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What’s your Personal Social Responsibility?



Hi guys! How’s the weekend going?

“We rise by lifting others” is a popular line used by many of us, and it’s true.

We all should have our Personal Social Responsibility programmes to add to the development of the people around us.

Another thing to note is that we can’t get everything we want done done by ourselves alone; we need each other to achieve our individual goals.

What that means is that as we lend help, we set ourselves up to get help.

We all need each other. Spread love!



  1. Mosunmola

    August 20, 2017 at 12:01 pm

    To anyone out there that wishes to help a girl learn a skill as I am currently in school, but hopes to learn a skill to arm myself as the country is really hard. I intend to make this handwork my side hustle so I don’t have to depend on anyone, not in a prideful way(Lolz). I’ll really appreciate anyone that could help. It’s so sad to not have money to get essentials.

    I’ll appreciate any form of handwork. As long as it brings money to the table. I know you might have mixed feelings about passion. I promise to put my heart into it, cause I know what I am pursuing.

    I have passion for event decoration, but at this juncture, any handwork goes for me, so far it brings something in to foot my basic bills.

    I believe life isn’t just about what I can get from people. I believe strongly in bringing something to the table also. To this effect, I don’t mind helping out with cleaning in the office during my stay. To show my sign of appreciation I don’t mind staying some few months after my learning to volunteer during your work service to get the work load off your chest a bit. I’m good with my communication skills, highly relatable with an outgoing personality.

    I’m currently a student of UNILAG in my sophomore year studying Psychology.

    With the ASUU strike, I’m so ready to dispense my energy into something positive and worthwhile.


    That’s my number world people.


  2. Teekay

    August 20, 2017 at 2:02 pm

    Well written, as humans its not enough to complain about what the government is not doing we all have our own responsibility. For me education it is, trying my best to give the little i have to kids who cant go to sch..

  3. Ebudola

    August 20, 2017 at 7:39 pm

    Bella Naija. Be kind and post my comment. It doesn’t cost a thang!

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