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BN Cuisine: 6 YouTube Channels to check out for Yummy Eid-el-Kabir Recipes



Another four day weekend is upon us!

It is in honour of the Eid-el-Kabir celebrations starting on the 2nd of September. There will be a lot of party food, home cooked meals and yummy treats.

It’s a perfect holiday to spend with family and loved ones. And what better way to get the family together than with delicious meals?!

Photo Credit: All Nigerian Recipes

We’ve selected some YouTube channels that can teach you how to prepare mouth-watering puff puff, African spinach scrambled eggs, Nigerian Jollof-rice, seafood fried rice or Okro, Egusi soup and much more.

Click through for amazing channels that will inspire you to whip out your pots and pans this holiday.

Sisi Yemmie TV

Nigerian lifestyle blogger, content creator and social media marketer Sisi Yemmie enjoys entertaining her audience with easy and delicious recipes for Nigerian food. For starters and main courses ranging from chicken suya skewers to her oven-baked moin-moin made with beans flour or Efo riro soup, her recipes will make you droll watch her videos on BN Cuisine here.


This food channel not only teaches YouTube viewers how to make Nigerian food, it also informs them about Nigerian foods that they may not know about or food they have heard of but never tried to make.

The founder and creative administrator of 9jafoodie Ronke Edoho is a certified nutritionist and clinical weight-loss specialist and the author of the newly released cookbook ‘Lose It Nigerian’.

All Nigerian Recipes

The All Nigerian Recipes YouTube channel not only shows you how to make great Nigerian cuisines but also shows you where to find the right ingredients for your dish.

Renowned food revolutionist, Flo Madubuike uses her Youtube channel to showcase various home-made dishes, particularly Igbo food and ingredients such as Ugba (shredded oil bean), stock fish, periwinkles and dry fish.

Bukies Kitchen Muse

Bukie of Bukies Kitchen Muse loves making exquisite meals with regular ingredients. She is passionate about food and the joys that come with preparing wholesome and delicious meals.

Precious Kitchen

Precious Kitchen is a cooking channel that showcases Cameroonian and African cuisine and a whole lot of versatility in the kitchen. It is hosted by Precious Meshi Nkeih, a lifestyle blogger and recipe developer.

If you’re looking to add a little twist to your meals, then you should definitely check out her recipes here.

Nazoms Corner

Chinazom of Nazoms Corner was always the fat kid and now turned has turned her desire to always be healthy to  There are free recipes to help you get started and there are also options for long term plans to achieve your desired goals. Make a decision now and stick to it then you would certainly not regret it later.


The 1QFoodplatter is a channel is a collection of hearty mouth watering meals and foods with a healthy twist that will not compromise the taste and flavor. The recipes are created by Iquo Ukoh who loves cooking making these healthy food recipes for  Nigerian women.

What other foods and recipe channels do you love on YouTube? Let us know in the comments section.

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