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What Do You Do When You’re Not Feeling It? Vlogger Eniola Abumere Shares His Thoughts | Watch on BN TV



Nigerian photographer and vlogger Eniola Tito Abumere is out with a new episode of his relationship video series, “Just tryin’ to help a sista out’”  where he lets women know what men are really thinking!

In this episode, he talks about what a person does when they aren’t interested in someone who has feelings for them.

He says:

They like you but you don’t know exactly how you feel about them. What does one do in a situation like that? Do you hang around to see if you’ll develop feelings for them? Do you tell them to check their emotions at the door and stay in their assigned friendzone? Or do you run for hills?

We all have different ways of tackling this issue. What do you do when someone’s into you but you’re not feeling them?