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BN Book Excerpt: Raising Sexually Pure Children by Mary Omolola Omosebi

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If we will be true to ourselves we will see how much of a herculean task it is to raise sexually pure children in this time and age.
It is rather sad that so much is happening in our world today which indicates that the environmental conditions are just not too favourable. We hear stories of children being molested virtually every day by people who are meant to take care of them.

This is a call for concern. It is a situation that should make us “be at attention” as parents.
The truth is that things that many people my age did not get to hear/know about when we were in our early teenage years are things that some infants are exposed to today.
The peculiarity of this generation makes things like discussing the topic of this book like I am now, something that we cannot afford to take with levity.

Our children will have to relate with other people at one point or the other in their lives no matter how much we try to shield them from the world. We cannot be with them every second of the day hence the need to equip them adequately because we do not have control over what goes on with those other people that they get to relate with most especially when they are not under our watch. Now, that’s the real deal in this matter.
The truth is that many parents shy away from teaching their children about sex. In this generation however, we need to be wary of making the same mistakes some of our own parents made.
No one is saying you should teach them how to have sex.

Sex education is about equipping your children/teenagers with age appropriate knowledge about sex/sexuality.
It is primarily the duty of parents to equip their children with knowledge pertaining to sex and sexuality. It is not advisable to delegate these teachings to the media or other people generally. If you don’t want them to inculcate wrong ideas from unverified sources, you better do the needful.
They will get to know about these things whether you teach them or not anyway.
It is therefore imperative, following the dynamics of this generation not to be “slow” with passing on required knowledge about sex to your children.

Another very important thing is for parents to truly love and care for their children.
I remember how back in the day, my mother would buy assorted stuff out of her meagre salary any time she could and share amongst my siblings and I. She would tell us things like, “You can’t say that you don’t know what corned beef or cheese, etc tastes like…” She would say to us that she didn’t want us to get out of the home and start feeling like anything was a big deal. She would take us to parks for picnics and those memories are stuck in my mental faculty. It was as though she had planned to do something different for us once she got her salary every month.
I tell you, this act moulded my mentality. Yes, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth but nothing ever felt like a big deal to me.

So even when I got into the university and eateries were getting common (with which a number of girls were enticed), it was still no big deal for me even though I had not been in one at that time.
I will like to add at this point that you should not forget to teach your children about contentment too.
This is very important because if they refuse to learn how to be contented with whatever they have, they stand at a risk of being enticed with gifts from potential predators no matter what you provide for them.
Love your children in words and actions. Be sure to tell your children that you love them. Embrace them lovingly. Fill their love-tanks with loving words and actions constantly. This will boost their self-esteem and in turn help them not to go on with their lives being needy for affection.

When they are convinced of the fact that you love them, no one will be able to deceive them with some fake love somewhere.

You really need to be your child’s best friend. Your child should be able to trust you and feel free to talk to you about anything and everything. They should be able to discuss with you as friend with friend. It is therefore imperative that you develop a good rapport with your children.

About the Author
Dr (Mrs) OMOSEBI Mary Omolola is a lover of God, a disciple of The Lord Jesus Christ and a teacher by calling. She is passionate about grooming godly youths and women through the help of the Holy Spirit in this end-time. She has a strong desire to see marriages thrive in this troubled world. She speaks and writes passionately about Christian living, Marriage and Family life, Relationships and general issues pertaining to women. She is anointed with the Holy Spirit and is inspired by Him and the Word of God. She has written eight inspirational books including The Beautiful Branch, The Polished Single and Building a Beautiful Marriage

She is married to God’s son who is also a teacher of the Word, Engineer Omosebi Olushola and their marriage is blessed with two heritages of the Lord. She has a Ph.D. degree in Food Science and Technology. She is a researcher and teacher of the same discipline. She is an entrepreneur and the Founder of The Beautiful Branch Initiative. She is also the Convener of the “No Sex Outside Marriage” Campaign for Sexual Purity. She blogs at

Raising Sexually Pure Children is a must read for every parent and parent-to-be. You can download the book HERE, and on Amazon, if you are outside Nigeria.

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