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Tips on how to Fix Common Painting Mistakes




DIY Painter

Did you just finish a paint job by yourself? Nice! And as you stand to appreciate your masterpiece, you discover a few errors in parts or places you’ve just painted. Even if your paint job didn’t go as well as planned, we’ve got ways you can fix the most common painting mistakes you could make as a DIY Painter.

To get started on this you will need the following;

TOOLS                                                   MATERIALS

Sandpaper                                          Wood sealer

Cloth                                                     Topcoat/paint

Scraper                                                 Chemical stripper

Roller                                                    Paint thinner/remover

Paintbrushes                                     Stain blocker or oil-based undercoat

Sander                                                  Primer

So grab your tools, materials and start fixing!

  1. Drips

DIY Painter

Drips can be unsightly are usually result from overloading the paint brush during application.

Fix: Use a scraper to scrape back the paint drips (Image 2). Sandpaper the area to a smooth finish (Image 3). Repaint the sanded area.

  1. Rough Finish

DIY Painter

Rough finishes result from impurities introduced into the paint during application. A rough paint finish spoils the appearance of a painted surface (Image 1).

Fix: Use sandpaper to smoothen the area (Image 2). Clean down with a cloth to remove dust. Repaint the area with topcoat (Image 3).

  1. Wrinkled Paint

DIY Painter

Wrinkles appear on painted surfaces from painting coats too quickly, and not allowing adequate drying time. It can also be caused by extremes of temperature while the paint is drying.

Fix: Strip paint completely using chemical stripper or a hot air gun (Image 2). Sand down the area and repaint (Image 3).

  1. Stains

DIY Painter

Stains are caused by smoke damage, mildew, not properly scraping off old paint or not priming before painting.

Fix: Clean the area thoroughly with paint thinner and leave to dry completely (Image 1). Apply stain blocker or oil-based undercoat over the stain and allow to dry (Image 2). Recoat with spare topcoat (Image 3).

  1. Brush Marks

DIY Painter

Sometimes, poor application of paint on a surface leaves streaks from strokes of the brush. Obvious brush marks in different directions can make paint finishes look uneven.

Fix: Sandpaper the area (Image 2). Wipe the area clean of dust with a damp cloth. Repaint the area (Image 3).

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DIY Painter

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