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Win lots of amazing Prizes as 9ijakids Independence Month Challenge kicks off to Teach & Educate Children about Nigeria

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9ijakids9ijakids is celebrating Nigeria’s independence in a big way with our Independence Month Giveaway, throughout the month of October. Visit to play the Nigerian Citizenship Game and other games that teach and educate the children about their country Nigeria. Win lots of prizes at the Independence Month Challenge kicking off on 1st October.

The Nigerian Citizenship Game is a fun game that checks a child basic knowledge of key facts about our country Nigeria. And we just might take back our passport if you don’t scale through… lol. Apart from the Nigerian Citizenship game, there are other games like Who Wants to Be a 9ijakid Brainac, Independence Day Trivia, Celebrity 9ija, 9ijaFood Challenge, 9ijaRoyals and 9ija Heroes.

How to Win

Simply subscribe for access to play any of the games. Its free. Top the Leaderboard when you play any of the Independence games and wins lots of wonderful gifts for the kids.

9ijakids. Proudly 9ija!!!

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