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Caroline Clark: What Are You Thinking?



We often take for granted what we think, but it is very important to guard your thoughts, because everything you are today originated from your thoughts. What we desire or aspire to become is attainable; however, it all depends on us. If you think back to all the achievements in your life, you will observe that you did think a lot about achieving that goal, you convinced yourself and it worked. Let’s use a doctor as an example. When you were in medical school I’m sure you had a few reasons to quit, but you forged ahead and pulled through. It was almost an unconceivable idea to quit, especially knowing you were going to be a doctor, you wanted to save lives and so, you are today an amazing doctor.

One of my favourite quotes is by Henry Ford – “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”

It all starts in your mind. First you think a thought, then you form a belief and your belief inspires you to action. To believe you can be, do and have all that you set your mind to do, indicates you are well on your way to success. You are an essential part of your life. Yes, you are a key player and never forget that.

What you think of yourself translates into all that you do. If you do not think highly of yourself, you do not believe in yourself, it would affect your performance and results. Believing in yourself is essential; you cannot give what you do not have. To get what you want out of life is to see yourself as deserving of the things you desire.

Here’s a brief narration of how this works, taking a closer look at the quote by Henry Ford.

You think you can’t
You have an amazing idea and you have decided to follow your dreams, but you don’t think you can. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I’m afraid that idea is going to fail because before the project started. You didn’t think you could do it and your belief has influenced your actions so much so, you’re not motivated to put in the required effort to make your idea a success. It all started in your mind and unfortunately your belief has led to the failure of that project.

You think you can
You have this bright idea and you may not even know how to go about executing it, but you know you can. The great thing about having a positive mental attitude is that ideas will come to you. People will show up for you, things will begin to make more sense, you will be inspired to take actions that will lead to your desired goal. Even when you face minor defeats or challenges, you find yourself forging ahead because you believe, and that belief drives you until you succeed. Your thoughts led to your belief and your belief has led to your success.

To permit your mind to dwell upon the inferior is to become inferior and to surround yourself with inferior things. To fix your attention on the best is to surround yourself with the best, and to become the best. You need a clear and definite mental image of the things you wish to have, to do, or to become, and hold this mental image in your thoughts believing you can.

Most people are thinking about how they can’t and wonder why they keep failing, I’d suggest you think more about your success, be more “CAN-ful” than “CAN’T-ful”. The difference between the results are your thoughts. To think “I can’t” is to fail and to think “I can” is to win, while this might not be literal in our day to day life, the point I’m making is to guard your thoughts, as it determines the outcome of your life. We are wired to act according to our thoughts and beliefs, so think you can, because you are right!

It’s entirely up to each of us to take processing of our thoughts. This poem by Norman Van Horne helps sum this article up perfectly.

When you’re gifted with the power of thought
It is a wonderful thing in a way
But it can also create problems
If your thoughts tend to go astray
The power of thought brings things to light
that we tend to postpone
but now folks with the power of thoughts
have today become quite known
so if you possess the power of thought
and don’t know how to use it
consult others who have the same quality
but very seldom abuse it
for the lord gave us the power of thought
to do with as we choose
so hang on it, always
it is one power you don’t want to lose!

Photo Credit: Dreamstime

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