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What we learned from Attempting to Build ecommerce Platform in Nigeria | Deepankar Rustagi talks to Dotun on “Building the Future” Podcast



Hi BellaNaijarians,

We’ve for a while now been hosting a new podcast series: The Building the Future Podcast with Dotun Olowoporoku.

We have entrepreneurs, industry leaders, founders of startups who are writing the narrative that will be told about the African continent, telling their stories directly.

Deepankar Rustagi, founder of Vconnect, an online business directory and local search engine in Nigeria, is the guest on this episode.

Rustagi believes that in business, emotions should play a secondary role to logic.

He also teaches just how to get traction for your startup – by focusing on “One Metric that Matters!”

On this episode, Rustagi discusses how he started Vconnect after an accident on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway; how Vconnect tried to pivot to ecommerce business model, why it failed, and the biggest takeaways from taking that experiment; the things that matters before setting up an ecommerce business in Africa; and why the African tech ecosystem will be strengthened through collaboration.

Listen to the episode below:

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