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Need the Perfect Gift for that Special Moment? The Lekki Gift Store is Your One Sure Stop for Every Gifting Need



At The Lekki Gift Company, we have a passion for intentional gifting and we deeply believe that the exchange of meaningful gifts makes the world a better place. The joy of untying a ribbon, unboxing a gift box, and the delight in the contents is a story that we like to direct.

The Perfect Gift, For Every Occasion

We have sourced the finest products and created the unique packaging options to fit your every Gifting need! 

We love creating joy worthy gift boxes and we pride ourselves on being your go-to Gift Store, whether you need to send a quick thank you gift from our pre-curated offerings, or you want a custom box, or you would like us to help with your corporate gifting.

Pre-Curated Gift Boxes

We have put together some pre-curated gift boxes to make gifting easier for you.

Simply visit our site www.thelekkigiftcompany choose your gift box, make payment and we’ll sort delivery. 

And Guess What? You get 10% Off Your First Order Online!!!!!

Custom Gift Boxes

Not satisfied with any of our Pre-Curated Gift Boxes? Simply chat/call us Via 0909 962 5547 and we’ll help you put together a unique personalized gift box just for you.

Follow us via Instagram- @thelekkigiftcompany and Twitter- @thelekkigiftco

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