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Veteran Actress Ego Boyo calls out Nollywood Filmmakers for Lack of Originality



Veteran Nollywood actress Ego Boyo has shared her thoughts on the current state of the movie industry in Nigeria.

The actress who starred in the classic TV show “Checkmate” has called out present-day filmmakers for their lack of originality.

In a series of tweets on her official Twitter account, she asked if filmmakers are selling out venues and selling out real creative content.

See the tweets below:

Veteran Actress Ego Boyo calls out Nollywood Filmmakers for Lack of Originality - BellaNaija Veteran Actress Ego Boyo calls out Nollywood Filmmakers for Lack of Originality - BellaNaija


  1. G

    August 14, 2017 at 10:32 pm

    Tell Madame Mo

    • G

      August 14, 2017 at 10:33 pm

      And me AY too

  2. Mstilii

    August 14, 2017 at 10:48 pm

    Thank you Ego Boy Thank you
    I don’t blame only the movie makers who continuously churn out this mediocre bullshit. I blame those who continously praise the mediocrity and support it. You can’t call them out without being called a hater.

  3. DA

    August 15, 2017 at 8:56 am

    Ego Boyo is right…they are churning out refurbished hollywood stories. when i knew The wedding party was lying about how sold out they were…true they were sold out but what was the strategy ?….lemme tell you…they formed alliance with movie centers to sell only their movie…so you go to ICM for example and ask for a movie which was already on their schedule online and they tell you its not showing but Wedding party is…that’s what they did nationwide…mediocrity

  4. Nene

    August 15, 2017 at 1:40 pm

    Nigerians movies are much worse. Technology was not great in the 90s but I sure as hell were glued to the TV because the stories were great and the acting was very real.

  5. Mrs chidukane

    August 15, 2017 at 3:16 pm

    Every movie cannot be Blood diamond. Wedding Party this, bla bla bla, many people actually enjoyed the movie. Like my mom,my sisters, some of my husband’s friends even who are not into movies. I haven’t seen it though but I’m sure it’s not that bad. I’ve seen Fifty and I liked it, I’m currently watching the series and it’s not bad. You people should free Mo please. There are people making these horrible movies especially the ones on Africa Magic Epic, EL is not one of them.

    However, I agree with Ms Ego though. Most movies now are just cringe worthy. After watching, you start to question your intelligence. Rukky Sanda movies are to be avoided at all cost. Omoni Oboli movies can be funny too. Uche Jombo can be hit or miss but her stories are usually original.

    • NG

      August 15, 2017 at 3:42 pm

      Not nice savaging names like this. Let them continue to hold things, anyhow, until those who know better come on board. It is about evolving. Better the below par than nothing. The young shall grow. There is hope for a better tomorrow.

      Oya Madam Ego, come show your own o. Let them see how it should be done.

  6. YesIsaiditAndWhat

    August 16, 2017 at 11:08 am

    tell mo abudu to leave the superficial western copied emulated scripts alone and for once do something that depicts Africa and regular africans (not the 5% rich of naija), her movies only represent less than 5% of Nigeria. Lets just be real. All that pretense is way too much. Whats next you going show the world most africans take private jet to work every morning,

    Africa has a million stories to tell thats just not about marriage or showing rich folks having a wedding. I mean tell those stories if you like to cater for them rich folks since you are one of them, but also mix it up a bit. I know you said you are trying to tell the world africans dont live in huts – i get it, but what your are depicting too is like i said a small percentage (eg of nigerians)

    The new movie maker i am respecting lately is one person, i wont mention her name before you people will come and say i am making comparison.Excellent movie maker.

    AY movies is atrocious and cringe worthy embarrassing just to watch but ofcourse you will have some folks who know no better and with bad taste for movies support that nonsense. Hes a waste of space in the movie industry. Absolute worst, then you got the Rukky Sanda another horrible actress with extremely bad mediocre movies. Forget the ones from ghana like the Yvonne Nelson productions, its painful to watch .Superficial B.S nonsense everyday. Keep on blowing your own horns. Kontinu

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