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Need a better healthcare plan for your friends, staff or family? Hygeia Launches Retail Healthcare Platform to ensure “Healthcare for Everyone!



Hygeia retail healthcareHygeia as the top health service provider in Nigeria has seen the need to cater for the individual-commercial man. The individual-commercial man has a business, family, acquaintances and maybe domestic staff. That individual is YOU!!!

Let’s talk about Nuru! Nuru likes a good haircut, nice cars, he has been a real time philanthropist and totally appreciates a good life. Nuru also has a family, a growing business with staff strength of 8 people.

Everything seems good, right? But Nuru keeps thinking of the perfect health plan for everyone that depends on him; this makes him now have a lot to worry about.

Guess what! Nuru was at the right place that Friday morning; he attends Hygeia Retail Healthcare Launch where he gets informed about the new healthcare platform – a platform that ensures everyone is well. Nuru couldn’t be happier; this event leaves him with all his concerns addressed.

Riding on the Hygeia Retail Platform, Nuru extends his good will by providing care to his adopted community, he gifts them an outpatient plan, thus providing for quality outpatient services for everyone in the community. His Staff, Family and other dependents are not left alone, they now have covers that guarantee quality health care whenever they need it. Now with Nuru’s good haircut, cars, family, business, responsibilities and a Hygeia Retail Package, Nuru and everyone can LIVE MORE LIFE!!!

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