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Nigerian Lady Graduates as Best Medical Student in Ukraine



Dr. Lateefat Oyeleye Abiola speaks during the convocation ceremony. Behind her is UNIOSUN VC, Professor Labo Popoola, Vice President for Research and Education of the University, Prof Mykola O. Azarenkov, left also listens.

Dr Lateefat Oyeleye Abiola has emerged the best graduating medical student at her university, V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Ukraine and the entire country.

She scored 95.6 per cent to emerge the best where she beat 564 other students in her university and also overall in Ukraine.

Dr Abiola was a student of Osun State University before she was sponsored to the Ukrainian university with 49 other students by the present government of Osun State to complete their studies.

They have all graduated as medical doctors.

Kharkiv University is the only university in Ukraine that has produced three Nobel Prize laureates.

Best Graduating Medical student of V.N Karazin Kharkiv National University, Ukraine, Dr Lateefat Oyeleye; Osun Deputy Governor Mrs Titi Laoye-Tomori (Middle); Vice Chancellor, Osun State University (UNIOSUN) Prof. Labo Popoola (4th left) and other officials of the university

Phoo Credit: NAN


  1. Mummybobo

    July 1, 2017 at 9:47 pm

    Wow congratulations girl

  2. The Real Oma

    July 1, 2017 at 11:00 pm

    What an intelligent young woman, congrats lady!
    So many smart Nigerians.

  3. Hamdalat

    July 1, 2017 at 11:11 pm


  4. funmilola

    July 1, 2017 at 11:22 pm

    Now this is inspiration!

  5. Bisola

    July 1, 2017 at 11:35 pm

    Great! Congratulations

  6. Nick

    July 2, 2017 at 3:38 am

    Congratulations young lady !! Inspiration to all

  7. Dunni

    July 2, 2017 at 9:09 am

    Let me say something please!

    I watched a documentary a few weeks ago here in France, about French University entry for potential medical students and Ukraine medical education system.

    In France, the general education is very linear, and very competitive. Its like to become one thing, you literarily start preparing from a long time and when its nearer to get into uni, you need to dedicate a whole year to the preparation of this entry after the O’Levels [BAC].

    Now, the reason this documentary was done in the first place was due to the recurrent new development of young doctors making faulty judgements at their work and making constant errors leading to some drastic situations.

    When they got to the root cause of these findings, they found out that most of the doctors in question were those trained outside of France…..and 88% of them where from Ukraine Medical schools.

    Why this?
    After the BAC and then the 1 year preparation – competitive exam, some students who apply for Medicine score low and not good enough for Medicine, some times they are suggested lesser tasking options still in the medical line or often times nothing at all and requested to try agin. But the system also has a limit to number of trials.

    Thus, these students who don’t do well then go to Ukraine, where it is,they have to pay (education is more or less free in France), and then can do as they wish.

    At the end of the day, they come out graduated as doctors and return to France where of course they cannot be discriminated against because the are CERTIFIED DOCTORS and they must be employed as long as there is need.

    While this has nothing to do with the celebrant in question, I hope Nigeria can’t get to the level where our education system is good enough that we see a being difference in our products from externally trained ones. Sometimes, abroad is not always the best but because we have a shtty system, everything from abroad is deemed better.

    Hence, I hope the celebrant can be of benefit to the Nigerian Medical industry…Bonne Chance.

    • Fabulous B

      July 2, 2017 at 8:25 pm

      Thanks dear. I understand it doesn’t take away from what she has become today.
      It’s just the truth you’ve written about the Nigeria system and our idolatry attitude towards foreign certificate.

  8. abiola mujirat ayobami

    July 2, 2017 at 10:27 am


  9. Winile Sithole

    July 2, 2017 at 3:57 pm

    Well done dear , Congra to you , family and Congratulations Nigeria , we are all proud of your child

  10. Bee

    July 3, 2017 at 12:24 am

    Congrats dear I wish u all d best of life…

  11. Angel. X

    July 3, 2017 at 6:12 pm

    Well not to take away from her, I finishes from ukraine and scored 100% in this same exam 3 years ago. There were others with same mark. About 8 and over 25 nigerians scoring above 95 percent then. We did not make noise. this extra hype is been done by osun state govt, in ukraine this is d final exam Krok 2.. If you practise your bank questions you can score the same because the questions would come from the compilation of mcqs which is put online for you to access. not from any lecturer trying to fail you. sorry osun state govt is overdoing with this..

    • Angel. X

      July 3, 2017 at 6:12 pm

      Sorry was typing fast… *finished*

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