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Purit Antiseptic celebrates 25 Years of Guaranteed Protection with Lots of Amazing Prizes & Rewards for Customers



Purit at 25!The Purit brand was part of the Household division of CAPL acquired by Saro International in 2007 and has since been at the forefront in the industry. Today, it is celebrating 25 years of ‘Guaranteed Protection’. Purit has been described as “a truly symbolic Nigerian brand” for its many laudable achievements. Also, with its toughness on germs, mildness on the skin and the fragrance that keeps your home germ-free and sweet-smelling, it stands ahead of the pack.

Since the emergence of Purit in the market, the brand has continued to grow in spite of the market dynamics. Its unwavering success is attributed to two things. First of which is a singular focus – to protect Nigerians from germs and infections; secondly, the determination to continually explore ways to provide distinctive product offerings that is relevant through every stage of its consumer lives.


According to Oluwole Adeyegbe, Executive Director SARO International – ‘Purit is a ‘Mild Antiseptic’ that is particularly good for people with sensitive skin, and generally good for all hygiene occasions. When everyone thinks of Purit the image that often comes to mind is most definitely that of a strong, caring and progressive woman that is very protective of her home and loved ones – she’ll go to great lengths to make sure nothing harmful happens to them, and that’s what we’re about.’

Purit Antiseptic at 25

Every Nigerian health-conscious home sported the Purit disinfectant while growing up; and vast majorities are still using Purit. This is a laudable effort on the part of the brand, and it remains unmoved in its resolve to provide maximum protection to every Nigerian household. Naturally, they have been encouraged by the enthusiasm they have received and are thrilled to have the opportunity to sustain this. In corroboration with its plan to revamp, the brand has gone ahead to refresh its pack as seen below through a re-launch campaign dubbed #PuritAt25.

To mark the brand’s 25 years of consistent service, it has some activities ongoing to celebrate with consumers and ensure that Purit continues to remain a household brand name. There have been neighborhood storms by Saro staff where they visit select neighborhood to sell Purit so retailers and consumers can stand a chance to win amazing prizes. Follow their activities here to know when they will be in your neighborhood.

Purit Antiseptic at 25

There is also the Shopper Connect activation around major cities across Nigeria in 250 stores nationwide where consumers get to walk into select stores to shop and win amazing gifts on any purchase of Purit Antiseptic.

To wrap things up, there will be engagement activities where everyone can participate online to win prizes on its social media platforms. These are all in the spirit of celebrating its 25 years anniversary with consumers and customers and putting the word out there that Purit Antiseptic is here to stay. Get more information about this on its social media.

As the brand marks its 25 years in existence, it seeks to leverage on its rich heritage to re-launch the Purit Liquid Antiseptic by making it more vibrant and more appealing to its target consumers. It also seeks to reinforce its position as the MILD Antiseptic relevant for the entire family hygiene usage occasions.

Purit is re-launching itself in a whole new light to be that MILD yet relevant brand, and it plans to do all this in a big-bang spree of customer and consumer activations. Don’t be left out! Follow our journey online on Facebook here, Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. Lanre

    August 14, 2017 at 11:43 am

    Whao this is Amazing

  2. Olubunmi

    August 14, 2017 at 4:22 pm

    What prizes can I win?

  3. lubs

    August 14, 2017 at 4:36 pm

    If they dash us car, we will buy…

  4. Habideen

    August 15, 2017 at 10:51 am

    I use the product and it’s ability not to turn water milky while still working wonders is a wow factor.

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