instant Noodles and add other ingredients they could find in the kitchen. They had an hour to prepare the meal.

34 rsz cooking 5 004 pre

Reading the Task brief, HoH Bisola said they needed to ensure they made their dishes look presentable.

“Big Brother decided that because your first Indomie Cooking Challenge was such a success and because your final week in the House is about looking back on what you have experienced, the Housemates will have another chance to compete in a Cooking Challenge,” read the brief.

34 rsz cooking 1 004 pre

Biggie had branded Indomie T-shirts and aprons for the Housemates in the Store Room and they got right into it, planning and preparing their dishes and went straight to the kitchen to start cooking.

The Housemates had a chance to present their dishes to Biggie in the Arena. They described how they prepared the meal and had to decide which dish was the best. They were not allowed to vote for their own dish. Biggie asked them to stand behind the dish they felt was the best. Efe was announced the overall winner and Biggie further asked them to taste the food.

Davido visits the house

Today it was all about the Housemates and he came with sushi and champagne in tow to pay them a visit. No doorbell sounded but Debie-Rise spotted him as he walked in and before long there were raucous screams echoing around the House as everyone rushed him and exchanged hugs.

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Next up was the customary tour of the House before everyone settled down in the dining area and popped open the bottles of champagne. Davido discussed the merits of being true to yourself with Efe and pointed out that he’d made more money in mere months than he’d made over the years after deciding to go local and champion his culture. He then asked the Housemates what they planned to do with the 25 Million Naira after winning which elicited some very varied and interesting responses.

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Bisola said she’d like to go to film school while Debie-Rise and Efe said they wanted to push their music careers. TBoss revealed that she’d like to have her own Talk Show and Marvis said she’d like to open a bar. Davido sat and listened before telling them that no matter what their dreams were it was imperative that they make careful choices and not get overwhelmed otherwise they’d wake up and not realise where it went. “You make all these plans and then, when the money comes it’s different. I spent $1 Million in a month!”

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At that point, the buzzer sounded and everyone said their goodbyes. They swarmed him and literally nabbed souvenirs off of him before he scurried out the doors.

Looking back and anticipating the big win!

Though Bally got Evicted last night, the Housemates all seem to have made a conscious decision to focus on the positive. As Ebuka pointed out to them, they should be happy they’ve made it to the last week instead brooding because they wouldn’t trade places with him if they got the chance.

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Bisola summed up the mood in the House as calm and said everyone felt a strong sense of relief and accomplishment after making it to the last week. She also made it clear to Biggie that she and everyone else were already winners whether they got the money or not.  She recalled how she’d auditioned for Big Brother countless times and smiled broadly when she noted how Big Brother had taken her “a gazillion steps higher!” “I don suffer for this life and I really don’t want to go back to that.”

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Marvis took the opportunity to thank Biggie for the experience and said she was going to miss everything. She noted how strong everyone was, in particular, Bisola whom she called both a friend and her toughest competition. She also said she was grateful for Big Brother as she was now on the fast track to a successful career in showbiz as an actress.

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TBoss beamed with pride as she recounted how she’d almost given up during the cooking Task this afternoon. She said being on Big Brother Naija had made her a fighter and she’d never realised she had what it takes to be that! She also said Marvis was her biggest threat.

Efe echoed the same sentiment and said he had a fighter’s spirit! After quite a bit of hesitation, he singled out Bisola as his biggest threat commending her for being just as competitive, honest and outspoken as he is.

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Debie-Rise was all smiles as usual and agreed with Efe that this week the pressure was different calling it “positive and exciting!” She then promised to deliver 100% for the final run to make sure she took home the money. She also cited her friend TBoss as her main competition because “she’s an amazing person and she has everything it takes to win!”

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    April 3, 2017 at 11:53 pm

    efe and bisola is the most popular in dublin and south african please everybody vote must count because everybody said this show losing credibility already south africa is abuse nigeria calling us corruption people

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