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Culture Diaries: Wana Udobang talks to Film Editor Chuka Ejorh | WATCH



Culture Diaries is an interview series which spotlights artists, culture creators and tastemakers shaping the Nigerian art and culture landscape. The series offers rare insights into the creative process, challenges and honest conversations about the Nigerian creative scene. The series is created and hosted by journalist and poet Wana Udobang.

Chuka Ejorh is a Nigerian editor for film, television and documentary. He has worked on projects like, Road to Yesterday, Encounter, South African Idols, MNET’s Hush, Jemeji, and Battleground. He runs the post production company Blink Studios and Film Sundays; a film club and gathering for alternative cinema, foreign language films and documentaries. Ejorh is known as one of the top editors in Nigeria.

On this episode, Wana wrote:

I remember when i watched the @tolulopeajayi film ‘The Encounter’. The first question i asked was “Who edited this film” because there was something about the pace and rhythm that gave me all the feels and of course it was Chuka Ejorh.
I often feel like in these parts editing is one of the most misinterpreted and misunderstood jobs in the story telling process. Editors can save films and performances and they can destroy them. In many ways they are the glue that bind all the pieces of the story together. They can manipulate the viewer. They are in many ways invisible deities. Myself and Chuka aka @filmsundays talk about his work as an editor in this week’s episode of Culture Diaries
He has worked on projects like Hush, Jemeji, Battleground, Road to yesterday, South African Idols and Face of Africa.

Watch the video below:

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