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Former Al-Shabab Leader surrenders to Somalian Government



Former Al-Shabab Leader surrenders to Somalian Government - BellaNaijaFormer deputy leader and spokesperson of Islamic group Al-Shabab, Mukhtar Robow has surrendered to the Somalian Government.

According to AlJazeera, Robow surrendered to Somalian forces in Hudur on Sunday, and has been airlifted to Mogadishu.

CNN reports that he is expected to give a press conference in Mogadishu.

Also called Abu Mansur, Robow had reportedly defected from Al-Shabab in 2013 after a falling out with its then-leader Ahmed Abdi Godane who was killed a year later in a US drone strike.

Al-Shabab is said to have launched several attacks trying to capture or kill him. He and his forces are reported to have been battling the terrorist group in his hometown of Abal.

His surrender, which is reported to be a result of months of talks between him and the Somalian Government, has been said to be important because he is the most senior member of the group to have defected.

Robow was one of the founding leaders of the group, and was once the deputy leader, the official spokesperson for the group, and its spiritual leader.

His surrender is said to have been made easier after the US in June cancelled a $5m reward offered for his capture.

Photo Credit: Twitter – @magdashi3

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