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This 5 Year Old Boy’s Story Will Definitely Touch Your Heart | WATCH



3 heart surgeries in 5 years and 189 days in the hospital, little Ari Schultz‘s story is one of hope and possibility.

Ari was diagnosed at his 18 week ultrasound with critical aortic stenosis and evolving hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

For the last 5 years Ari lived an eventful life both inside and outside the hospital. Life-wise, he’s a rabid sports fan and loves being on the Assumption College Baseball team.

According to information on a website – Echo of Hope – created for him, Ari:

  • Was the first person ever to undergo two successful heart surgeries before he was born
  • Has had 3 of his 4 heart valves replaced in three major open heart surgeries
  • Has had scare tissue cut out of his left ventricle wall in two of those open heart surgeries
  • Is only the 5th person in the world to receive the experimental Melody valve in his mitral position
  • Has had plus or minus 20 surgeries in all, including open heart, in-utero surgery, cardiac catheterizations, central lines, G tubes, and more.
  • He is 100% sensitized to antibodies, which means fighting off rejection when he gets a new heart will be an extremely difficult path with uncertain outcomes

Watch how he reacts when he finds out he is going home soon and his beautiful home run.


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