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Police arrest 59 IPOB Members, to be tried as Terrorists



Police arrest 59 IPOB Members, to be tried as Terrorists - BellaNaija


Abia State Police Commissioner Anthony Ogbizi has said 59 members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have been arrested following the military’s declaration of the group as a terrorist organisation.

At a press conference in Ariaria police station in Aba, the police paraded 7 suspected IPOB members, and confirmed the death of a police officer after an attack by the group, Vanguard reports.

Ogbizi said all the suspects will be tried under the anti-terrorism act. He said members of the group must be dealt with, and those seen with items identified with the group will be arrested.

He called on citizens who had information as to the whereabouts of the IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu to come forward to divulge the information.

He added that the army has recovered several items, including the coat of arms of Biafra, from Nnamdi Kanu’s house. He said:

As I  am talking to you now, information reaching me  said they have started gathering at Nnamdi Kanu’s house.


  1. Seriously

    September 18, 2017 at 12:15 pm

    Boko haram members should be arrested and be tried too. Fulani herdsmen should be arrested. There’s some bias here. However, this is not to justify and take IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu lightly. An igbo person in defense of this group mentioned on facebook, they didn’t kill anyone neither are they armed. Well, if you don’t stop certain things immediately it will escalate and get out of control. And thhe leader has made his motives, intention knowwn. So, yes the government should take action.
    This group will only bring more chaos, instability, catastrophic moments and Igbos and the East will mostly be affected. I think there was a post where few people were killed in Aba market.

  2. Momotaro

    September 19, 2017 at 11:53 am

    Meanwhile, no Boko Haram member has been tried in a court. Meanwhile, there are still bomb blasts going on in the North. Meanwhile, Shekau is still taunting Nigeria with his videos. One Nigeria my left butt cheek. See how fast they came up with crocodile smile and python dance, see how fast the military labelled IPOB as terrorists meanwhile Lai Mohammed and Buhari were crying a few years back when the last administration proscribed Boko Haram.

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